Friday, August 24, 2012

Confession Friday 8-24!

Well, I didn't get a new house for my birthday (rats!) but I did get the one true thing I asked for - woot woot! It pays to have a blog and a husband who reads it, haha. Check it out.

Those are legit gel nails my friends. And I did them myself. 
I'm in love.
Can you sense my excitement??

Nail salon schmail salon.
Thank you, Eric. :)

It's Confession Friday time, and I'd like to start us off with an Evie-ism often heard around the house these days, followed by a loud thud, usually. 

"One, two, three, gerabado!!!"
That would be her attempt at "geronimo" but Rugrats teaches her terrible English.

I confess that I don't regret waiting to send Evelyn to school one BIT. I couldn't have handled it this week. Nope. Mommy isn't ready. :)

I confess that I just realized that I HAVE to smell the milk carton before I pour milk into our cereal every morning. It's like an OCD thing. I won't eat it if I can't smell it!

I confess that we keep forgetting to book Grace's birthday party, and I'm going to cry if our date/time slot isn't available. Eep - today, today! Must call today!

I confess that this recipe has changed my LIFE. You have to read the reviews. ;)

Can you spot what is wrong with this picture?

Yeah. We had a little drama last night. Oy. 

I confess that I am so excited for the first official high school football game tonight!! Our girls just love it. We don't really watch the game, haha...but it's fun to be there. :)

I confess that carpet is really gross. Seriously. The girls and I took our living room rug outside to be cleaned this week (and had too much fun with soap and the hose, by the way) and you wouldn't believe the empty white spot left behind where the rug was. The thing is, we JUST cleaned our carpets like a month ago. How did they get so nasty so fast?? Blech.

I confess that I get a little giddy when I get birthday cards in the mail, and I love that my mom still bakes me a cake for every birthday. I think I'll always be a kid...just a little bit.

I confess that I'm going to be a little bit sad if Reagan is born on his actual due date, which is Grace's birthday. I don't care if they are one day apart, I just hope they both get their own day!

I confess that the highlight of my weekend is going to be church on Sunday....


To anyone who has EVER been a member/attender of First Baptist Church of Red Bud - you won't want to miss this Sunday!!!

We're having a very special service this week to celebrate our transition from the old building to the new. We will be holding the last church service ever in the old building this Sunday morning at 9:30am, where stories will be shared and songs will be sung. It will be a very short service, and then the entire church body is going to physically move from one building to other. We're taking a walk!! There will be shuttles for older folks and those who can't make the walk, but we'll march across town to the new building where there will be another service and then a potluck meal afterwards.

There are a lot of logistics going into this day, so feel free to get a hold of me if you have any questions! I know there are lots of people who check in here often that I have attended church with at some point or another. This is an awesome time to get back in on something great! It's an exciting time for our church family. :)

And that's it! My kids are begging to play with play-dough and I'm not about to let them loose with that without my very close supervision, haha. Hope you all have a great weekend!


Cassie said...

share your nail secret ASAP!!!! they look awesome and you seriously look CRAZY HAPPY!! yay!! it's the little things right?!!? lol.

might see you at the football game tonight lady!!

Adrien said...

It's the Sensational kit! You can get it at CVS or Walmart, and it comes with a UV light and everything. I watched about a billion youtube tutorials before I decided I wanted it. Works great! (Costs about $50, but you get 10 manicures out of one kit, and then you can buy refills for much cheaper. $5 for each gel manicure- wahoo!) It's supposed to last for two weeks, and according to all the reviews, it really does. :)

Sarah said...

I smell EVERYTHING I eat. And people comment all the time. It is a form of autisim apparently...

We will see you at the game!!!! :)

The Independent Spinster said...

LOVE the nails!! I am obsessed with the gel manicures. They do last forever. You'll have to keep us informed on how long yours holds out!

Happy Birthday!!! (one day late)

Ashley N. said...

Hoping Reagan comes late like the girls.......I'm going to the game tonight......Will look you guys up!

Ashley N. said...

Hoping Reagan comes late like the girls.......I'm going to the game tonight......Will look you guys up!

sblind2 said...

Yes please post an update about the gel nails! I've gotten them down twice and love them!!

Adrien said...

I'll definitely post an update. :)

Stephanie Scutari said...

I have to put my THREE YOUR OLD on a SCHOOL BUS this fall.... yikes... pray for me mommas!!

Katie said...

The recipe reviews cracked me up :) I needed a good laugh today...thanks!


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