Friday, August 3, 2012

Confession Friday 8-3!

We were determined to take a walk no matter what last night! We set off in the sprinkles, and eventually....

We got soaked and had to hide under a tree! 
It was good times. :)

I confess that after we took this picture, we let Grace get out and run in the pouring rain. Yes, we are terrible parents. But our wild child loved it! (Evie slept through the whole thing, haha.)

I confess that there is an Olympics commercial that completely changed my view of Gracie's fearless spirit. Maybe I'll find it and link it at the bottom. ANYWAY, it gives me hope that her wild ways can be harnessed into something really, really good. Don't fight it - embrace it! It's who she is. 

Okay, I went ahead and found it, and here it is:


I confess that I hope at least one of my children has blue eyes like their mama. Reagan - it's up to you, buddy!

I confess that when I need a ten minute break from motherhood, I throw the kids in a bubble bath. Which is what I'm doing now. That's right, I am blogging from the seat of a toilet right this very moment. Keepin' it classy.

I confess that I have been super paranoid this pregnancy about chemicals and birth defects, and I have no idea why...I was never that way before! I've even refused to use my sunless tanner, because knowing my luck, Reagan would be born with a unicorn horn or something. (And I would love him just the same. Haha.)

I confess that this dry air we've been having has given me an excessive amount of booger-age. I know that is totally disgusting, but anyone else blowing their nose every five minutes, or is it just me??

I confess that Evelyn has a real future as a portrait artist. She has been feverishly drawing every member of our family, and her pictures crack me UP. Here are just a few of my favorites from yesterday:

This is "daddy." She always draws him with the most detail. I think she loves him best. :)

Then there's "great grandma," whom Evelyn has decided to portray with buck-teeth.

Here is "great grandpa" - the happy banana. :)

And here's "John" - who sort of looks like a screaming ghost man. Baha.
Evie knows that I'm showing everyone her drawings, and she's very proud. :)

I confess that I CANNOT stop dreaming of Fall decorations. Argh - live in the moment, Adrien, in the moment!

I confess that I think Evelyn has been buying games on my iPhone. Eric, did YOU get these games for her? Um........

I confess that I have no clue if Gracie really gets it, but she loves talking to Reagan through my belly, and it melts my heart. She isn't very lovey anyway, but the way she says his name and rubs my stomach...uh! gets me every time.

I confess that it's our lunch time and I am starving (which is pretty much a 24/7 affliction these days) so I am getting the heck outta here. :)

Have a safe and happy weekend!

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Cassie said...

hi my name is cassie and i'm right there with you lady with the excessive boogers lately.

also, i am guilty of blogging from the bathroom too. bahahahaa.


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