Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Monday - It's Baby Week!

Yesterday began the two month countdown. Two months for me to get my life in order and get A LOT of stuff done! In exactly two months Grace will turn the big 2.0 and Reagan is due to arrive. So I have to find a way to cram two adults and three children into two bedrooms, arrange and prepare decorations for parties and baby arrivals, throw a birthday party, launder a lot of baby stuff, scrub a lot of baby stuff, take a million pictures of everything and everyone (cause that's what I do), go to my bazillion appointments...not to mention ALL of the normal Fall activities that flood into our lives starting in September which keep us hopping as it is. We also have an anniversary and Eric has business trips and he starts his new class this week and and and....

No biggie. I'll just temporarily forget about this extra 40 pounds I'm lugging around and pretend that energy comes from the knob on the washing machine...the more I turn it, the more I power up!

So this week has officially been deemed "Baby Week." My goals: to clean out space and organize closets to make room for a BOY. To wash and weed through clothes that we've been given, because yes...I've already gone overboard and my little pip hasn't even arrived yet. To update our baby closet with medicine and bath stuff and other 3am emergency necessities. And if I'm lucky, I might get around to finally tagging old baby stuff that I don't need anymore so I can buy new baby stuff that I probably don't need but that I want cause it's cute and fun and BLUE. :)

As for our weekend, well...we got our fill of baby time. We got to meet Tessa...and she is a doll baby!

There are many things that I forget about newborns until I'm holding one in my arms again. They are so very sleepy. They are so very soft. And despite their small stature, they are so very hard on your back, haha. It's a very frustrating combination of never wanting to put that precious bundle down coupled with the feeling that your arms will, indeed, fall off if you don't eventually put that baby down.

I have to say, my baby fever is on hyper-active hyperdrive. I told Eric on the way home from our visit that I totally get why some people just want to keep on having babies forever and ever...of course, those warm fuzzies dissipated when I was home with two toddlers bent on destroying everything in sight, but those newborns...there's just nothing like 'em.

I can already tell that Evelyn is going to be a great mommy's helper, and Gracie LOVES Reagan already. Like, for real. I don't get it, but she absolutely loves my Reagan belly. Grace is a little rough-neck towards everyone else, but she has the gentlest touch and softest voice for her little "Ray-gan." If she is in the middle of one of her fits, all I have to do is start saying his name and rubbing my stomach, and I swear it gets her to stop. I hope she is that entranced when she sees him as a little wiggly baby and not just a big bump in her mommy's belly. :)

Our trip to visit Tessa solidified in my mind what I thought would probably be true...the biggest problem I foresee with my girls and a new baby in the house, is that they might love baby a little too much. Haha. As in, I will have to watch them like hawks, because they will want to have their hands on their little brother all.the.time, push him a little too roughly in his baby swing, and try to feed him food that he shouldn't have...all of these things were attempted yesterday afternoon. :)

Actually, if I know Grace, she'll try to climb into swings and cribs with her brother, causing me heart failure on a daily basis. It's going to be fun times. Stay tuned for that. I'm sure I'll have weekly mental breakdowns for you all to enjoy here.

For now, I have one very, extremely, grossly, unorganized master closet to weed through. Pray for me...I may not ever come out of that thing. And I think there is an entrance to a magical land in the back. Only I can't be sure, because I haven't been able to make it all the way to the back in quite some time. :)

Hopefully I'll have some baby progress to share as we go through the week, and then it's an early weekend for me! I'll feel much better when some of this stuff gets done. Hope you had a great weekend with people you love!


Cassie said...

how big does Evie look holding that wittle baby!! tears!
they grow up too fast.
and how is gracie almost TWO.
holy smokes!!

good luck with the closet momma!!

sblind2 said...

So cute!! I didn't even realize Amy had her until yesterday on FB - she's a doll. Your 2 dolls will be great with their little bro!

The Pettijohn's said...

Wow you made my head spin thinking about all of that. Good luck.

Evelyn looks so big next to that baby.


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