Thursday, August 9, 2012

Is it Halloween yet?

I had a big long blog post typed up for today. But you know what? We're having a silly morning, and I'm just not feeling it. It just doesn't fit our current mood. So instead, you get silly Photo Booth pictures of us with our bed heads, because that's what we're up to at the moment.

Because sometimes, you can't take yourself too seriously.
And it's just fun making faces at the camera. 

In other news, Old Navy Halloween costumes are up, and we love us some snuggly warm Old Navy costumes! I did a whoooole blog post about them last year right here, and shared how to snag yours for super cheap. So don't run out and buy one, because they always go on sale at the same time every year!

I already know what my kids are going to be. It's a total Pottery Barn Kids knockoff from two years ago, but we don't care. We're going to get the Old Navy version for a tenth of the price, haha.

Eee-gads! I love owls! I was super excited when I saw this one in the line-up.
Then I showed Evie all of the costumes, and something new happened.
I've never had to deal with this before. 
And it shocked me.
My daughter had an opinion
Evie said she would like to be....

A ballerina monkey. Haha.
I have to admit, it is pretty cute. But it's also "online only" so I don't know if that's going to happen. Because we always get our costumes in-store during the baby sale. So we'll see.... :)

Check out their website for more selections! A few of their past costumes are up as well, and we highly recommend the strawberry one for little girls. That's what Gracie was last year, and it was super cute. And if you have a boy, the blue monster is my FAV. Seriously. Really great colors and nice and warm for a great price! (When you wait for them to be $12 with a coupon, hehe.) 

The weather is going to be pretty much AWESOME for the next few days, and we're taking full advantage of it. High of 81 degrees tomorrow - can I get a woot?!! So we're heading to the park this morning with John and tomorrow we have another play date at 10:00am. If you're in the area and available tomorrow morning, feel free to get a hold of me. You are welcome to join us! Ah, I love this cooler(ish) weather.

K. We have to get out of our PJ's now. It's time for some swinging and sliding action.

And if anyone makes fun of me for thinking of Halloween, to you! :D I've been thinking about it for a month already. Haha.


The Independent Spinster said... have to put Grace in that owl costume. At least one of your kids! It's just too cute!

Adrien said...

Oh yes, someway somehow it will be ours! :)

Cassie said...

love that owl. love love love it! yay.

i'm kinda really thinking halloween now. so thank you!


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