Thursday, August 16, 2012

Keeping Up with Gracie Girl

So, you might not believe this, because I sure don't. But our youngest kid pooped in the potty last night.  My mind is blown. I know it's not unheard of for a child Gracie's age to show interest in potty training, but geez louise, I was not ready for this one!

She's been taking off her own dirty diapers for a little while now. That was step #1. The veeery beginning stages of, "okay, she is aware that sitting around in a dirty diaper is no fun." But then a few days ago she began coming up to me and saying, "poopy" when she was poopy, and since my child has a vocabulary of only about 20 words right now, that was kind of big deal.

Suddenly yesterday she added "potty" to her vocabulary and she began leading me by the hand to the bathroom to put her on the potty. I thought it was super cute. Wasn't expecting anything to happen -  and nothing did the first two times. She just sat down with a cheesy grin and got a kick out of flushing. But then daddy came home from work and lo and behold, she told him she had to "poopy potty" and she did it!

Do I think Gracie is going to be potty trained soon? No. Haha. But I am pretty amazed at how much quicker a child catches on to things when they have a big brother or sister to watch! (And yes, it seems as though we are going to have another backwards child who does the harder stuff first. Leave it to my kids!)

Other than that unexpected excitement, we had a pretty chill day yesterday. Apparently running around outside everyday for a week will wear ya out! :) So we kept to our own backyard and busted out the trusty hose and water table for entertainment.

And Grace found anything and everything to climb on...just another day around here!

It's a good thing Step 2 makes some sturdy stuff:)

P.S. I have learned that storing this thing upside down when we're not using it helps to keep it much cleaner. For some reason a LOT of sediment builds up in the bottom of ours when it's just left outside to dry. Maybe we're the only weirdos with this problem, haha.

Eventually it's not enough to just hang out on the back patio...Grace wants to be be FREE. Only problem is we live on the busiest back street ever and she runs straight around the house and for the road every single time.

....Which is precisely what Grace tried to do after her attempt at hose scaling. 
A lot of people I know are trying to lose weight at the moment. If you want a good workout, just borrow Gracie for an afternoon. She'll keep you moving if you like it or not. :)

We were so excited to see pictures of the girls' newest cousin Tessa who was born in the wee hours of the morning yesterday. I think she looks just like her big brother Austin, and we are thrilled to have another family member and playmate! Congratulations to Amy, Terrill, and Austin!! I'm sure you'll be seeing more of her pretty face around these parts in the future. Our girls just adore their cousin Austin, and I'm sure Tessa will be just the same.

So precious! Gives me major baby a good thing, since we're going to have a newborn around here before we know it! :)

We hope you all have a great day! 


Cassie said...

poppy potty is awesome!!

fingers crossed you have two outa diapers before little brother gets here. that would be AMAZING!!

and yay for new little bitty babies. how adorable is she?!!?

so you'd suggest the water table?! i have always thought about one but never purchased.....

Adrien said...

I would suggest one, but not the one we have. :) Step 2 makes a lot of other cooler tables...but we had to get what we could for Evie's birthday, and this was the last one they had when we were shopping. I LOVE how sturdy the main part is, but the little peices don't stay together on it, and it kind of drives me crazy.

The Independent Spinster said...

Go Gracie!!!! Just love that girl.

And the name Tessa...I am so digging that!!


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