Monday, August 27, 2012

Moving a Church

What an awesome and meaningful weekend for our little community and especially for our church family! I'm still smiling. And I didn't even get to participate! Haha.

On Sunday morning our family woke up as usual, I got into the shower, and as soon as I walked into the living room I heard Evie's little voice moan, "My stomach hurts...." Followed by a few familiar noises from my morning sickness days. So I rushed her into the bathroom and sure enough, the poor thing was sick. Darn! I had been looking forward to a very special church service all weekend long, and it looked like the girls and I were going to be staying home.

I briefly mentioned on Friday that our church body was going to celebrate moving from the old building to the new building this week, and symbolically make that transition by walking from one site to the other. Rain threatened to thwart those plans, and honestly, the path from one building to the other isn't exactly ideal. Many obstacles could have come in the way, but...they didn't. :) Though I couldn't be there with everyone, I think these pictures will speak for themselves.

It just so happens that part of the route our church family would be taking went right past our house, so the girls and I stood at the door watching and waiting for the first signs of them to come around the bend. (P.S. Blogger is being really annoying right now, and all of these pictures are showing up blurry. I've tried everything,

We cheered when we saw them coming! Leading the group was the Christian flag and the cross that hung above the baptistry in our old building. They were literally carrying a little piece of the old church with them. :)

Since we knew the path was long and difficult in some places, I just assumed a small group might decide to make the walk while most would choose to caravan in cars. So when I saw this little group walking I smiled and started snapping pictures from our front porch thinking that this was it. But I was wrong....

They kept coming. 

More and more turned the corner. It seemed that they were walking in clusters. :)

Almost brought a tear to my eye!

As we watched from the front door, poor Evelyn was very upset that she couldn't join in on the fun. "I want to go with my people," she said. Ack - right to my heart! My people. Yes. She knows them as her people, because our church family is like real family to us. 

Hehe, they even had a police escort to help them across the highway.
(Eric had taken the camera from me and took the rest of these pictures.)

It just gives me goosebumps seeing everyone walking up to the new site together. There, they were greeted by the rest of the church who couldn't make the walk. They had a worship service at the new building and enjoyed a meal together afterwards, because church people like to EAT. :D

I'm still a little sad that I couldn't be there. I have been going to the same church since preschool after all, and it would've meant a lot to attend the very last worship service in the building where I made my own personal decision to become a Christian, was baptized, met my future husband, where I was married, brought my first babies...but it just wasn't meant to be.

I don't stay sad for long though, because I know that there are always new friends to welcome, new memories to make, and more life to live. Sometimes the faces change, but the feelings don't. And the meaning doesn't. We're all bonded by the love of Christ. Sigh. You can't get that kind of love just anywhere. It's a special brand, and all are welcome to it. :)

The new church building that sits on a hill at the edge of town was never meant to be a big fancy place for just our church members to sit inside and admire on Sunday mornings. The entire purpose of the building project was to make room for more families in our community to enjoy it, to use it, to run around in it, and make their mark in it.

The entire community is invited to use this space for a variety of purposes. Heck, we have an entire wing called the "Multi-purpose" room. It's huge. If you can dream an event, you can pretty much have it somewhere in the building. Life Network has already set up shop in part of our offices, and we are happy to have them using office space to serve people in our community.

A church isn't the walls surrounding people who worship. The church IS the people. And that was certainly proven this weekend. It doesn't matter where you stick us, we stick together. Join us any time you please, because...well...I think I've mentioned one or a million times that we have plenty of room to spare. Oh yes. There is always room at the table for more. We'll be hosting an open house during our Dicken's of a town's annual Christmas Walk this year. Anyone who is curious can poke around and come to see inside for themselves. There might even be tour guides to help you through the maze if you wish. :)

Aside from an exciting Sunday, our weekend was pretty much the norm. Eric came down with a sinus infection, so half of our house is sick at the moment. Wahoo! Here's hoping everyone is well soon so that we can enjoy a beautiful week ahead. Happy Monday!


Mary Salovich said...

They walked past our house too! It really was a sight to see! And you had the perfect day for it!

The Pettijohn's said...

Just seeing the pictures is a beautiful thing to see. Hope everyone gets to feeling better.

Ashley N. said...

I was so disappointed to hear the Girls were sick! I knew you wanted to be there. Hope they are feeling better now!

ProfAlan said...

Great blog. You have a gift and a great heart.
Alan Lasley

ProfAlan said...

Great blog. You have a gift and a great heart.
Alan Lasley


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