Thursday, August 30, 2012


This post does not exist. It's just a figment of your imagination. :)


My heart is really heavy this morning, and I am very tired.

An online friend is losing her battle with cancer, and she will be leaving this world very, very soon. I don't think you have to meet someone face to face to feel connected with them. She has two young children, and it just breaks my heart. 

I hate cancer.

Anyway, I am exhausted. I barely got any decent rest last night. But we have the opportunity to go to the park for a little playdate, and even though I am exhausted and I don't have a car and I would have to push my kids up a giant hill to get there, I think we're going to go. I know that my friend would probably give just about anything to be able to take her kids to the park today. To clean up their messes or even have the strength to correct them for misbehaving. It puts an entirely different prospective on "counting your blessings." 

If you're having a crappy morning, just take one deep breath. 

You're alive, and you have the ability to turn things around today. So even though I'm grasping for energy this morning, I'm going to muster up some motivation and enjoy my babies while the weather is still warm and I am physically able. 

  I'm going to choose to have a good day. Hope you do, too! :)


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