Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Reagan is a Drama King

Preterm labor was not a term that was even on my radar until very recently. I had perfectly healthy, normal pregnancies with both of my baby girls...not a single blip in the entire operation. But Reagan seems to be giving me a run for my money already.
I won't have any new pictures of Reagan for a few weeks, so here is his animated image...haha.

When you are pregnant, there are a list of things to watch for when it comes to preterm labor, and it definitely isn't something you want to mess around with. I have read about and have had it verbalized to me by my doctor many times that if I have ANY of these symptoms I shouldn't hesitate to go to the hospital to be checked. 1.) More than 4 Braxton Hicks contractions in an hour 2.) Pressure accompanying contractions 3.) Lower back pain accompanying contractions.

Let's just say that I had all three of those things going on Friday evening while the rest of my family was sleeping, and it scared the crap out of me. I couldn't even tell you how many contractions I had in an hour, because I didn't start counting until I had already had several in a very short space of time...that's what caught my attention in the first place. Then they started getting stronger, and my back started hurting, and I felt a lot of pressure...and all I could do was google "pre-term labor" and pray that this was just a fluke. I debated on whether or not to wake up Eric knowing that he had to be up in just a few hours for his Saturday job at the radio station, and I ultimately decided to ride this one out solo for as long as I could.

After about an hour, I started to feel Reagan move around a bit and then the contractions subsided. I went to bed finally and haven't had any problems since then. But it was seriously the longest hour EVER. I was even looking up information on babies born at 31 weeks to see what we might possibly be facing if the worst actually came true. :(

I discussed all of this with my doctor yesterday, of course, and she decided it was best to check me early just in case something funny was going on that we needed to catch. And praise the Lord I am not even dilated a little tiny bit. :) She chalked it up to this being my third baby and gave me instructions to take it easy if it ever happens again. It's just so frustrating, because I HATE admitting when I am in pain or anything like that, and I've had so many little scares throughout this pregnancy. I suppose I was just very lucky the first two times to not have any complications whatsoever, but I think I'm going to have some gray hairs by the end of this one! (Oh Reagan, please be good to your mommy when you're on the outside!)

^^ Another problem I never had with any other pregnancies. You should have seen me booking it in Home Depot last weekend. :)  

The rest of my appointment went wonderfully yesterday. It was a family affair, haha. Evelyn was dead-set on coming along this time so that she could "hear the baby's heartbeat!" And my awesome doctor let the girls do a couple of very special jobs while they were there. Evie got to put the gel on my stomach and hold the heart-rate monitor, and Grace was in charge of the tape-measure when it was time to measure my ever-growing belly. Evelyn is pretty much obsessed with "Doc McStuffins" right now, so this was right up her alley!

Since I'm asked who my OBGYN is all the time, I thought I would just share her here again. Hope she doesn't mind. :)

Her name is Janet Matuszek, and she was recommended to us when we lived in St. Peters, Mo. I loved her so much (and the hospital where she primarily delivers) that I kept her even after we moved back home, and I make the one hour trek to her office at St. Luke's for every appointment. I have only good things to say about my pregnancy care and deliveries thanks to Dr. Matuszek and the wonderful nursing staff at St. Luke's. (Cause let's face it - it's the nurses who primarily take care of you when you're in labor!) But Dr. Matuszek also has awesome nurse practitioners on staff in her offices. I love everyone who works for her!


On the agenda today: cleaning house and organizing the medicine cabinet to be ready for baby. My life is so exciting, isn't it? But I'll be happy when all of these little jobs are done!

I won't be around tomorrow...taking the day off. So have a great couple of days and I'll see ya on Friday!


Cassie said...

yikes - take care of yourself momma!!

and yes PTL for amazing doctors in STL!!

Sarah said...

Coming from a mama who has gone into labor on her own. IF you absolutely cannot sleep through the contractions...time for the hospital!

I have BH contractions every.single.night around the same time. With the back pain & more than four an a hour with pressure. I've come to realize the difference between PAIN and being extremely uncomfortable.

And the bladder issue. Ha. That my friend is the glamorous life of carrying a boy :)

WOOWEEEEE ready for these babies to be born!!!!! TAKE IT EASY MAMA!!!!

Adrien said...

Cassie - I hear SO many people complain about their baby doctor...isn't it great to have someone you love??

Haha, Sarah - I swear boys are so different! Yeah, I could tell it wasn't "normal" labor pain, just all the stuff they tell you to watch for for preterm labor. I wonder if carrying lower causes more contractions? I always had a lot with the girls, but never so strong. Drinking water and lying down wasn't making them go away either. Boys!

Stephanie Scutari said...

omg because Abbey was preterm (34 weeks) and I started have contractions at 25 weeks with Zoe, I felt like a spent half my pregnancy with Zoe in the hospital


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