Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sister Friends

I have two very outgoing daughters. One was that way from the start, and the other is currently blossoming into her social maven status. Only, as of late, they seem to take their approach to friendliness in two very different ways....

I had a lot of time to go through old pictures while my kids napped this weekend, and boy am I feeling nostalgic lately!

Based on their personalities as babies, this one should have been my wild child!
Evie - Christmas 2009

As many of you know, from the time Evie could speak she always had a pleasant and friendly, "Hi!" for whomever she passed in the street. Now she meets new friends on the playground and old folks in restaurants by saying, "My name is Evelyn Lily Robert!" in her cute little voice. Everyone is a friend, and you might just have to watch your babies around her, because she loves to sneak in little smooches whenever she can. She's a kind and gentle spirit.

Gracie on the other hand...haha...now that she can talk - watch out world! She has been embarrassing the heck out of her father and I for weeks now. Our little roughian loves people, too. But she demands attention. When we're strolling down the street and someone passes by, she hollers, "HI!!! HI!!!! HEY!!!! HI!!!!" And not in an overly enthusiastic sweet way...more in a "look at me and say hello before I give you a knuckle sandwich" kind of way. Her approach is to force you to be her friend - or else! :) And if you say something she doesn't like, you'll get a finger and a "shhh" followed promptly by a "SHU - UH!!!!" Which we're pretty sure is "Shut up" in Gracie speak, and we're not too happy about that one.

...And this one would have been my delicate little angel baby.
First appearances can be deceiving. :)
Gracie Summer and Fall 2011

Evelyn is the happy-go-lucky follower, and Gracie is the take-charge leader. I hope they are always close, because these two will need each other to balance themselves out - especially when they're older. I can totally picture Evelyn talking Grace down from doing crazy things and Grace making Evie experience and do things she wouldn't ordinarily do. I can see Evelyn making sure her sister is well-liked, while Grace makes sure anyone who messes with her sister gets to take home a shiny new black eye. :)

I only wonder where Reagan will fit into the equation. So far, it looks like his big sisters are going to be very possessive of their little brother. They both love him to bits, and they haven't even seen the little guy. I have a feeling he'll be well taken care of, but boy do I feel sorry for any of his future girlfriends, haha.

And gosh darn it, wouldn't you know I did it to myself again...I just spent the last hour (since typing the previous paragraph) flipping through old Facebook albums of the girls. Sigh.... Pictures are a seriously dangerous time-waster. I especially get caught up on Evie's baby pictures, because that all seems so long ago...in the pre-blog era. Haha. And now I'm going to bring you along for the ride for a moment.

Evelyn in October, 2009. She was about 4 months old in these pictures. We must have loved that pink cardigan. :)

Baby Evie and her cousin Austin...oh my. She even adored him then. This was taken in March 2010.

Eep! So little! Here is John, Evie, and Grace on Halloween, 2010. Gracie was just 12 days old!

Okay, just one more. 

Oh, how I miss Gracie's squishy baby cheeks!
April 2011

The only thing more dangerous than old photos? Old home movies. Don't even get me started on those! And admittedly, there aren't enough of them. I'm jealous of people who think to whip out video cameras all the time, because I certainly don't. The most I have are little videos taken from a cell phone, and that's just not the same. Eric, you need to teach me how to use that device we have collecting dust in the cabinet, cause I'm missing childhood memories here! Television networks are going to need decent footage of our kids growing up when they become Presidents and all of that. ;D And let's face it, you can't catch Evie's Minnie Mouse voice, or even Gracie's "SHU - UH!!" in a photograph.... 

This is probably the most random post ever. Sorry about that. I just popped on to share all about Gracie's new effort for friendship, and I took you for a mini stroll down memory lane. Ah, well! I'm taking an emotional pregnant pass on this one. But if this face doesn't make you have a happy Tuesday, then I don't know what else will....

Happy Tuesday!


The Pettijohn's said...

Awe the cutest post ever!! Makes me want to go back down memory lane.

Cassie said...

pretty much just awwwed through this whole post!! lovie!!

The Independent Spinster said...

My uterus thanks you for not whipping out that picture of Grace sitting in the grass, doing her little smooshy face while wearing fairy wings.


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