Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tweet, Tweet.

So I just saw Heather's comment on my blog-and-run post from yesterday, and no, my parent's did not get a new puppy. But you were definitely in the right ballpark! There is a new living and breathing thing residing in the Feldt household, and that thing is a......

A parakeet to be exact.

And boy do the kids think it's just the greatest thing since sliced bread! Like most children, mine are animal lovers, so to be able to get up close and personal with an animal that normally flees in their presence was simply mesmerizing for them. It was a joy to watch.

Plus, Gracie does the cutest "tweet tweet" you've ever heard, I swear.

There is just one slight conundrum over this little fella (or little lady, we're not sure, haha.) He or she doesn't have a name, because no one can agree on one. So if you've got any great bird names, throw them out there! John and Evelyn think the bird's name should be "Birdie." Quite original. :D

It really is a sweet thing, and it sings when you set it on a windowsill. I've never had any desire to own a bird myself, but it has definitely given the girls one more reason to love going to grandma and grandpa's! Since these things tend to live forever and ever, Reagan will never know a visit to my parent's house without (insert nameless bird's name here.)

Speaking of grandma and grandpa's house...summer vacation is nearly over. Waah! We get so spoiled having my mom and Eric's mom home for the summer. My mama goes back to work next Thursday, and thus ends our own unofficial summer vacation. So of course we're soaking up every last minute that we possibly can.

We swing a lot. :) And the swing-set serves as the perfect illustration for just how different my daughters really are. Evelyn must be pushed a very certain way. (Only from the front, only by the rope. Don't touch her, or she'll squeal.) She is extremely nervous when someone is swinging right next to her, for fear that they might "go crooked" and bump into her. Eventually her nerves get the best of her and she decides to move on to a much safer activity. Evie is my dainty baby. Grace on the other hand...well, let's put it this way. Gracie learned a new trick yesterday:

She's only ONE. Little stinker!

Grace is a throw your head back, caution to the wind type of gal. And much to her sister's dismay, she thinks it's sort of hilarious to swing crooked. :) Love my babies!

Tonight, I get to partake in a monumental occasion...I'm getting my hair did! Woot! This only happens 3-4 times a year, and I don't get out much on my own, haha. So I've been looking forward to a couple of hours of pampering for a week now. Bye bye icky dishwater blonde roots! I will not miss you. And now I must bust out a little Black Eyed Peas tune and say farewell! "I've got a feeling (woohoo)...."


The Independent Spinster said...

I used to have a parrot who was rather loud and had the attitude of a pissed off 3 year old. His name was Bam Bam. They are so fun!

I just love Grace. If you ever need a break from her little crazy flag, you just call me.

Ashley N. said...

Is it bad that I have NO desire to have a bird because they live forever?!? But, borrowing from the movie Rio, I say it should be named Blu. And that Gracie, such an adorable daredevil for being one!

Sarah said...

Welp, I am absolutely terrified of birds. I will make sure the kids & I DON'T stop by your parents house to go trick or treating bahaha.

Adrien said...

Heather, you better watch it - one of these days I'm going to take you up on that offer! :)

Aw come on, Sarah. Pretty bird.... :D

Cassie said...

how fun is that bird!!
maybe Perry? Perry the Parrot? Idk. that's all i got, lame, sorry. lol.

Gracie just cracks me up. Girl has NO fear. More power to her. lol.

Enjoy that pampering momma! You deserve it!

Litney said...

I love birds! I had a green parakeet when I was little and then I had a peach faced lovebird in high school/college. I like Cassie's idea for the name!


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