Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up!

I have an awesome husband. Any man who can stay calm and collected while his pregnant wife has a mental breakdown deserves some kind of reward. And then to be extra nice after I totally check out and run around like a crazy person? Come on. People like that don't exist in real life. So to my darling husband, thank you for the back rub and for shopping for me and taking your family to the park...and for the brownies and ice cream. You're the best! Just try really hard not to laugh at me next time while I'm losing my mind, no matter how ridiculous I look. :D

Pregnant ladies really need to make sure they get enough sleep. Hormones are no joke. Haha.

So our weekend was pretty much amazing thanks to our glorious weather! We kicked off Friday with a fun play date - probably the best day ever to be outside. We were in our typical summer attire, and dare I say was almost chilly outside with the breeze blowing. We mamas agreed that it was the perfect day to throw open some windows and bake something - preferably something with cinnamon. :) And then we came home where Evie tested out her creative skills....

She was very proud of her painting, but I noticed she was using an awful lot of black to express herself. When I pointed this out, she proceeded to tell me the story behind the art:

"Oh yes, this is very serious," Evelyn said. "Gracie disappeared! And we couldn't find her ANYWHERE. She only came back after she had a big surgery...."

Baha. I have no idea.... but it sounds like my daughter is practicing to be the next Mary Higgins Clark.

On Saturday I was excited to celebrate love at a friend's bridal shower. Monica and I don't get to see each other very often these days, but boy do we have a lot of memories! There are a precious few of us who grew up together since we were littles in the preschool department at church, and it's one of those, we don't have to see each other for a year but things are just the same once we're together, kind of friendships. Since I didn't take any pictures at the shower, I tried to scrounge up what pictures I could find of us from back in the day. :)

 We went to A LOT of concerts in high school.

 Basement dance parties were a must.

Then our friends started getting married....

And Monica was even in my wedding!

Now it's her turn! *Tear.* I'm so sad that I won't be able to go to her super cool Nashville wedding. Monica is getting married in October, and well...I'm going to be ready to pop by then. Since my doctor told me that I can't travel more than two hours away from my hospital once I'm five weeks out from my due date, looks like I'll be stuck back here in Illinois while they are celebrating. I'll be thinking of you all day, girly!!

The rest of our weekend was pretty standard. Lots of family time and walking and church and all of that good stuff. (And then the pregnant breakdown of 2012 that went down yesterday afternoon as my children were destroying the house. Haha. I swear it was just a little blip in an otherwise wonderful weekend.)

I was so surprised when a little bit of Grace started rubbing off on Evelyn. She was swinging higher, climbing faster, and trying new things at the park yesterday. I was kind of proud of my little cautious one. :)

Now I'm going to try to speed-clean what my children destroyed yesterday. What would I do with all of my time if I weren't picking up after other people every second of my life? Hmm...imagine the possibilities. Free time! What a wonderful concept. Don't see that one happening any time soon, haha.

This week is looking like a good one, weather wise. I have some fun plans for us if I can pull them off! We're inching ever closer to the arrival of a new baby, so I have to cram in lots of stuff while I can. Hope you all have a happy Monday!

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The Independent Spinster said...

Sounds like you need some Adrien time. Take a night off. Go get ya a cheap room for one night at the Red Bud hotel and veg out alone for a night. You're allowed!


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