Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"We're on an Adventure!"

....As Evie would say. :) Yesterday we grabbed our crayons and clipboards, put on our detective lenses, and went on a good old fashioned scavenger hunt in the park. I wasn't sure how the kids would do with such a structured activity when there was perfectly good playground equipment around, but they took their jobs surprisingly seriously. "We have a mystery to solve" the children said. While I'm still not sure what the mystery was, Evie, Grace, and John sure were cute putting on their serious faces and scouting out the special items drawn onto their papers by yours truly.

Before we proceed, yes, my daughter has lines on her face and legs. Those are the remnants of a morning coloring session with her friend, Mr. Sharpie. I was so sick of scrubbing her that I eventually gave up. And if it wasn't such a pain in the butt, it would've been funny. Seriously - Evie's entire nose was blackened out like a kid's face painted for Halloween. It was bad. :)

The object of our adventure was simple: find an item on the list, circle that item with a handy dandy crayon, and then look for something else! Many things were plentiful in the park and were found right, leaves, clouds in the sky. But then it got a bit trickier....

Seems that birds and squirrels are everywhere you look when you're not looking, but when you're intentionally seeking them out they are nowhere to be found. We searched high and low for those elusive critters....

We traveled through every terrain imaginable, risking life and limb...okay maybe not...but we looked for a really long time. :)

Grace was getting concerned. 

Finally, we found a bird soaring through the sky - hooray! Now if only we could track down a pesky squirrel. Evie and John began picking up acorns in hopes of luring our prey. 

Our detectives were nearly ready to count their losses, when we turned a corner and suddenly...


"Another mystery solved!"

I really, really love when little kids get into something. Turns out that they actually like to be given special tasks to complete, if those tasks involve beautiful days in the great outdoors. :) But of course, when we were done sleuthing it was time for a little more P-L-A-Y. Swings and slides can only be resisted for so long, after all. 

We were soaking in the last of our summer vacation days....

My mom is back to work and John begins his second year of preschool tomorrow. 

Then it will be officially time for us to start getting ready for our next big adventure. His name is Reagan, and he kicks me a lot. There will be signs to make, t-shirts to paint, rooms to prepare. I think we're going to keep pretty darn busy around here. 

For now, we have one day. Just one more day of carefree playing on any playground we want with whomever we want whenever we want. Soon the schoolyards will be filled with children and we'll be back to our own school time routine. Quiet parks, empty sidewalks, and the inevitable question, "Is John home yet??" a million times a morning. :)

Summer is slowing down, and I get both of my babies home with me for one more year. Just one more....

Stay tuned. :)


Sarah said...

The girls are growing like weeds. Absolutely adorable weeds, that is. Their hair and those cheeks. Sigh :)

Is Evie going to preschool?! Luke's 1st day is next Thursday!!

Adrien said...

Hehe. Nope, we decided to keep her home for one more year! Can't believe Luke is starting school...eee...slow down, time! Is he excited?? :)

The Independent Spinster said...

Gosh...they aren't even my kids and you guys are making me feel old.

FYI...hairspray makes permanent marker come off skin like butter.

Sarah said...

Very! The open house is tonight so he can meet his teacher & classmates :)

The Pettijohn's said...

Your girls look so grown up in these photos!! Have fun today!

Cassie said...

these are some REALLY great pictures of the kids adrien. like frame these babies in 8x10s so cute!!

they are getting SO big!!


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