Friday, September 28, 2012

Confession Friday 9-28!

I confess that nothing will make a mom feel more accomplished than successfully putting multiple little children asleep by herself. Ah, time for some peace and quiet!

I confess that I definitely let the girls have one of their Christmas gifts early last night. Evie had already seen them twice (whoops) and once Grace spotted them...well, there was no hiding the dolls any longer. Good thing they were a Target toy clearance purchase, haha.

I confess that I am in the complete opposite mode of "nesting" right now. More like the "sit around and do nothing" mode. I have no energy AT ALL.

Here's a picture that I definitely did not share anywhere this week. 

Haha. I'm on a swing, and I'm in agony! My life is so hard!

I confess that a cup of hot chocolate is not truly a cup of hot chocolate without using at least twice as much mix as the recipe calls for. I mean, if it's not the consistency of a melted candy bar then what's the point? :)

I confess that I cried yesterday because Evelyn was upset about her toes again. :( It always catches me off guard when she makes a comment about her little connected digits. But yesterday was the first time that she actually said what I've always dreaded. "But I don't want to have stuck together toes, mom." :(

I confess that Eric wasn't answering his phone last night so I jokingly texted him that I was in labor. And he STILL didn't answer. Tisk tisk. Haha. He did eventually laugh when he saw that one. :)

I confess that one thing that really stinks about having a big belly is not being able to jump in my husband's arms when he comes back from a trip. I'd just bounce back.

I confess that I am super excited that Cinderella is being re-released from the Disney vault on October 2nd. Woot! I am five years old.

I confess that I'm actually a little saddened by this forecast:

I mean, by most people's standards, this constitutes a nearly perfect week ahead. But near 80's every day? I want to wear sweaters, dangit! 

I confess that my days have been so off this week. Are you sure this isn't Saturday? It feels like Saturday. 

I confess that I really wish I was snuggling a newborn right this very second. Can't wait for that soft skin and baby smell! And once again, I am sending up prayers for an EASY baby. Oh please, Lord? I need a mellow fellow.

I confess that I need to speed clean some things before Eric walks in the door in a couple of hours. And my kids are fighting. Gotta go!

I can't believe that the next time I'm blogging it will be October. Where did September go?? It's going to be a crazy month ahead, and a life changing one at that. Hope you all have a safe and fun weekend!

Thursday, September 27, 2012


We've had a very chill couple of days around here. Mostly because I needed to recover from a very busy weekend. But I also wanted to catch up on housework. I failed miserably at that one. :) And today will be equally laid back. Eric is on his way to Chicago for the night, so the girls and I are holding down the fort.

I woke up this morning after Eric had already left for the airport, saw a suitcase sitting on the table and thought, "surely not." I unzipped it, and it was full of stuff. Oh no, Eric forgot his bag. Sure enough, I look at my phone and there's a text from Eric saying that he left his suitcase at home. Poor guy! Luckily it's just for one night. Don't forget to pick up a toothbrush, dear!

This is the last business trip before baby...we can do this thing. Seriously, I'm already looking forward to Eric getting time off for paternity leave. It'll be like a mini-vacation. A vacation that involves human extraction and a hospital stay. At least I won't have to cook! ;)

Last night the girls and I hung out at my parent's house while Eric went to class, and grandma and the kids were busy making some of the tastiest treats in the history of mankind: peanut butter cheerio bars. I'm not exaggerating either, I am addicted to these things in a bad way.

I've searched and searched for the recipe online, but I can't find the exact right one. I know there are cheerios, butter, marshmallows, peanut butter, and vanilla involved, but I don't know in what proportions. Our recipe actually came from a "cookbook"... one of those antique things where recipes were printed on paper and bound together to be kept in the kitchen. :)

Anyway, I remember having a similar treat at school when I was a kid, but these are just a little bit different. Can't put my finger on what could possibly make these more yummy, but they are! If I'm able to track down the recipe I'll share it here.

And that's what is happening in our lives right now - not a whole lot! I've been talking to Eric while typing this and now I think his friend AJ is on a mission to track down a few necessities and some clothes for him. It's good to have friends in other parts of the country, haha. Or in this case, just upstate!

Hope you guys have a great Thursday - it's almost the weekend! As long as I don't go into labor in the next 24 hours while Eric is away we'll be golden. Hear that, Reagan? No surprises, buddy! Haha, over and out, friends.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Favorite Kind of Day

It's pretty much a given that the first words Eric hears out of my mouth every morning are, "Do you have to go to work today?" I'm aware that yes, he has to work, because we need food and other trivial things like that. :) But there is always a small piece of me deep inside that is hoping I'll get a pleasant surprise and a "Why no, actually, I don't" in reply. It's a very rare occurrence, but it has happened, which is the reason that I continue to ask. Every day.

It just so happened that on Monday the clouds parted and I heard those wonderful words spoken. Eric took a surprise day off, and we had a fantastic family day. We know that our days are numbered before Reagan gets here and the weather is much cooler. We'll be homebound much more in about a month, and so any opportunity we are given to get out and have fun with the girls, we'll take. So we visited one of our favorite places in the St. Louis area - the zoo! We hadn't been in forever. Our summer was HOT, and being sticky and sweaty isn't my idea of a fun day outdoors.

Boy I am glad we went when we did. The weather was awesome...a degree warmer or cooler and it wouldn't have been the same. There was a light breeze blowing, hay bales and cornstalks lined the walkways, and it was just a perfect fall day. The girls were in great spirits, and Grace, oh my... she loved it most of all! I could have titled today's post, "The many faces of Gracie."

These pictures are blurry and horrible, but I had to share. :) Usually the behemoth hippos just sit in their underwater sanctuaries like giant boulders doing a whole lot of nothing. But on this particular day...and I can't believe I'm saying this...they were downright playful. They were swimming and spinning through the water as if they were weightless, and the girls got a real kick out of it.

Well, I think it actually freaked Gracie out at first. Haha. Just take a look at her face in the reflection of this picture (on the far left):

That would be a look of terror. She spent the whole day gasping and putting her hands over her mouth whenever the animals moved. I've never seen her so dramatic. :)

As many of you probably know, babies are a favorite for little girls. Baby anything. In our household, if something is small it's a "baby" something, and it is adored. Baby elephants are no exception. It was feeding time while we were passing through their exhibits, and all of the elephants big and small were very active. 

And this is what my children thought about that...

Grace is saying, "Come here you cute widdle baby elephant" in her own special Gracie way. :)

We were super excited to see the new sea lion exhibit for the very first time. And of course, we all loved it.

More amazed Grace faces, hehe....

And more faces later for the monkeys....

I'm telling you, her mind was blown. Grace has been to the zoo several times in her short little life, but I think this was the first trip that she really got it. I'm pretty sure she's a fan. 

The only thing more fascinating than babies in our house at the moment are behinds. Bottoms. Backsides. Check out Evelyn's delight over the ape statue's rear end.


Sometimes we're just a little bit goofy. And that's okay with me.

I don't think I can say it enough. We had a fabulous time. The only way we were able to get the girls motivated to leave that day was with the promise that they could get some ice cream with "lemanames" (m&m's) on the way home, which of course they got. There are many stories I could tell and more pictures I could share...but I'll be honest. It's late, and I'm pooped. :)  

Seems like everything is just a little better...just a bit more magical...when it's in the fall. Even our favorite spot to visit all year round. I'm very thankful that we were able to have this day together. The girls are still talking about it. I like to think that soon (or maybe even already) Evelyn will start experiencing things that she may remember for the rest of her life. I know I definitely remember a few things from when I was three. It's time to start making our memories count!

And now, I must pry myself off of this couch and go to bed. I'm going to regret these late nights when I have a newborn and I'm begging for sleep. :) I hope that everything I wrote makes sense. If not, I blame it on the exhausted preggo brain. And here is my abrupt ending:

The End.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Local Fall Fun

It was a last minute decision this weekend, but we just couldn't resist. The weather was wonderful. Glorious, even. And with the threat of rain looming on the horizon for the rest of the week, we wanted to get in while the getting was good! So we hopped in the car and took ourselves to Pumpkin Blossom Hill, a small local pumpkin patch that is perfect for families looking for a little afternoon outing.

We attempted taking a family photo while we were there, but as in most instances with little kids and cameras, we pretty much left with "we'll get it next time." 

The thing I absolutely adore about this quaint little pumpkin patch on the edge of town is that the set up they have is super simple, yet my kids love it. LOVE. IT. The girls could literally spend hours there, and they cry when it's time to leave.

I mean, just look at this face. This is a kid loving life. :)

We had been hearing all about a new piece of playground equipment that the family put in this year, and we have a review to share with those of you who haven't gotten a chance to stop by and see it for yourselves yet. 

It is awesome. 

We got a little inside scoop about how the family built it themselves from no plans, but it is clear that a lot of thought went into how it was made. The slats in the top are extra close together so that no littles can get their heads stuck inside - and I have to say that the enclosures are much safer than the ones our local parks have to offer. I didn't worry about Grace falling off and breaking her neck ONCE. That never happens. 

And they decided that they would use a ramp instead of stairs to get up onto the equipment, because they know how difficult steps can be for the smaller set. Genius! My children were zooming up and down that thing the entire time. 

Underneath there is a little play area....

...and of course, there are swings!

Eric and I agreed that we have never seen a sturdier piece of equipment. And I'm not just saying that. If our tiny town came under nuclear attack, I'm pretty sure everything would be flattened and this thing would still be standing. 

We enjoyed all of the other little play areas they have set up, too. I can't believe how much the girls (especially Grace) have changed in a year

Oh, and the corn maze. Can't forget about the corn maze! Last year Eric pulled the kids through in a wagon so that we wouldn't lose anybody. This year we let them run free...and we definitely lost some people. :) But they were eventually found and all was well. Haha.

I had to include this picture, because it cracks me up. Grace and Eric walk the exact same way. Actually, I think I have a better picture that shows this, but this one is good enough. ;)

Eventually we leave the play area and mosey over to the pumpkins. This year, my mom decided to be brave and instead of choosing a pre-picked pumpkin we went hunting for one still on the vine. I'm used to going to a pumpkin patch where all of the pumpkins in the field are pre-cut from the vines, so I giggled when I saw my mom wielding the giant clipper things to cut her massive orange gourd free.

 This is Eric's paternity shot. His little pumpkin is due any day now. Haha.

There are lots more pictures and a lot more I could say, but you get the gist. Pumpkin Blossom Hill is always a fun time, and if you're ever in the area you should pay them a little visit. We always go later in the afternoon, and even on the weekends, it's never been crowded for us. We may even be back again this season just to hang out, because makes for an even more fun time than the park, in my humble opinion. And I missed out on kettle corn, which is a travesty. Must go back for some of that!

Have a happy fall day!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Apples of my Eye!

Happy Fall Ya'll!

We officially made the crossover this weekend, and it feels so good. The Robert family hits some sort of strange stride this time of the year. We are in our element. Family traditions, lots of memories are made and pictures are taken, we craft more, we have babies (haha).... It's as if we were made for the Fall. And we welcome it each year with open arms. 


"Surely the apple is the noblest of fruits." Henry David Thoreau, Wild Apples

We heralded autumn with a little Prep School romp around the playground. 
Seemed like a fun way to welcome an old friend. :)
And what says the beginning of fall more than a bright red apple?

Apples may be juicy and sweet, but I am of the opinion that shiny red mary janes look just as good enough to eat as the fall fruit we celebrate. Swoon! ;)

And now, for your entertainment pleasure, I give you my ode to fall. AKA: My Favorite Fall Things. Enjoy.

Apples and pumpkins and nights that are crisper,
Crunchy leaf piles and breezes that whisper,
Cozy campfires and dark denim jeans,
These are a few of my favorite fall things.

Sweaters and tights and fun chores such as raking, 
Whole afternoons doing nothing but baking,
You know where I’ve been by the hot chocolate rings,
These are a few of my favorite fall things.

Hayrides and harvest and friends in tight huddles,
Babies named Reagan to love and give cuddles,
Homecoming week and the fun that it brings,
These are a few of my favorite fall things.

When the hay pricks, when the wind stings,
When I’m feeling sad.
I simply remember my favorite fall things
And then I don’t feel so bad!

Thank you, thank you.
On with the show!

We'll put more of our apple shenanigans in a Facebook album where they are easier to flip through. I might have taken 500 pictures or so. But I'll only publish a few. :)

In the meantime, get yourself some yummy fall deliciousness and keep the doctor away, won't you?

More apples and pumpkins coming tomorrow. :)


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