Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Non-Laborious Weekend

Would you like to know one of the fabulous things about allowing friends and family into your life via a blog? Those who keep up regularly can tell you things about you that you didn't even know about you. :) It's the little mundane things that I write about day to day that would probably never come up in actual conversation that always seem to spark actual conversations the next time I see someone.

I confessed on Friday about my late-pregnancy obsession with eating ice, and as soon as my mama read that she called me up and said, "Chewing on ice is actually a sign of anemia." And that, my friends, makes a lot of sense because at my last baby appointment my doctor shared with me that I am just over the borderline for being anemic. (And I was given instructions to eat more BEEF...not a problem for me, haha.) What makes this so interesting is the fact that I've had this weird craving with every single one of my pregnancies, but this was the first that I was actually told about my anemia. Learn something new every day! Anyway, it's nice to know there's a reason for the things that I do and that I'm not just a weirdo. :)

So... we had a very relaxing weekend, which was awesome. I got a lot accomplished in the way of gathering materials that I've needed for a few little projects. Now to find time to do the projects....


Even though I haven't been able to get on a bike in forever, the girls got to enjoy a fun ride this weekend. Their grandpa Robert took them for a little spin, and now I'm pretty sure Eric is going to have to take them out for many more rides.

That won't be a problem this Fall. Once Reagan is here, I'll be spending a lot of time in the house, myself. And this might be the very last year Evie can fit in that thing. Which reminds me...Evelyn is convinced that once Reagan arrives, he is going to take her spot in the stroller and she is going to, "walk with you guys!" No more strolling for this kid! She wants to be the big girl soooo bad. It's cute. :)


With the passing of Labor Day comes a few seasonal changes...while it's not yet Fall, many summer businesses are now closing up shop. And for office guys like Eric, it's time to put away the casual khakis and polos and bust out the suits again. No more summer attire allowed. So I snuck up on him while he was polishing his shoes, hehe....

"I won't be done until I can see my reflection." :D


I have the second of my two-week baby appointments late this afternoon. Praying for a perfectly boring appointment with no surprises in store! This is that wonderful stretch of pregnancy where I spend more time in the waiting room than I do actually seeing the doctor. But that's okay...I'm thankful to have good health care! There's always a bright side, right?

Alright, have a happy day! I've got lots of junk to do before I get three people ready to drive for an hour, sit for 15 minutes, and see a doctor for 30 seconds. Peace out!


The Independent Spinster said...

Yay for baby appointments!! I love it that all you pregnant girls are getting so close to your due dates!!!

Christine Pettijohn said...

Love the new header and good luck today.


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