Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Checking In!

We had quite a breezy day yesterday! It genuinely felt like fall, even though we're still faux-falling it around here. Just a few more days until the real thing! ANYWAY, I decided to try something new yesterday.

I've never been super fussy over our laundry situation. I barely separate colors when I wash. I can't be bothered with ironing. And the dryer is definitely my best friend. But after comparing a few identical items of clothing that we have that have seen the inside of a dryer vs. the ones that haven't, I was mortified by how much the dryer shrunk and faded the clothes.

I don't even use high heat. So that's frustrating. Now I've decided that our favorite things need to be laid out to dry, and since yesterday was the perfect day for putting clothes out I tried to find a way to compromise without a real clothesline. I give you our hillbilly renter's clothesline:

A clothing rack set up on the back patio. :) It worked...our clothes definitely got dry. Score one point for me. Now I just have to figure out how to make sure they don't get wrinkly without ironing...because as I've said...I don't make a habit out of ironing. There's a reason why my husband only buys wrinkle-free dress clothes.

And now that you know way too much about something that I'm sure no one on the planet actually cares about but's what we did with the rest of our afternoon yesterday:

We went outside and enjoyed the cool, sunshiny day. And that's about it. :)

Today we have our very last ultrasound...the one just to make sure everything is kosher in there. I can't wait to see Reagan one last time before I hold him in my arms! I wonder if I'll be able to pick out any of his little is pretty much awesome. So while I'm blogging this the night before, I know that I'm running around like a mad person about the time this is published trying to get all of my afternoon stuff done in the morning. When your doctor is an hour away one way, it pretty much eats up an entire afternoon for a routine visit. And this visit isn't even routine.

Maybe I'll have some really bad pictures of pictures to show you of our kid tomorrow. :) Until then, I'm signing off. Because I'm sleepy. So see you later. Goodbye.


Sarah said...

Adrien...your clothes are fading because you don't seperte them my dear not from the dryer lol. Throw the clothes you air dry in the dryer for a few minutes (fluffing) and fold them right away, no wrinkles ;)

I'm sooo excited to see if Reagan looks like his big sisters!!

Adrien said...

Haha, I belong to a message board full of moms who refuse to put ANYTHING in the dryer because of fading and shrinking. No thanks, I can't do that! The good old fluff and fold is my ironing. :D

I'm super curious about who Reagan will favor...Evie and Grace take after two separate sides of the family, so who knows how Reagan will turn out!

The Independent Spinster said...

I totally treat my clothes the same. I have 3 loads...towels, whites/jeans/, and colors. And everything gets put in the dryer unless it says DO NOT DRY.

When is your due date again?? I can't believe it's this close!

Adrien said...

My due date is October 19. So i'll be 36 weeks tomorrow!

Christine Pettijohn said...

I hate ironing and Vince thinks it is hilarious. Such a pain in the butt. The dryer is my best friend also but I would have to agree with Sarah definitely separate your colors for no fading.

sblind2 said...

I'm a washer/dryer kinda girl too! I HATE when I have to iron something....hence why my white shorts have been hanging up waiting to be ironed since June - oh well it's after labor day anyways!!

I can't believe it's almost here - 1 month from today!!


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