Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy Anniversary, Eric!

I've been blogging for a couple of years now, and wedding anniversaries have come and gone. I've shared wedding photos and honeymoon photos and other things you might expect on these days in the past. But everyone knows that marriage has very little to do with the wedding day and everything to do with all of the sticky, slobbery, funny, crazy, trying, and beautiful moments that come after.

Eric and I have a marriage just like anyone else's. Our one advantage has been, in my opinion, that we dated for over six years before we tied the knot, and there was practically nothing we didn't know about the other person or talk through before walking down the aisle. We knew exactly what we getting ourselves into when we married each other, and we still said, "I do." :D That dreaded "first year" that we were warned about over and over...never happened. Things have been pretty darn good for us, if not completely unpredictable and nuts at times. I would marry Eric Robert 100 times over again!

So I've had four years now of living with Eric, and I thought it would be fun to see if I could answer a few questions about him. How well do I really know this guy? Eric, you're going to have to check me on these, because I could totally be wrong on a few. :) Here are 20 completely random questions from an online survey that are just for fun. We're definitely not getting deep today. Haha.

1. What position does your spouse sleep in?

Eric sleeps in every position under the sun, except his back. Left side, right side, stomach, sprawled out all over the place.... :) But usually his right side. (You might learn some things about yourself m'dear, haha.)

2. If your spouse had the job of his dreams, what would it be?

Am I allowed to say? Eee...I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say. Eric recently shared with me that his dream dream job would be to write and draw comic strips. I thought it was the cutest thing. :)

3. What was your spouse's favorite childhood pet?

His chihuahua Tiki.

4. What was the make & model, and color of your spouse's first car?

Oh gee, let's see how much I can remember. A GM Sonoma low-rider truck in bahama blue? I really don't know what it's called, or if that's what the color was called...but it sounds right to me.

5. What would your spouse say is your most annoying habit?

That would be my inability to put peices of technology away properly. Cords, cards, cameras...drives him nuts. Sorry! :)

6. What is your spouse's mother's maiden name?


7. If your spouse could wake up in any part of the world and spend a week exploring, where would it be?

I would say Jerusalem and/or any place that Jesus or Paul spent a lot of time.

8. Who is your spouse's current best friend?

ME! :)

9. What is your spouse's favorite flavor of ice cream?

Cold Stone Cake Batter

10. What is your spouse's waist size?

I don't know a lot about men's waist sizes, but we did just go shopping for blue jeans, and I believe we were looking for 34's. Hope you don't mind my sharing that. Ha.

11. What household chore does your spouse enjoy doing the most?

Eric derives the most sick satisfaction from mowing the grass. He can have that job!

12. How many bones has your spouse broken?

A lot. But all before we were together. I believe his worst were ribs and clavicle.

13. Does your spouse have tonsils?

Ya know, I've never looked...but I don't believe he does.

14. How many jobs has your spouse had since graduation from college?

He has basically the same jobs that he had in college...well...same companies at least. So I'm going with two.

15. How many children did your spouse want when you were married?


16. How would your spouse most want to spend time as a family?

I know that Eric would like to take frequent family vacations as much as I would...even to DISNEY WORLD. But...since we're not allowing ourselves to do that at the moment, I'm taking the safe answer and saying that he likes to take walks together.

17. How much money does your spouse need to have in savings to feel financially responsible?

At a minimum: 3-6 months emergency expenses. Or about $20,000 +

18. What musical instruments has your spouse played?

Hmm...piano, flute, sax, I missing any? You didn't play the trumpet did you? Haha.

19. Who is your spouse's favorite musician at the moment?

I'm just going to say Dave Matthews, because he has a new album out this week. :)

20. Does your spouse prefer the toilet paper to unroll from the top or bottom?

Eric doesn't really know about this, but there's a silent bathroom war going on right now. He keeps putting the roll on the little dispenser, and I keep taking it down, because the girls' favorite game is to unroll the entire thing into the toilet and flush. AND...every time he puts it on, it's "upside down" which to me means the toilet paper is unrolled from the bottom. I'm an over the top kind of gal, myself. Haha. But yes, Eric, if you've been wondering why the toilet paper keeps mysteriously ending up on the counter instead of on the roll, now ya know.

How'd I do, dear?? :D

Unfortunately, Eric and I aren't able to spend the day together, but I know the one thing that will make him happy from many many miles away. When the girls were really small (smaller than they are now!) we used to record videos for daddy all the time during the day and send them to him. Since I have the old computer here while Eric is traveling, I stumbled on a whole bunch of these videos that we recorded and never sent. Here's a little blast from the past, Eric. Hope it makes you smile today!

The girls and I love you so much! We miss you and we can't wait to see you! And now, we are on a mission. We have a little something up our sleeves today. :) Happy Anniversary to my favorite guy on the whole planet. Love!


The Independent Spinster said...

Awwww!!!! So sweet! Happy Anniversary!!

Christine Pettijohn said...

So Cute! Happy Anniversary!

sblind2 said...

Happy Anniversary you 2 lil lovebirds!

Cassie said...

awww i love this! what a great relationship. many many more!!

Adrien said...

Thanks, girls!

Eric Robert said...

Happy anniversary, palsy! You got all of the questions right, haha. I'll be home soon!


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