Thursday, September 6, 2012

Just be glad you're not me today....

We're having a rough morning. Well, Gracie is having a rough morning...which means we're ALL having a rough morning. :)

I have about five minutes before Grace remembers she's supposed to be crabby and makes it impossible for me to type anything again. So here it goes. The fastest blogpost possible. Two snapshots of our current life.

Snapshot 1:

I finally got started on Grace's birthday stuff! Betcha can't guess what her party theme is this year. :) This is the start of her "Happy Birthday" sign, which obviously isn't finished. I just can't stay up as late as I used to with this little man baking away inside. Mama is tired!

Snapshot 2:

If you've ever wondered what happens to a giant lego when you put it on a lit lightbulb, now ya know.

Ay yi yi...this pretty much epitomizes life at the moment: lots of chaos and a bit of danger. Ha. I walked into the girls' bedroom the other night and noticed the light in the room was looking a little pink. That was...odd. So I went to inspect the problem and found this guy melting away all over the place in a bedside lamp. I have no idea what possessed one of my children to try this little experiment, but I'm glad I caught it when I did!

Alright, Mickey Mouse has lost his zeal...Gracie is back with a vengeance. Later taters!

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