Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Local Fall Fun

It was a last minute decision this weekend, but we just couldn't resist. The weather was wonderful. Glorious, even. And with the threat of rain looming on the horizon for the rest of the week, we wanted to get in while the getting was good! So we hopped in the car and took ourselves to Pumpkin Blossom Hill, a small local pumpkin patch that is perfect for families looking for a little afternoon outing.

We attempted taking a family photo while we were there, but as in most instances with little kids and cameras, we pretty much left with "we'll get it next time." 

The thing I absolutely adore about this quaint little pumpkin patch on the edge of town is that the set up they have is super simple, yet my kids love it. LOVE. IT. The girls could literally spend hours there, and they cry when it's time to leave.

I mean, just look at this face. This is a kid loving life. :)

We had been hearing all about a new piece of playground equipment that the family put in this year, and we have a review to share with those of you who haven't gotten a chance to stop by and see it for yourselves yet. 

It is awesome. 

We got a little inside scoop about how the family built it themselves from no plans, but it is clear that a lot of thought went into how it was made. The slats in the top are extra close together so that no littles can get their heads stuck inside - and I have to say that the enclosures are much safer than the ones our local parks have to offer. I didn't worry about Grace falling off and breaking her neck ONCE. That never happens. 

And they decided that they would use a ramp instead of stairs to get up onto the equipment, because they know how difficult steps can be for the smaller set. Genius! My children were zooming up and down that thing the entire time. 

Underneath there is a little play area....

...and of course, there are swings!

Eric and I agreed that we have never seen a sturdier piece of equipment. And I'm not just saying that. If our tiny town came under nuclear attack, I'm pretty sure everything would be flattened and this thing would still be standing. 

We enjoyed all of the other little play areas they have set up, too. I can't believe how much the girls (especially Grace) have changed in a year

Oh, and the corn maze. Can't forget about the corn maze! Last year Eric pulled the kids through in a wagon so that we wouldn't lose anybody. This year we let them run free...and we definitely lost some people. :) But they were eventually found and all was well. Haha.

I had to include this picture, because it cracks me up. Grace and Eric walk the exact same way. Actually, I think I have a better picture that shows this, but this one is good enough. ;)

Eventually we leave the play area and mosey over to the pumpkins. This year, my mom decided to be brave and instead of choosing a pre-picked pumpkin we went hunting for one still on the vine. I'm used to going to a pumpkin patch where all of the pumpkins in the field are pre-cut from the vines, so I giggled when I saw my mom wielding the giant clipper things to cut her massive orange gourd free.

 This is Eric's paternity shot. His little pumpkin is due any day now. Haha.

There are lots more pictures and a lot more I could say, but you get the gist. Pumpkin Blossom Hill is always a fun time, and if you're ever in the area you should pay them a little visit. We always go later in the afternoon, and even on the weekends, it's never been crowded for us. We may even be back again this season just to hang out, because seriously...it makes for an even more fun time than the park, in my humble opinion. And I missed out on kettle corn, which is a travesty. Must go back for some of that!

Have a happy fall day!


Cassie said...

awwww i love this! we are going on sunday. SO excited!!

The Independent Spinster said...

Nothing better!! This is actually a tradition I get to do with Gage and Avery. LOVE IT!

Ashley N. said...

I LOVE this place! I dread the day that Adam and Aaron think they are too old for this.....but, being the mean sister I am, I will make them go anyway :) So glad you had a fun time.....let me know the next time you go! And, oh my gosh! Gracie does walk just like Eric. Too funny!

Christine Pettijohn said...

Love all of the photos! We are headed that way this weekend hopefully.

Adrien said...

Sounds like this weekend will be hopping! Maybe I need to go again to see some of you. :)


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