Monday, September 17, 2012

Love and Pandas :)

Wedding bells are still ringing in my head after this weekend, and I didn't even go to any weddings! Of course this time of the year will always remind me of my own wedding day, but I also had the pleasure of celebrating and planning a couple of other lovely lady's big days, too.

My adorable cousin Crystal recently got engaged, and she is planning a December 1 wedding... of this year. Which means everything is in hyper-drive to get accomplished before the big day. So Crystal's mom, my aunt Jamie, called an official wedding planning meeting on Saturday with some friends and family to start brainstorming the details. How fun! I think Crystal left with A LOT to think about, and I have a feeling there may be more of these types of meetings in the future. :)

On Sunday Evie and I were excited to go to Sara's bridal shower. Some of you may follow Sara's blog already, but if you don't, just know that she has been documenting her wedding planning journey from the beginning and you could catch up on a lot of reading! Sara is marrying into the Simpson family, which is the same clan that I became an honorary member of when I married Eric. (Eric's grandma Beulah is/was a Simpson.) This is the massive family that has to have their annual Christmas party in the same place that we had our wedding reception, haha.

I only wish we could have stayed longer, but Eric had to host a Century Club dinner yesterday evening, so I had to get home to take over Gracie duty. What was life like before it revolved around children? I don't quite remember. :)

Aside from all of the pre-nuptial fun, I was over the moon that the weather was cool enough to dip into our fall stash of clothing! Are you ready for the first of MANY fall fashion shows? Well...ready or not...!

Since it's still not officially fall, we decided to wear pink. :) We busted out some Panda Academy for church on Sunday.

I am already learning how extremely difficult it's going to be to get any pictures of the girls standing side by side this year. They both totally want to do their own thing!

She really does have a sweet side. :)

Eric's mom brought us some pumpkins this weekend. One for every member of our family, hehe. Evie thinks they're adorable and treats them like a real little pumpkin family. Grace on the other hand has discovered a new game: kick the pumpkin. She likes to roll them off of the front porch. Daddy pumpkin may or may not have lost his top already....

I realized after I sold a bunch of the girls old clothing recently that I didn't have pictures of them in most of the little outfits I loved so much. Of course this was while I was in the middle of boo-hooing over how quickly my kids have grown up. So I made a vow to myself to make sure to capture more memories from now on. They sure don't stay little for long....

Sisters. I am so glad they have each other!

Aaaand...Gracie is over it. 

That's all folks!

Enjoy our very LAST week of summer! If our weathermen are correct, we're in for a week in the 60's and 70's. Hoping these conditions are here to stay for a good long while!


Ashley N. said...

Ahh! How did I miss those outfits at church yesterday? The girls always look so adorable....will have to make us I track them down every week so I can see all the fall cuteness! Hard to believe that it will get even better when little Reagan is here to join in all the winter cuteness!

Adrien said...

Haha, they were in the nursery most of yesterday! :)

Sara Phegley said...

Thanks Adrien!!! Glad you could come join in the fun!


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