Thursday, September 20, 2012

Our Very (Very) Last Peek

Ya'll know I don't do well with "lasts" when I know that they are coming. When I'm aware that a chapter of my life is silently coming to a close, I turn into a big ball of sentential mush. And yesterday, I had to come to terms with what could very possibly be a last in my motherhood journey...the very last glimpse inside of my womb with a wiggly little baby living inside.

If all goes according to plan, I will never again have a big glob of goop squirted on my belly and a wand poking and probing to measure and check up on one of my children before they are in my arms. And when this realization struck me yesterday, I decided that I had to document every single moment of the memory so that I could carve it into my brain and never forget.

Only, my husband isn't like me. He thinks my sentimentality is hilarious at times. :) And when I started whipping out the camera in the car, and then in the parking garage, and as we were walking into the hospital, he literally wrestled me for the iPhone I was using and had me laughing so hard I just about lost control of my very full bladder. "Are you going to take pictures in the bathroom, too? 'Look guys, here's a picture of my specimen.'" Baha.

He had a point. BUT...I still thought he was being ornery, so I stole the phone back and tried taking more pictures anyway:

Sneak elevator attack. Which led to more wrestling....

We are children.

He did take a picture of me while we were waiting for our turn to get an ultrasound....

...but then tried to get me back by snapping 20 other really bad pictures that I wasn't ready for. He's lucky he's cute.

So yes, onto the point of this entire post. Reagan. We wanted to see him. 

Well, like his sister's before him, Reagan decided to do things his own way. We were intruding on his space after all, so why should he have to accommodate for us? Haha, turns out my son is in one of the most uncomfortable looking positions possible, only he likes it just fine. He is currently upside-down, sideways, with his feet over his head in a sort of suspended backwards summersault. His nuzzled in my placenta as if he's using it for a pillow. 

Try getting pictures of your kid's face when it's buried in a placenta-pillow. Not happening. :) 

We did manage to get some profile shots, but not a lot of 3-d, because as the nurse said, 3-d pictures of my placenta-face baby would just look "creepy." 

For one split second it looked like we might catch a glimpse, and the nurse snapped one quick 3-d picture of his face. It's hard to tell, but sure enough, my child has lips and a nose. That is very reassuring. Haha. I'm not a betting woman, but if I were, I would say Mr. Reagan is going to have his daddy's nice, full lips just like his sisters do. 

Can you see em? 

And he won't be bald. We definitely saw tiny hair growing on his cute head. He is currently 5 pounds, 10 ounces, which puts him at the 30th percentile at this point - a little guy! It's estimated that he'll be about 7.5 pounds at birth. Here's the kicker...I was watching the stats very closely as the nurse was measuring each of his body parts, and while his legs and torso and everything else is measuring at a little less than 35 weeks, his head measured nearly 37 weeks. Um, yeah. My child has a large head. That is not a very pleasant thought for delivery, ifyouknowwhatImean. 

But he is perfectly happy and healthy. Heartbeat was 148. And we were reassured, once again...without a doubt...that there will be no surprises on delivery day - we definitely have a boy in there!

We were instructed that from this point on, delivery will not be stopped should I go into labor. So whenever he is ready to make his debut, he is more than welcome! (Only, please don't come too soon my son, I am so NOT ready for you yet, haha.) Honestly, I fully expect to be induced once again, and I'm not getting my hopes up to go early. Better to be pleasantly surprised than to sit through the agony of after day only to see the due date come and go. And of course, the longer he can bake away inside, the better. 

I am due on October 19th, so if I had to guess...I'll be having my baby on October 26th. :) After complications with Evie being overdue, I don't think my doctor will let me go more than a week over before inducing. Fine with me!

Whew - so that's it! That's the scoop. My last peek inside at my last biological baby. Sigh.... I hate to even put this out I even joke about it? I mean, for real...I might have a nervous break down if this actually happens. But I know you're all thinking it anyway, so yeah. With my luck, six months from now I'll be posting "Surprise! Baby number 4 is on the way!!" Ahem. But we're going to try very hard not to let that happen. Right, Eric? ;)

Alright you knuckleheads, I'm out of here. I need rest! Hope this day makes you smile and brings you joy. Peace. 


Lara said...

Sounds like things are perfect and your little guy will be here soon enough! Enjoy your last weeks of pregnancy!

Sarah said...

Eeekkk, soooo close!! I don't know how you go past your due date. I would die! Logan was here at exactly 37 weeks. Hope your bags are packed just incase ;);)

The Independent Spinster said...

I "awwww"ed about 358273598 during this post. I can't wait to see him!

Cassie said...

awwwww yay. seriously that thought is extremely overwhelming. yes those 9 months are rough but oh so worth it and thinking that it might not happen again, bittersweet.

hang in there momma!

Adrien said...

Thank you for your encouragement! I am excited but I feel like there is still so much to do!

Christine Pettijohn said...

Awe love this post!!! Hang in there and if you need any help getting things ready I am off Thursday - Sunday every week.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the details and pictures. April R


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