Thursday, September 27, 2012


We've had a very chill couple of days around here. Mostly because I needed to recover from a very busy weekend. But I also wanted to catch up on housework. I failed miserably at that one. :) And today will be equally laid back. Eric is on his way to Chicago for the night, so the girls and I are holding down the fort.

I woke up this morning after Eric had already left for the airport, saw a suitcase sitting on the table and thought, "surely not." I unzipped it, and it was full of stuff. Oh no, Eric forgot his bag. Sure enough, I look at my phone and there's a text from Eric saying that he left his suitcase at home. Poor guy! Luckily it's just for one night. Don't forget to pick up a toothbrush, dear!

This is the last business trip before baby...we can do this thing. Seriously, I'm already looking forward to Eric getting time off for paternity leave. It'll be like a mini-vacation. A vacation that involves human extraction and a hospital stay. At least I won't have to cook! ;)

Last night the girls and I hung out at my parent's house while Eric went to class, and grandma and the kids were busy making some of the tastiest treats in the history of mankind: peanut butter cheerio bars. I'm not exaggerating either, I am addicted to these things in a bad way.

I've searched and searched for the recipe online, but I can't find the exact right one. I know there are cheerios, butter, marshmallows, peanut butter, and vanilla involved, but I don't know in what proportions. Our recipe actually came from a "cookbook"... one of those antique things where recipes were printed on paper and bound together to be kept in the kitchen. :)

Anyway, I remember having a similar treat at school when I was a kid, but these are just a little bit different. Can't put my finger on what could possibly make these more yummy, but they are! If I'm able to track down the recipe I'll share it here.

And that's what is happening in our lives right now - not a whole lot! I've been talking to Eric while typing this and now I think his friend AJ is on a mission to track down a few necessities and some clothes for him. It's good to have friends in other parts of the country, haha. Or in this case, just upstate!

Hope you guys have a great Thursday - it's almost the weekend! As long as I don't go into labor in the next 24 hours while Eric is away we'll be golden. Hear that, Reagan? No surprises, buddy! Haha, over and out, friends.


Cassie said...

ohhhh i love those treats!! making me crazy hungry!!

Heather said...

Making me hungry dude!


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