Monday, September 10, 2012

Surviving September

So we have a houseguest who has been with us for a few weeks now and has more than overstayed his welcome. We call him Murphy. And Murphy thinks he should have his own room here. Murphy needs to get the heck out!

First our garage freezer broke, and along with it went all of the meat and food we were storing inside. Then our weed eater bit the dust. Followed by our lawn mower. Eric's car has been broken for various reasons...three times now. (It's back in the shop as I type.) We borrowed my dad's lawn mower so we wouldn't look like jungle broke while Eric was halfway through mowing the grass. On Saturday, my car battery went to Auto-Heaven.  Eric's car battery fizzled on Sunday. (And what would have taken Eric ten minutes to fix ended up taking an entire afternoon...of course. Something had to go wrong.) We just discovered that our beloved stroller is falling apart.

I would suggest not even pulling into our driveway any time soon if I were you, because there are no guarantees that you will be pulling back out again. Just a little warning, friends. Murphy is a bad, bad houseguest.

Luckily, we have this little thing called an emergency fund, and it's been bailing us out left and right. It's not fun to pay for all of this junk, but praise God that it's there! I don't know what we would do without it. Let our crappy misfortune be a lesson that I hope no one else has to learn...if you don't have a little bit of money set aside for these kinds of surprises...get yourself some. Cause we're kicking this dude out, and he will surely be looking to take up residence elsewhere when he leaves.

And with that...our weekend. Well, you can probably guess how that went, haha. Actually, it was going pretty great. Eric and I were able to get out for a while alone on Saturday evening thanks to my lovely in-laws. We had our normal Friday night dinner and Sunday morning in church. Life was going quite swimmingly. We had plans to celebrate one cutie patooties first birthday on Sunday afternoon, when the Battery Failure Crisis of 2012 struck.

It's a little hard to get to a birthday party when you don't have any vehicles. I was very sad. Not for me, of course, but because Evelyn had been talking all weekend long about this party and how she couldn't wait to go. Ugh. There is nothing more heart wrenching to me than to have to disappoint my kids.

Luckily, Eric's mom saved the day! Grace was sleeping, so she took Evelyn to the party to enjoy the festivities while Eric and his dad played mechanic and I held down the fort.

Waiting for grandma. :)

Since I knew I wasn't going to get any pictures at the party, I asked Evie to smile for the camera before she left. This is what I got....

We're going through that, "I don't know what to do with my face" stage. It's great.

And when Gracie woke up from her nap, why...she looked so cute walking around the house that I started taking pictures of her, too. She wasn't really a fan. I just couldn't win that day.

When Evie finally walked back through the door several hours later, I barraged her with questions about how everything went.

Me: Evelyn, what did you do at the birthday party?
Evie: Nuffin. I didn't break anybody's heart or anything.
Me: Oh, well that's good. Did you see your friends there?
Evie: (Silence)
Me: Did you have fun?
Evie: (Silence)
Me: Did you eat cake?
Evie: (Silence)

And so it begins. Now I know what parents feel like when they ask their children what they did in school for seven hours all day and they have absolutely nothing to report. :) This might also be a good time to add that I received my first "whatever" from my three year old this weekend. Three going on thirteen. Sorry, sweetie. Not happening. :)

By the time Eric fixed my car and took his to the shop, it was late. We heated up leftovers and went for a walk, and boy let me tell you, there's nothing like a crisp night breeze and the smell of burning leaves to make you forget all of your troubles. Walking is like therapy in this family. And I'm not joking. We talk it out. Hash it out. Try to make sense of our lives, laugh, and discuss what God might possibly be trying teach us through our circumstances. If we didn't have this time with no distractions to just communicate, I don't think our marriage would be as strong as it is. We needed that walk last night.

Eric leaves for Boston on Tuesday. We're down to one car again...our yard is looking a bit jungle-esque once more...and I'm going to be spending my wedding anniversary alone this week. And you know what I say? I say, Praise the Lord! Because I'm still breathing. We have a friend right now, someone very dear to our family, who is going through much much more than we are. Our bad circumstances pale in comparison to the difficulties his family is facing. There is no sense in feeling sorry for ourselves when there are worse problems to be had.

So I am beyond thankful for the health of my family. I'm thankful for so many friends and all of their children who have recently celebrated birthdays of their own. Life is too precious. I want to CELEBRATE...not commiserate. :)

But still. Dude. Murphy. Pack your bags.

I hope all of my friends were able to get out and enjoy a beautiful Fall preview this weekend. We actually wore blue jeans and the girls wore sweaters, and we didn't even break a sweat. Woot! It's coming.... :)


The Independent Spinster said...

Goodness girl!! I would have had the mother of all meltdowns if half that crap would have happened in my house this weekend!! Way to stay strong!

Cassie said...

seriously how awesome of a person are you to think this way and be this way. for real - you rock girl!!

Christine Pettijohn said...

Great post Adrien! Way to think positive.

Adrien said...

Well thank you ladies. :) It can always be worse, right? Haha. God is good to us.

Anonymous said...

We are truly blessed with amazing In-Laws. On the subject of Murphy, I think Denny and I are experiencing that. A month ago our computer died. Our router might be breaking and our only external hard drive that has ALL our pictures just died today. I want this Murphy beast gone.
April R.


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