Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Energy SOS

In love. 

I have never been so tired in all of my life. Three children three and under, while recovering from labor, is serious business. I have no idea how I'm going to function when Eric goes back to work. I wish I were joking, but I'm so not, haha.

When I'm not feeding a baby, I'm changing a baby. When I'm not changing a baby, I'm protecting him from flying objects and wire whisks and poking fingers and anything else my children get a hold of. The girls have been EXTRA mischievous the past few days. Then there's the laundry and toy damage control and feeding two other children and dishes...normal chores made harder by the fact that I'm also "Mommy: milkmaid and master defender of newborn heads." Oh, and I'm averaging about three hours of sleep per night. That kind of makes a difference, too.

I'm not unhappy about any of it (really and truly), but I will admit to being incredibly frustrated that my body can't keep up with my brain. I want to be able to do all of the things I always do, but I can't. About the time I normally sit down to blog each evening, I can't even lift my fingers to type. Reagan has his days and nights mixed up, so sleep is precious and I take it when I can get it.

There is so much to share or to soon be shared...Reagan's birth story and his just before we welcomed our son...tonight is Halloween - which by the way, I totally keep forgetting about. I have no idea when I'll be able to catch up, but hopefully soon. I hope my body heals, my son straightens out, and we're in a new, more manageable routine sooner than later.

Even with our long nights, I will say Reagan is the BEST baby. He is adorable and compliant, and he really does sleep a lot, he's just confused at the moment, haha. Yes, we know how to fix the problem, but it's only been a few days so it's going to take a bit to get there.

What I really long for most of all is the ability to sit down and record every single detail of Reagan that I don't want to forget...his peach fuzz skin and his blonde eyelashes...what a funny little poop factory he is. I don't want my lack of energy to steal my time or my memories away. So if you have any extra oomph to spare today, I'm begging you to bottle it up and send it my way.

I'm really looking forward to tonight's festivities. I can't wait to see everyone's kiddos all dressed up and having fun! I haven't been out of the house since Sunday, so hopefully I'll be able to get out and get a little fresh air. I think it will make a big difference!

I'm wrapping this one up with an apology for sounding like a downer, and by letting you know that things really are great. Exhausting, but great. I love my family so much. It can only look up from here!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Updates From Home!

We're home. :) Home is a lovely place.

It's also a place that can go from perfectly clean to complete disarray in about 2.0 seconds with little ones running around. I'm looking around my living room and thinking, "The first person who asks if we're ready for visitors is going to hear...'No. Never.'" Haha.

I plan to share Reagan's birth story soon, but I'm too wiped to do it today. Several people have commented on how quickly it seems that I pushed during labor to have Reagan. Well...that's because there's a whole missing part of the story that was never documented last Friday. The time between 5:45-5:58pm was quite interesting, to say the least.

My feet are doing crazy things at the moment. My ankles look like softballs and my toes are like sausages. I never swell during pregnancy - something my doctors always comment on. So I'm quite surprised by this new phenomenon taking place after the fact. Dr. Google tells me this is normal, so I'm not freaking out about it yet. :)

The girls are doing great. They were ready to come home and they love their little brother...maybe a little too much. As predicted, Grace is having the hardest transition, but she's doing better than I expected. No one else's routine is disrupted as much as hers - especially at bed time. It's hard to give up the position of "baby" of the family.

Many of you are friends of mine on Facebook, but some of you are not, so I'm sure you've been wondering where the rest of the pictures are. Once again, we've put together a slideshow of our baby's birthday. Many of these pictures are the ones we've shared with friends and family, but we managed to sneak in a few more as well. It makes us Robert girls cry, and it makes Eric snicker at us Robert girls, so there ya go. :) Hope you enjoy it for today and will extend a little grace as we try to get our lives together and help our kids find a new normal around here. If you ask me, it feels like the little guy has been here all along!

I don't think I've mentioned yet how much I love this baby. I mean...I'm floored. Head over heels. I can't stop looking at him. I'm like a stalker...a baby stalker...of my own baby. I'm sure I'll blab all about it another time, but seriously...this SON thing is awesome so far!

Friday, October 26, 2012



Welcome to our family!

Reagan Joseph Robert
Born October 26, 2012, 5:58 p.m.
8 pounds, 3 ounces

5:45pm - Daddy Update

It's go time!  Baby Reagan is ready, but we're holding him back a bit until Adrien's pain medication kicks up a few notches. Please say a prayer for Adrien because she is having more pain than usual at this point.  Next update will be with pictures of the baby!


Eric snuck away, and I'm trying to type one-handed, on my side. Haha. I'm going to be checked again at 5:00. And well...sorry if this is TMI, but it feels like I'm in here wetting the bed. It's amazing how much water was in there. :) Isn't labor glamorous??

I'm missing my baby girls, but if all goes as planned they should be here this evening to meet baby brother. Oh wait...contraction.....

Anyway, the baby warmer is in the room! Heh. Baby warmer. 

Thank you all so much for your encouraging words - they are keeping my spirits up! So glad we're able to share this day with you all. :) Oh wait...contraction....

Hurts so good. :)


3:55pm - Daddy Update

Water is broken and they're wheeling the warmer into the room.  According to the doctor that broke Adrien's water, things should progress pretty quickly.  More to come. :-)

3:35pm - Daddy Update

Adrien never got too uncomfortable, but post-epidural she's flat out happy.  See for yourself:

We're waiting on the nurses to break Adrien's water in a little while.  In the meantime, we're just watching "Friends" and chatting a bit.  Oh, and I'm nerding with out camera since I never get to play with it anymore.  I forgot how cool it is!

This is my corner of the room.  Everything I need for three solid days in the hospital.

All of my playing with camera setting almost got us in trouble.  I was sitting in a chair at the end of Adrien's bed while the nurses were adjusting things.  Our "Welcome Reagan" sign is in the back corner, so I was using it as a target to test our exposure, white balance, and other settings.

After I snapped a few pictures the nurse stops what she's doing and says, "'re not taking pictures of this are you?"

Let's just say it wasn't a family blog-friendly scene.  I mumbled and bumbled then just set the camera down.  She probably still thinks I'm just an overzealous documentarian.

I can't believe how pretty Adrien looks even when she's in labor.  Boy, she was a good catch!

Adrien says she loves to read your comments, so keep them coming!  They're starting to bring equipment into the room, so our next post will probably be once they break her water have the room all set up.  Until then, we'll keep...

2:50pm - Daddy Update

Adrien just got her epidural, so they are going to setup to break her water very soon.  If this goes anything like it did with Gracie, we are probably only 2-3 hours from meeting our little man!

I will probably be taking over blog duties from this point forward, so stay tuned.  If you have any questions, leave a comment or post to my Facebook wall.


Quick update: My nurse is "making a call" and upping my fluids in preparation for my epidural. Woot!

P.S. There is some odd construction going on in the hospital, and it's obnoxious. That is all.



I'm all hooked up and I've been asked the obligatory million questions. I swear, I'm the most boring person on the planet, which is confirmed every single time I have a baby.

Are you allergic to anything? No.
Do you smoke/drink/do drugs? No.
Do you have AIDS? No.
My personal favorite: Have you given money or drugs to anyone to engage in sex with you? Um, No.

See. Boring.

I've just been informed at my first cramp to call for my epidural so they can break my water and get this show on the road. I'm already so far along (4 cm, 70% effaced) that I can get it pretty much any time I please. My nurse is coming back at 2:00 to up my pitocin. I think I'm going to feel a cramp then. Wink, wink. :) Once they break my water it always goes pretty fast for me, so hopefully there will be a little action soon! Now if you'll excuse me...I'm going to eat my weight in ice chips. Peace out.


12:02pm - Daddy Update

We're here! Adrien is getting checked in and hooked up to all the gadgets. Once things settle down a bit we will post some more updates. Stay tuned!


Eeep! Change in plans. We're leaving for the hospital now. :D They asked if we could be in at 11:00, and now we might be late to our own induction, haha. Gotta go!


I just spoke with the hospital and there is lots of baby action going on! Two little ones are being pushed out as I type and one more is in cesarean. So they are going to call US next and let us know when to come in - they couldn't give me a specific time. They are thinking mid-afternoon. Since we'll probably be around for lunch we might see if our families want to get together before we leave. Sure wish there was more exciting news to share! Who knows, Reagan might have an October 27 birthday!

I was able to get some more rest, and now I'm sending Eric out for breakfast. :)



Well, the day is already beginning as unplanned. Haha. I was up, showered, and getting dressed when the hospital called and said that they would have to delay my induction until a bed opened up for us. Seems like it's a hopping place at the St. Luke's maternity ward this morning. :) I have no idea why, but I had a strange feeling this was going to happen. I kept mentioning to Eric for the past week about them calling us when they were ready for us, and he was all like, "No...they've never done it that way before." Now, here we are.

So while we were supposed to be leaving the house at 6:15 am, now we aren't even supposed to call them back to find out what's going on until 8:00am. It's going to be an even longer day than we thought! I'm not entirely upset about it (except that now I'm wide awake at 5:45 and how in the WORLD am I supposed to fall back asleep?) because we'll be able to kiss our baby girls and say goodbye when they're actually awake.

Last night, Evie was saying that she couldn't go to sleep because her eyes were still too "wake up-y." Finally she admitted that she was scared, because she thought that Eric and I were going to be leaving in the middle of the night to go to the hospital and that she and Gracie would be here all alone. Poor thing! We set her straight and she's snoozing away right now. :) I think she'll be happy to see us when she wakes up. So now, here I sit. It's dark. And quiet. And I have nothing to do. I'm praying that maybe  I"ll start to get a little sleepy so I can rest some more before we have to get up and moving again.

Thanks for checking in! We'll keep everyone posted right here today. If you're praying for us, pray that we're not delayed too terribly long. Waiting is the worst! ;)


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Late Show - Take 2

It's officially official. We have a date AND a time set for Reagan's induction. We'll be up bright and early, because we have to be at the hospital at 7:30 am on Friday, and I've been instructed to eat breakfast before we come. So we'll be leaving our house before the sunrise! :)  It finally feels REAL now that we have a time set.

Get ready for a lot of pregnant lady rambling here. It was late, and I had a lot on my mind. And I've decided to use some photos today that look back at our pregnancy experience over these past few months. Okay. Readysetgo!

I've been really enjoying pretending like I've never done this baby thing before by watching videos and reading tips for new moms - what to pack in a hospital bag and stuff like that. It just makes me excited for what is to come. :) I know most of these things already, but it's still fun. And we are going to be trying out one new thing this time wearing. I have several friends who love it, and honestly...I'll be doing it out of pure necessity. There is no way I can chase after two young kids and pack a baby around all day. No way.

I chose to use a Moby Wrap, and it will probably arrive in the mail right around the time Reagan is coming into the world on Friday, haha. Anyway, it will be most convenient for trips out with the family when the girls will be in a stroller, because I really don't want to have to bring two strollers along every time we need to go to the mall or something.

Evelyn says, "When Reagan comes I'm going to walk with you, mom and dad." In other words, she doesn't want to use the stroller any more. The only problem with that is that if Evie isn't in the stroller, Grace won't want to be, either. And Gracie HAS to be in the stroller, or we'll likely come home some day with one less child. :) This is the one curse of having kids so close in age. What one does, the other thinks they can do, too. So I don't know...we'll see how it all works out.

Gear shift.

Do you want to know what fascinates me the most about babies? It's how much their existence in this world changes the moment they are born. I sit and think about how independent they are in the womb, just chilling out, all by themselves. Their feedings are taken care of, they don't need anyone cooing in their face, they float around freely...then they pass through the birth canal and BAM! They can't even hold their own head for support.

Suddenly they depend on other people to feed them, hold them, nurture them, change them. They are the most helpless little creatures on the planet. Even baby animals have to stand up and walk when they're born. But not baby peoples. :) It just fascinates me, it really does.

And did you know that humans have like, the largest babies of all? Proportionately, our babies are bigger than an elephant's babies. I learned that on a trip to the zoo when I was pregnant with Grace. The zookeeper seemed pretty eager to let me in on that little piece of information. I'm going to try my hardest not to think about it when I'm about to have my kid. :)

Two years ago, right about this time, I was up late at night writing the same kinds of random ramblings that I did last night. You can find that post right here. And it makes me giggle. I was just as nutty then as I am now. Maybe even more so! So that's encouraging. I'm moving up (or is it down?) slightly on the nutty scale. 

Eric has a final presentation for his MBA course tonight and then we are FREE!! Ah, it's going to be fabulous. We have a full day planned for tomorrow that the girls know nothing about, and then we get to have a baby and Eric gets twelve days of vacation. Woot! We just have to get through this day. Just one more day.

I have no idea if there will be a blog post here tomorrow, because we'll be on the go. So just in case...I would love to have your thoughts and prayers sent our way on Friday as we prepare to bring our son into the world. There are so many variables and no way to predict how things will go...even with the healthiest and most uneventful of pregnancies. We really just want a happy, healthy, baby boy and an equally healthy mama on the other side.

I hope that you'll share our special day with us. It's going to be a long day on Friday, I'm sure, but I can't wait!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Confession Tuesday

....Because I'm going to be a little busy on Friday. :) That, and I have nothing for you today. For real. I don't think anyone wants to hear about my days of laundry. So...might as well do a little confessing!

This is how a daddy spends the week "waiting" for his baby to be born:

Stressed Out.
He's had a lot on his plate this week. :)

I confess that I've heard and contributed to a lot of conversations about how ridiculously early Christmas is coming this year...and now I just want to go Christmas shopping. Totally backfired.

I confess that I think I'm just going to get Grace a box of Christmas cards for her big gift this year, because those are the one thing she's still carrying around from her birthday. And if it's a card that plays music - woah! Her mind is blown.

I confess that even my maternity clothes are becoming too small. Last night Evelyn keenly observed, "Mom, your stomach is hanging out. You need to put on a longer shirt." Thank you, daughter. Thank you.

I confess that I've cleaned up more poop messes than I care to share about already this week. What is going on here? Poop is not normally an issue in this household.

I confess that I'm ready to VOTE. Let's do this thing, and get it over with. :)

I confess that with everything else going on, I waited way too long to get the girls' Halloween costumes, didn't get anything I originally planned, and I just pray that they get here in time for trick or treating! Halloween 2012: The year that mom dropped the ball.

Gracie the Musketeer!
She loves chocolate cake. :)

I confess that there is a "spot of death" on our front porch. Any pumpkin that is set on it WILL strangely begin to ooze and deflate within days of being placed there. It'll be a miracle if one of our pumpkins makes it to carving time!

I confess that it's really late, and I just watched one of my daughters sneak from her room into mine...she has no clue I'm not in there. This is kind of hilarious.

I confess that some really cute kids from our neighborhood talked us into buying a $15 tub of cookie dough for their school fundraiser. That's a lot of dollars.

I confess that I fell asleep trying to think of confessions last night. Morning all!

I confess that there is one thing I've never done with my girls that I dread every time I think about having a son. Frequent haircuts. Haha. I'm letting daddy take care of that one. I can barely remember to get my own hair cut!

I confess that I have the craziest morning hair ever. I feel sorry for my husband who has to look at a scarecrow woman when he's looking all cute every day. :)

I confess that every time I see this picture of my son:

I see Eric's brother, Denny. I think my kid is going to look like a Robert. We shall soon see!

And that's all I got. This rainy day is making me even more tired that I already am, and I've got lots to do! Thanks for hanging in there with me, everyone. Post due-date is always a loooong time. So jealous of the moms who never have to be here!

Three days! Eeep!

Monday, October 22, 2012

One Last Weekend

Since Friday evening the same thought has been playing in my head over and over. "This is the very last Friday night I will ever have without three children in this world to take care of." And then, "This is my last Saturday EVER without three kids...." And next of course, "This is my last trip to church without three children in tow...." You get the idea.

So happy Monday! This is the very LAST Monday I will ever blog without three kids on the outside. :) Ya'll know how I feel about lasts. Bittersweet, they are.

We had the absolute, slowest, most relaxing weekend ever. Even with Grace's birthday on Friday we decided to just hold off and keep it low-key until we could celebrate properly. Because Eric couldn't take off of work for the day, we didn't want to try to cram an activity into a couple of hours that evening just for the sake of trying to cram something in. So instead, he's going to take a day off early before Reagan arrives, and we'll have one last "family of four" day on Thursday. I'm already looking forward to it!

Anyway, Eric brought home a little birthday-in-a-bag for Grace on Friday night, and I have to say he did a mighty fine job. We had Dora cupcakes, sang happy birthday, and Gracie even got a little gift. Nothing big...just some of her favorite things in the world: a train whistle, a harmonica, and some plastic dinosaurs and zoo animals. :) I WISH I had video taped her taking all of the gifts out of her bag, because her face lit up with pure delight. "Wow!" she said. And "Rawr!!" when she picked up the dinosaurs. Loved it.

Grace gets the biggest kick out of scaring her dad. And her favorite way to do that is by showing him a dinosaur and growling. Eric screams like a girl every time. :) Daddies will do anything for their daughters, right dear?

Saturday was even less eventful. Eric had some work to do for his MBA class, so we stuck around the house for most of the afternoon/evening. The girls' grandparents took them out for some dinner and bonfire fun at a friend's house, where I hear they had a really good time. Gracie came home with marshmallow on her chin, and Evelyn smelled like a roaring campfire. Pretty sure that constitutes a successful fall evening for them!

And we took advantage of a quiet house. It's not often that we're home when the kids are not. We only ventured out to grab some salad and sandwiches at a favorite local restaurant where we had our last mini-date night for a while. What a peaceful evening it was. There aren't going to be many more of those very soon. :)

I wish I could say something more exciting happened on Sunday, but...more of the same! We went to church, had lunch with Eric's parents, snapped a few photos on a gorgeous day, and then once again grandma and grandpa whisked the girls away while Eric went to a meeting. I had several hours at home all alone to rest and clean and do whatever I wanted. I can't even tell you how long it's been since I've had so much time to myself. A big huge "thank you!" goes to my in-laws for a nice break this weekend and loving our kiddos so much. 

There are a few last minute things that need to be done before Friday, but the hardest thing is going to be keeping things clean and organized once they've already been cleaned and organized. I've pretty much decided that until about Wednesday evening, it's an uphill losing battle with two kids running around the house. So I'm letting myself off the hook a little bit and going into "maintaining" mode for a couple of days. :)

It's possible that my son could shock us all and come on his own this week. Ya never know! For now, we're just :

Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday, Gracie!

No confessions today. There are much more important things to discuss. :)

It's due date day! At the time of writing this post, I know no more news about Reagan's arrival than I did 24 hours ago. I'm going to be getting a call from my doctor's office this morning about setting up an induction date. My best guess is next Thursday or Friday...since that's what we told them we prefer, haha. Eric has a final in his MBA course on Wednesday. :)

I am more progressed than I was a week ago, so at least I know all of this crazy pressure is doing something! When I do hear from my doctor today I'll come back and update.

Update: That was fast, haha. Looks like our day will be next Friday, October 26. Just like we thought all along! I'm going to get another call back with a time. Hooray!



Two years ago today we were meeting family members for breakfast and going to the hospital to meet our second born baby girl. It was a fun day. My eyes filled with tears the moment they laid Grace on my chest for the first time, and she's been tugging at my heartstrings ever since!

Gracie is our strong-willed child, and prior to having children, I dreaded having one of that variety. :) But the older she gets, the more I'm "getting" her, and it's not so bad. Just last week in our Sunday School class we were discussing raising strong-willed children, and my beautiful teacher Ellen said something that I've been thinking about all week as we've been approaching Gracie's birthday. She made the wonderful point that while strong-willed children may be difficult to parent, they are usually leaders. They aren't easily swayed by the crowd. They do their own thing, set the pace, and get things done. I love that.

In fact, there are a lot of things I love about my baby girl, so I thought, well...why not list them today! To honor her on her birthday, here are just ten of the things I find so endearing about Grace Violet Robert.

*10 Things I Love About Gracie*

Her beautiful baby lips. And yes, they will always be baby lips to me. They are so full and soft and kissable, and I can't get enough of them. Grace falls asleep in my arms nearly every night, and I can't help but smother her in kisses before I put her down. :)

Her love of music. Gracie is a performer...she loves to sing, she loves to clap along, and the girl loves to get down with her bad self. She stands on chairs and tables and belts away tunes at the top of her lungs, even though we can't understand a word she's saying half of the time. And watch out when you give the girl a keyboard - she will put on a twenty minute show that will leave your face stuck in a permanent smile.

Her sideways know, the smirky one when she's checking to see if someone is watching her get into mischief. She doesn't know this, but the sideways glance is nearly a "get out of trouble free" pass, because it makes me giggle uncontrollably.

She is turning into such a mama's girl. I love it. :) There is nothing in the world like seeing light in a child's eyes and knowing that you put it there just by walking through the door. Priceless.

Her fearless spirit. Yes, it gets her into trouble at times, but she is bold and confident - two things I could work on myself.

Grace was alert and curious from the very beginning. :)

I admire that Grace sticks up for herself. She's not a bully, but she won't let other kids bully her, either. There have been many times I've watched her on the playground get knocked around or picked on by bigger kids, and the girl doesn't back down. I secretly smile and think, "You go, Gracie." Small but mighty. :)

I love that Grace always says "hello" to Mickey Mouse in the morning - with gusto. She adores that darn mouse. I adore her.

The girl can EAT. And she's not super picky. (Hallelujah!) While other kids are pushing food around on their plates, Gracie is holding hers up and saying, "Moah - moah." I guess it takes a lot of energy to be a mischief maker. :)

She loves the outdoors and nothing makes her happier than fresh air and a swing set. It's the simple things for her.

She already has a bond with her baby brother unlike anyone else in our family. One of her first distinguishable words was "Reagan." She kisses him, rubs my belly, and sweetly croons his name at every chance she gets. She will run from another room just to pat him and say his name. I hope their special relationship continues when he's on the outside.

I also love her little toes, and her voice, and her excitement for riding in the car, and her love of reading, and, and, and....


Such a big girl now!

We've already celebrated Grace's birthday, but I still want to make this day special somehow. Eric wasn't able to get off of work (since he'll be missing so much soon!) so I'm aiming to try to make Grace happy today and just do activities that I think she'll enjoy. Hopefully tonight we'll be able to go out and celebrate somehow. 

And I hope you all get to enjoy this day, too! Happy October 19th!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I Want to be a Grandma

There are days that I can call out my children's names twenty times, and they completely ignore me as if I don't exist. My great grandma used to call this phenomenon "wooden ears." And my children tend to get wooden ears when they're watching TV, playing with toys, getting into mischief...basically all of the time.

In a way I can't blame them, because I'm pretty sure in their little brains they are well aware of what I'm about to say next. "Evelyn, seriously girlfriend, you have to wear underwear." Or, "Gracie! Stop squeezing your juice box all over the floor!" It's the mom nag, and they know it well.

Yes, when I call out my children's names, I get a blank stare in the opposite direction. But when we're visiting grandma and grandpa and my mom calls their names - oh boy! The kids come running without delay. They can't seem to get into the room fast enough. What gives??

Well, I'll tell you what. Grandma's get the fun jobs. :) When my mom's voice rings out in that familiar tone, my children know that a treat soon awaits them...something yummy to eat, a fun project, or maybe even a little science experiment. It's such a familiar sound to their ears that before Evie even asks, "What are we doing, grandma?" she's already pulling up a stool to the kitchen island in anticipation.

Last night there were several child cattle calls into the kitchen. Once for grapes and another for pineapple - which by the way, I'm pretty sure my children devoured almost an entire pineapple by themselves, no joke. I told Gracie "no more" after five huge peices, but I caught her sneaking more when she thought I wasn't looking. :) But there were a couple of other out-of-the-ordinary activities that grandma had up her sleeve, too.

First up was a classic fall treat: popcorn balls! After helping to mix up the marshmallows over the stove, the kids slathered butter onto their hands like lotion to shape the sticky mounds of popcorn into their familiar ball shape. I think the girls were a little weirded out by the butter lotion, haha. 

They started out great, but soon, all ball shaping activities ceased when they discovered how yummy the sweet popcorn was!

Sometimes grandma's finish the projects by themselves. Haha. But the kids loved them! And now we have a few extras here at home to enjoy later. :)

A little while later, the children were beckoned back again for an experiment: dancing rice and buttons.

Put baking soda in the bottom of a jar of water - colored water if you're awesome - and throw in some rice and/or wooden buttons. Next add some vinegar, and in just a minute you will see a show of "dancing" rice and buttons as bubbles lift them up and down the jar. It's pretty neat!

Obviously I couldn't get a good picture of moving rice, but I tried. My mom found this idea in a book, where it was recommended to use this as interesting centerpieces for the holidays. Hmm...interesting. What I really wish I had a picture of was Evie's face when she decided she wanted to dip her finger in and taste the water. Baha. 

There's never a dull moment at grandma and grandpa's house! Maybe that's why my kids always want to go there. And I'll just add here that our girls are extremely blessed to have two sets of grandparents who are always up for fun. Eric's parents have an entire playroom dedicated to their grandkids, and there is always an abundance of snacks, play dough and good times there, too. :) Oh, to be a grandparent someday. To have children come running at the sound of my voice. Sigh.... Eric and I have some pretty awesome examples to look to!

I can't finish up this post without sharing this picture, because John and Evelyn were so gosh darned proud of it.

They were Power Rangers. In their PJ's. With helmets and light sabers. :) And they were tickled pink when I showed them this picture on my phone. 

Alright you crazy kids, I'm out of here. Our big doctor's appointment is later today, and I hope to have some news to share tomorrow! If I'm not holding a baby in my arms this weekend then I should have a date telling me when that glorious day will be. Oh, and tomorrow also happens to be a very special day for a soon-to-be two year old. It's Grace's real birthday. Without knowing if Eric will be off of work or not, I'm trying to think of some fun things to do for her to celebrate. I'm open to ideas! I just can't imagine treating it as an ordinary day, even if we have already had her party. :)

Okay for real this time. Bye!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Quick Update

Alright, Reagan. You can officially come now.
The single most important item pending your arrival is now complete.

Because you just can't be born without a proper welcome. :)

When I glued the very last piece of paper on that board late last night, I have to admit a part of me was hoping my water would break right then and there and we would just do this thing. 

Got my sign. I'm ready to go. But alas, that did not happen. Here I am. Still full of baby.

Update: This morning I could have SWORN my water broke! I felt a "pop" inside that woke me up from my sleep, and I ran to the bathroom. But nothing. No fluid, no contractions. I am so glad I have an appointment tomorrow so I can figure out exactly what's going on and hopefully get a "for sure" date on when we'll have our baby. The waiting game is the worst!

Eric has his annual work conference this week, but he's been coming home early and taking all of my calls. I feel bad when I have to call him for something, because I know every time his phone rings he's wondering if he's getting "the call." So I try to keep it to an absolute minimum, haha. He's cute. 

At this point in the game, I'm just going to start sounding like a broken record. I'm super tired, so there isn't very much new or exciting happening around here. But I can report one thing. My butt is huge. Eric got a custom tape measure in the mail yesterday for some suits he's going to be ordering, and because we're goofy like that, he decided it would be funny to take my measurements this morning. I now share the same rear-end size as my husband. He thought that was pretty funny. :)

And now I have to go because one of my children is being extremely disobedient this morning, and I just don't have the patience to deal. Oh, Gracie. Her favorite game is to find a bottle of Windex and sit on the kitchen floor and spray, spray, spray...spray, spray, spray...until someone catches her. By which time there is a bright blue river flowing all over the floor. This morning it's Febreeze puddles on the couches, and now there are no places to sit in our living room because my furniture is soaked. And it stinks. Lord, grant me patience to get through this next week!

Since I can't sit down, I guess I should do something useful with myself. Maybe it's a good time to get those hospital bags together. :) How do you pack a bag when you need everything inside of it? 

Ugh...Gracie has a pen. This isn't going to be good. Later taters. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Little Sister Shannon :)

I'm starting to notice a pattern here in these last days of pregnancy. I get a sudden burst of energy and work my tail off for a day, and then the next day...I am completely and utterly useless. So I rest. And then the next day I run around like a mad woman with newfound energy. And then, once again, the next day I can barely move.

Yesterday was one of those barely move kind of days. I needed toothpicks just to keep my eyelids open. BUT... I did manage to get one more thing checked off of my to-do's for the week. My sister and I went out together and took a few senior pictures. :) Whew - am I glad we were able to get it done before little mister comes! It ended up being a really pretty afternoon, though it was late and we were racing the sun for light.

I thought I'd just share a few of my favorites today. You might not know my sister very well...and that would make sense, because she's in high school and well...most of you are not. :) But she's pretty cool. Shannon is 10 years younger than I am, so by the time she was toddling around the house I wasn't home very often. I was off playing with friends and doing my own thing, and then of course I went away to school and then got married and all that jazz. Now that she's a little older it's easier than ever just to hang out. What's ten years between sisters? :)

Before I share these pictures, I just wanted to post a little disclaimer for those that may be new around here that NO, I am not a photographer, nor do I claim to be one. In fact, quite the opposite. I have no idea what I'm doing with my camera. I don't make money off of taking pictures of other people, and I don't plan to start any time soon. I don't even own photoshop or any other editing software. End of disclaimer.

And now, without further ado, Shannon....

We went to three different places yesterday and just goofed around, basically. Haha. Neither my sister nor I had a plan in mind. So we just whipped out the camera and started shooting!

The best thing about taking pictures with your sister, is that you can be yourself and not worry about what the photographer thinks of you. No awkward turtles here. So we captured lots of funny moments, most of which no one else will probably ever see. Luckily for my little sis...I have a blog. :)

You love me, sister. 

Once again pictures on blogger aren't showing up as clearly as they actually are. But that's okay, you can see her face, right? I weeded out about 200 pictures from the ones that we took, and I think I'll share...oh...20 today. Moving on.

All of the next ones are my favorites. :) Just wish they weren't so blurry looking here!

^^ To show you the extent of my photo editing capabilities. Haha.

I took several pictures of Shannon here and didn't realize there was a beer bottle in the shot. Cracks me up!

And oh my, there were lots more. So so many more. But my computer is revolting against me. And I don't even want to tell you what time it is right now. Bed time, that's what time.


It was a good day! I'm going to pay for it today, but it was a good day. :) Now it's back to nesting, and my girls are being too cute at the moment, so I'm signing off. Happy Tuesday!


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