Thursday, October 11, 2012

A little life update...or lack thereof?

Whew, we had a ca-razy night last night, and now I'm about to have a crazy day. But before the craziness ensued we made cookie bars with grandma. :)

"You're the best grandma in the whole world!" I sure hope that warms their grandparent's hearts as much as it does mine when the girls say that. :)

Eric had class last night, so after our doctor's appointment we went to spend the rest of the day with my parents. Only two more classes before Eric has a nice semester long break! It will be so nice to have another free evening during the holiday season. And of course, with Reagan coming soon it couldn't have come at a better time. Just one extra night a week with Eric at home makes a HUGE difference in my week! 

There isn't much to report from the doctor yesterday. I suppose no news is good news? I'm still dilated the same, which I predicted ahead of time. It's Grace's pregnancy all over again! I went from nothing to almost 3 centimeters with her and stayed there until she was induced. Looks like that might be the case again. (And I'm cool with that!) I was asked if we were going to be stripping my membranes (doesn't that even sound gross, haha) and I said, "nope!" 

When we came home from grandma and grandpa's there were several packages waiting for us on the front porch. This isn't an usual scene, since our family tends to do quite a lot of our shopping online. :) But nestled among the boxes was the sweetest little present left by our friend Christine. If you read my blog yesterday, then you might understand why I teared up as I pulled some brand new receiving blankets out of the bag. It definitely made my day - thank you, Christine!

This blog would be a whole lot longer and a whole lot more interesting if I hadn't heard this phrase multiple times in the last 24 hours: "That better not be on your blog!" For real. Am I only the only person who has heard this before? Haha. And since I'm not a meanie, I suppose I will respect their wishes. ;) But just's crazy. Crazy crazy.

We're switching TV services today...hallelujah! But that means someone I don't know is going to come poking around my house, and I need to make sure my underwear isn't chilling out on the floor or something. The last time our previous cable provider dropped by UNANNOUNCED (gah!!) I was terribly embarrassed by the state of our life. You can't do that to a mom of toddlers, you just can't. Sianara, Mediacom. I will not be missing you.

Hope you all have a great day, and boy I hope someone else who blogs has a juicy story to tell to keep you all a little more entertained. I'm going to go pretend like my life is as boring as it sounds now. Over and out.


Heather said...

What are you switching your tv to?

Adrien said...

We're getting DirecTV again. Eric did all the research, so I'm SURE they were able to give us the best deal. :)

Meagan said...

Those cookie bars look amazing!!

And, I'm a little jealous, I miss having directv!!


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