Friday, October 12, 2012

Confession Friday 10-12!

Well, first of's my mom's birthday today!! So woot!! Happy Birthday to mom! I don't think I need to brag on her too much, most people know how awesome she is already. But in case you weren't aware...she's awesome. Seriously the BEST mom and grandma I could ask for. From her I received a love of traditions, the heart of a mama...and my short stature. Haha. 

Mom, if you're reading this (and I know you are) I hope you are having a fantastic day! Hope all those hooligans you live with aren't giving you too hard of a time. ;) And most importantly, I hope that the Lord blesses you with the best year of your life so far! You deserve it. Love you!


I confess that I might have busted out the Christmas music this week while I was organizing some baby stuff. I don't might have happened. What is it about sleigh bells that makes my cleaning mojo flow?

I confess that I had to hold back giggles when the Directv man came up to me after inspecting our previous wire situation yesterday and asked, "Was your Mediacom guy kind of an idiot?" Baha. 

I confess if there's ONE thing I miss about living in the's that you don't have devote an entire day to sitting on your butt waiting for someone to hook up your tv service. Seriously. They actually schedule appointments for exact times in some places, can you believe it? My day from noon until 5:30 was shot yesterday. 

Oh yeah, I also miss living across the street from the mall. Sigh. That was nice. 

And it starts....

The true challenge will be keeping them out while Reagan is IN it. 

I confess that I really need to work on being more assertive. I say something, I get a nod and a smile. Eric says something, stuff gets done. Perhaps I should stop wearing my hair in braided pigtails when I don't feel like fixing it. Probably doesn't help my "you look like a 12 year old" cause. 

I confess that I've been carrying around an "expired" driver's license for a year now. Only, it's not really just appears that way. ;) I qualified for some safe drivers thing a year ago and was able to renew my license online. I did what I was supposed to do, paid my fee, and never received the new sticker to put on my license. Luckily, I was able to track down my bank statement last night proving that I did, indeed, renew my license before it expired. Pray for me friends. I'm not looking forward to this DMV visit. :)

I confess that I saw a picture of myself this week from a time that I thought I had chubby legs. Ha. HAHA. I would kill for those legs right now. 

I confess that I'm a little giddy that this is baby weekend!! Going to pick up the last minute necessities and pack bags. Hopefully I'll finally feel ready to have this kid. :)

I confess that Evelyn just told me I was the "best babysitter in the world." Hmm. Not sure how I should take that one, haha.

I confess that I'm having a lot of contractions this morning and Grace thinks I'm a human jungle gym. If I don't get up and moving I think I might lose it. 

Hope you all have a good weekend!
Off to make a baby shopping list. :)
If you have any "must have" baby products, let me know! It's amazing how much you forget you need for newborns in just a couple of short years. What's your favorite diaper rash cream? And um, what do I need to take care of my poor baby's boyish bits when we come home from the hospital? Haha...this is uncharted territory for me!


Heather said...

Getting a little impatient for this baby to get here!!!

And Happy Birthday to your mom!

Ashley Mitchell said...

A&D ointment....for the baby boy bits ;)

Meagan said...

Definitely get some A&D...multiple tubes of it! ;)

Adrien said...

Well I'm glad I asked, because I've never heard of the stuff! Thanks! :)

sblind2 said...

my sister made me listen to Christmas music in September on our road trip to our cousins!!

Cassie said...

ha my biggest fear with henry was messing up his boy stuff. lol. lots and lots of A&D. if his cerc drys to his diaper and you have to peel it away it will bleed, baby will scream, and it just won't be pretty. keep that thing covered in A&D until it's COMPLETELY healed!!

sblind2 said...

I remember when we took our classes the instructor told us to put ointment (actually I think they told us vaseline) on cotton round or gause and when you think you put enough on ... put a little more and it'll be OK. =)


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