Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Confession Tuesday

....Because I'm going to be a little busy on Friday. :) That, and I have nothing for you today. For real. I don't think anyone wants to hear about my days of laundry. So...might as well do a little confessing!

This is how a daddy spends the week "waiting" for his baby to be born:

Stressed Out.
He's had a lot on his plate this week. :)

I confess that I've heard and contributed to a lot of conversations about how ridiculously early Christmas is coming this year...and now I just want to go Christmas shopping. Totally backfired.

I confess that I think I'm just going to get Grace a box of Christmas cards for her big gift this year, because those are the one thing she's still carrying around from her birthday. And if it's a card that plays music - woah! Her mind is blown.

I confess that even my maternity clothes are becoming too small. Last night Evelyn keenly observed, "Mom, your stomach is hanging out. You need to put on a longer shirt." Thank you, daughter. Thank you.

I confess that I've cleaned up more poop messes than I care to share about already this week. What is going on here? Poop is not normally an issue in this household.

I confess that I'm ready to VOTE. Let's do this thing, and get it over with. :)

I confess that with everything else going on, I waited way too long to get the girls' Halloween costumes, didn't get anything I originally planned, and I just pray that they get here in time for trick or treating! Halloween 2012: The year that mom dropped the ball.

Gracie the Musketeer!
She loves chocolate cake. :)

I confess that there is a "spot of death" on our front porch. Any pumpkin that is set on it WILL strangely begin to ooze and deflate within days of being placed there. It'll be a miracle if one of our pumpkins makes it to carving time!

I confess that it's really late, and I just watched one of my daughters sneak from her room into mine...she has no clue I'm not in there. This is kind of hilarious.

I confess that some really cute kids from our neighborhood talked us into buying a $15 tub of cookie dough for their school fundraiser. That's a lot of dollars.

I confess that I fell asleep trying to think of confessions last night. Morning all!

I confess that there is one thing I've never done with my girls that I dread every time I think about having a son. Frequent haircuts. Haha. I'm letting daddy take care of that one. I can barely remember to get my own hair cut!

I confess that I have the craziest morning hair ever. I feel sorry for my husband who has to look at a scarecrow woman when he's looking all cute every day. :)

I confess that every time I see this picture of my son:

I see Eric's brother, Denny. I think my kid is going to look like a Robert. We shall soon see!

And that's all I got. This rainy day is making me even more tired that I already am, and I've got lots to do! Thanks for hanging in there with me, everyone. Post due-date is always a loooong time. So jealous of the moms who never have to be here!

Three days! Eeep!


Heather said...

Man...every time I see a blog post from you, I'm hoping it's a "We are at the hospital!" post!!!

Cassie said...

hang in there! i think you have every right to drop the ball on a few things. you kinda have a lot going on.

how crazy is that spot on your porch. kinda freakyyyyy....

Meagan said...

Good thing about kids, they have no idea that you have dropped the ball unless you make them aware of it!

We got sucked into buying a tub of cookie dough too, all I have to say is those better be some really good cookies!!

Christine Pettijohn said...

I feel your pain on the poop messes. Isaac was sick for a week and is now teething. Blow out central at my house.

I confess I was so hoping to log in this morning and see the headline "We are at the Hospital"

Adrien said...

Haha, I don't think I will ever get lucky enough to experience the excitement of a surprise labor. Ah, well!

Sarah said...

*My mom told me to pull my shirt down yesterday at Babies R Us...good thing I was wearing maternity pants as well...

*I am skipping Christmas this year...

*Always schedule Reagan's next hair appointment before you leave the last appointment ;)


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