Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Getting Ready for Baby

This has nothing to do with today's post, but it's something I've been thinking a lot about for the last, oh...twenty minutes or so. Jesus tells Christians that we shouldn't resist evil people, and instead we should turn the other cheek. But are we sure which cheek the Lord was talking about here? Is it possible that God was hinting that sometimes...maybe...we're allowed to just tell people to "kiss it?"

No? Probably not? Well, it was worth a try. :) P.S. Never tell Eric Robert to kiss your butt, because he'll just ask you to present it. That's what he always says to me, anyway. Baha.

So yeah, our computer still sucks. Eric ordered a new hard drive, installed it, and it's crap. We have to get another one. So I still have no way to upload pictures quickly or edit them. (I just about chucked our old computer out of the window the other night when I was trying to upload Grace's birthday pictures. Yikes!) I don't have a lot of patience these days when it comes to battling with technology. There are children to raise and all. So I threw in the towel yesterday and worked on baby stuff instead.

Trying to give Reagan a little space of his own....

The challenge: cramming five people into a two bedroom place. Yesterday consisted of a lot of shuffling around, organizing, sanitizing, and dusting. Oh the DUSTING.

Okay, this is gross, but I don't care. Our bedroom gets so dusty all.the.time. No other room in the house has this problem. I understand that a lot of dust is made up of dead skin cells, but at the rate our room gets dustified you'd think Eric and I purposely sat in bed and scraped a layer of skin off every night with a shiv. In no other place is this more evident than on the ceiling fan. Blech. I've dusted that fan many times since we've lived here, but it always ends up looking like no one has ever touched the thing.

ANYWAY, I don't particularly want to bring my child home from the hospital and into a dust bunny breeding ground. So after I took half of the day just trying to start with a clean slate, I broke the rules and heaved and lifted things around to make room for baby. I brought the basinet up from the basement, rearranged side tables, moved the glider from the girls' room to our room - their room seems SO much bigger now... so you can imagine what it did to ours, haha. I took apart and washed baby gear, sanitized the humidifier (our guest bathroom still smells like vinegar), put Reagan's clothes away, and more.

Christine at My Crafting Madness did a wonderful job whipping up a hat for our baby! Highly recommend our friend for all of your cute little beanie needs. :)

The final result - Reagan now officially has a place to sleep and have his little hiney changed and rocked at night. Our bedroom is also a nursery. And that's just the way it has to be, because I am NOT moving any sooner than I have to. I love this place, two bedrooms and all.

But you know, at one point yesterday I looked around and let a little bit of sadness wash over me. It didn't last long, but it happened, and I think it's worth mentioning. This is our third baby. We were supposed to have it all together by now. That was the plan. Instead, in the midst of everything, it felt like I was taking two steps back. Reagan has less room and less to call his own than even his big sisters did. Everything is just so makeshift and not at ALL the way I always envisioned it.

I admit to feeling a little sad when I noticed the stains on the bassinet from previous siblings peeking over the edge with grubby little hands. The receiving blankets are wash worn. Nothing is new anymore. And for some odd reason, I felt sorry for my baby boy. As if he's getting something less than his sisters did. Then a boulder came crashing through the ceiling and knocked me right upside the head.

Reagan is not getting the shaft. And he's not getting less than anyone else. He's getting an established, loving, welcoming family. In fact, he might just be the luckiest of the three. He'll lay his head in the same bassinet that his sisters did before him, but this time, there will be a mommy scooping a baby out of that tiny bed who might know a little bit more than she did the first time around. Perhaps it won't take her quite as long to soothe her crying baby and to figure out what is wrong. And he'll rest on the lap of a daddy who has been here before - more sure and confident...and quicker at diaper changes. :)

Will Reagan care about riding in a used car seat or being wrapped in worn blankets? No. Only parents are shallow enough to care about things like that. :) Reagan will most surely care about the feeling of warmth and safety that comes from the people who love him...and there are lots of people who already do. Yep. He's a lucky kid, alright. I don't mind saying that one bit.

Our closet situation....
Everything is crammed, we don't have a real dresser, and some stuff is just thrown in baskets. But at least our kid has clothes to wear!

Not every child gets their own room with freshly painted walls and the latest and greatest of everything. But not every child gets a stable life to come home to, either. Our baby is being born in the United States of America, to two parents, with clothes to wear, a safe place to sleep, and hope of a bright future. That automatically puts him ahead of most of the world. Sometimes it's just about perspective. And we are blessed.

There's still quite a bit to do before Reagan gets here, but I'm happy to have the bare minimum taken care of. I probably won't accomplish anything big today house wise, because I have to leave at 1:00 for a doctor's appointment and won't be home until dinner time. Gotta see what's happened in a week! At our last appointment our nurse practitioner mentioned that my doctor might offer to strip my membranes today to get things moving along. I have just one thing to say about that: NUH UH. Ain't happening. :)

I hope you have a fantastic day wherever you are! I know many of you are going through a lot of junk right now, and it's easy to let that junk shackle you and weigh you down. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it all fly away. I can't do that, but I can pray for you. And I promise to first ask forgiveness about the butt kissing comments. Sorry, Lord. You have a sense of humor, right?

But for real. Part of being a friend is sharing each other's burdens, so please don't hesitate to let me know how I can lift you up today. Happy Wednesday, friends!


Ashley N. said...

Don't sell yourself short, momma....Reagan is so lucky to have parents like you two! I'm still banking that he comes on the 26th....and like you said, we are supposed to lift each other up. So, let me know if you need anything!

Christine Pettijohn said...

Thanks for the shout out Adrien!! Made me smile.

Way to put a good spin on things. You are right Reagan will have two parents who will love him more then the world. Trust me that in itself is the world to child and it sucks when you do not have it. From what I see you and Eric are wonderful parents and your kids will grow up to be wonderful people.

Heather said...

I think that baby will be just fine in worn stuff. New is cold and unfamiliar. Old is homey and warm.

Cassie said...

how awesome of a mommy and person are you girl!!
i love this post. in fact, i cried. it's SO true. TOO many people get caught up in the new new new, it's not about that at all. i love your outlook!!

you just being you and being positive helps in more ways than you could ever know. i honestly read your posts and think, you know what, she's right. i love that. keep it up!!

good luck at the doctor!!

Anonymous said...

Adrien the owl hat is adorable. Love it. I will have to agree our Lord has to have humor. I love your realness. Reagan is one blessed baby boy already to be in a loving home in America. So excited for him coming and seeing all the pictures. Prayers are with you and Eric. April R.


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