Monday, October 8, 2012

Grace's Pumpkin Patch Birthday

When I last left you on Friday, I felt like death. And after I published my regular Confession Friday it only got worse. My head ached, I couldn't breath, my throat was raw, my entire body was mom had to bring lunch to the girls and me. As the day progressed, I just got more and more sore and more and more discouraged. I know that when I'm pregnant it takes me forever to shake whatever illness befalls me - even minor colds. It's not uncommon for allergy issues to affect me for weeks at a time.

So I started praying like a crazy person. Not even for myself, but for all of the other people depending on me right now. My baby first and foremost...please, God, let me be well when I have to deliver this baby. I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to be there for Grace and her birthday party that I started sketching a diagram for Eric to set up everything without me. I really wanted to be there for my daughter. For my sister and her senior pictures, for my family and all that I need to get done every day to keep us from drowning in laundry and dirty dishes. Just knowing how much I needed to get done before Reagan arrives...I begged, God please please spare me from this. I went to bed on Friday night super sick and super sore.

And I woke up on Saturday feeling SO.MUCH.BETTER. Holy cow. Even if I had no faith at all, I would have called it a miracle. A stuffy nose was the only souvenir left from the day of agony I had before. Usually day two is the worst day of all for me, but nope. I was praising God and so relieved that he answered my desperate prayers. I cannot even begin to explain how thankful I was to know that I was on the mend! So instead of sitting on the sidelines this weekend, I was able to put together the very last details of an almost-two-year-old's birthday and actually enjoy myself in the process. :) Thank ya, Jesus!

And now, on with the party....

There are many reasons why I have always sworn off doing outdoor parties. I hate being at the mercy of the weather. I hate not knowing exactly how the venue will be arranged. I hate being pressed for time to set up. (Lots of hate going on, haha.) But this time around, I knew I had to do it. There was no way on earth I would be able to get my house ready, throw a party, and then have the energy to clean it up again to make room for baby. I just don't have it in me at the moment. And I knew this would be the case months ago when I first brought up the idea of having Grace's birthday party at the pumpkin patch. 

Fast-forward to yesterday. We were totally at the mercy of the (freakishly) cold and windy weather. The venue was not prepared for us, making us very pressed for time to set up. There were no nearby outlets readily available. Basically, whatever could go wrong did go wrong. I didn't take half of the stuff out of boxes that I brought, because it would have either a) been blown away b) needed to be plugged in or c) simply wasn't worth it given our limited time. 

But you know what? I didn't really care in the end. I really, truly didn't. We did what we could, and I didn't stress about it. So while I normally take a bazillion pictures of all of the details, today you'll have to just look around the people to see most of it, haha. I tried to get a few shots of some of the party elements, but the wind was blowing everything everywhere and at the end of the day, this party was just about letting the kids have FUN and run around. Who cares if my glittery pumpkins never saw a table setting or if we didn't have the hot beverage station set up as I planned? Not me. I don't think anyone really missed any of it. :) 

Haha, that was the best shot of the Happy Birthday banner that I was going to get!

The girls had fallen asleep on our ride to Eckert's Farm, so Eric sat with them in the car while my family scurried with me to set up as much as we could as fast as we could. The guests began arriving just as we were finishing up, and as soon as Grace arrived on the scene her eyes lit up and she said, "Wow!" <-- And that's all that mattered to me all day. Gracie certainly didn't miss any hot beverage stations. ;)

Greeting guests and having fun!

Because it was so windy and chilly at our birthday spot, I knew we should get the usual party festivities out of the way first so that the kids could spend the rest of the afternoon playing. We wasted no time in singing happy birthday and opening presents.

Gracie really, really enjoyed cupcakes and juice. As evidenced by the massive amounts of frosting which ended up all over her clothes. :)

One of Grace's favorite gifts of a birthday card. For real. The kid loves cards! 

(As usual, I have over 600 pictures from this day, so I'll throw these and a few more up on Facebook later for anyone who is interested.) 

Soon after this we handed out tickets to the kiddos and let them loose to have some fun on the farm!

Pony rides were a big hit!

As were the goats. Who doesn't love a goat?

Rides, rides, and more rides!

FINALLY, it was time for everyone to meet back together for the main event - pumpkin picking! The whole theme of the party. :) The nice thing about having a reservation is that we had our own private wagon to ride out to the fields in. So those party goers who were brave enough or able to go loaded up in a wagon and went in search of their perfect gourd. 

We turned the girls loose in the fields and let them pick whichever pumpkins they wanted for themselves. 

Out of the hundreds of big, orange, gorgeous fall pumpkins, guess which one Evie picked? A tiny green one. Haha. She is my little mother hen, and she loves things that are different, because they are special. We tried to show her other options just in case, even bigger green ones...but she wouldn't be swayed. 

Here she is handing off her treasured pumpkin to her cousin Austin. :)

Grace of course, picked the biggest pumpkin we would allow for carrying purposes, haha. And just like big sister, once she knew the one she wanted, she knew the one she wanted.

It turned out to be a pretty swell day, I'd say. I am so happy that we were able to wrap up an annual family tradition and Grace's birthday all in one. And it really was special getting to share it with more family members. I would have never predicted at this time last year that we'd be expecting another baby right now. But that's life, and just gotta roll with it.

Grace won't "officially" be two for eleven more days. But that's alright. I wasn't waiting any closer to my due date to pull off a birthday party! Will brother and sister share a birthday in the future, as predicted? Guess we'll have to wait to find out! In the meantime, I'm going to keep loving on my three year old and almost two-year old baby girls. 

Love this baby to bits!

Thank you for checking in and sharing this day with us!


Heather said...

Awwww....look at you go super mom!!! I know it's not her birthday yet, but Happy Birthday Gracie!! And glad you are feeling better!

sblind2 said...

LOVE this idea!! I had no idea you could have a birthday party at Eckarts! The party looked great!!

Ashley N. said...

Aww! That looks awesome! Good job, busy momma! Looks like everyone had a great time!

Anonymous said...

We're still playing catch up on "getting everything done" and the baby was born in early September (induced early though)! I'm so amazed at your stamina!! Looks like a great party!

Adrien said...

Thanks, everyone! We made some great memories, so I would say it was a success. :)

Sarah said...

I don't know why I'm crying but....I am. What a perfect party for a 2 year old :)

I started planning Luke's party because we are in the same boat you are with Liam's arrival except he should be roughly 2 weeks by then. I think (we) try so hard to make everything perfect, and organized, and easy on everyone else when really....maybe we should just soak in everything and just 'be' :)

stephanie mathenia said...

I especially love seeing 4 of my favorite people as doting grandparents!

Adrien said...

Baha, Sarah. Don't feel bad - I cried writing it. I think it comes with the territory. :)

Stephanie - our kids are SUPER blessed!

Anonymous said...

You did a wonderful job on the birthday party Adrien! The pictures turned out great. Natural lighting is awesome. Those girls are super blessed to have you as their mom. April R


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