Thursday, October 18, 2012

I Want to be a Grandma

There are days that I can call out my children's names twenty times, and they completely ignore me as if I don't exist. My great grandma used to call this phenomenon "wooden ears." And my children tend to get wooden ears when they're watching TV, playing with toys, getting into mischief...basically all of the time.

In a way I can't blame them, because I'm pretty sure in their little brains they are well aware of what I'm about to say next. "Evelyn, seriously girlfriend, you have to wear underwear." Or, "Gracie! Stop squeezing your juice box all over the floor!" It's the mom nag, and they know it well.

Yes, when I call out my children's names, I get a blank stare in the opposite direction. But when we're visiting grandma and grandpa and my mom calls their names - oh boy! The kids come running without delay. They can't seem to get into the room fast enough. What gives??

Well, I'll tell you what. Grandma's get the fun jobs. :) When my mom's voice rings out in that familiar tone, my children know that a treat soon awaits them...something yummy to eat, a fun project, or maybe even a little science experiment. It's such a familiar sound to their ears that before Evie even asks, "What are we doing, grandma?" she's already pulling up a stool to the kitchen island in anticipation.

Last night there were several child cattle calls into the kitchen. Once for grapes and another for pineapple - which by the way, I'm pretty sure my children devoured almost an entire pineapple by themselves, no joke. I told Gracie "no more" after five huge peices, but I caught her sneaking more when she thought I wasn't looking. :) But there were a couple of other out-of-the-ordinary activities that grandma had up her sleeve, too.

First up was a classic fall treat: popcorn balls! After helping to mix up the marshmallows over the stove, the kids slathered butter onto their hands like lotion to shape the sticky mounds of popcorn into their familiar ball shape. I think the girls were a little weirded out by the butter lotion, haha. 

They started out great, but soon, all ball shaping activities ceased when they discovered how yummy the sweet popcorn was!

Sometimes grandma's finish the projects by themselves. Haha. But the kids loved them! And now we have a few extras here at home to enjoy later. :)

A little while later, the children were beckoned back again for an experiment: dancing rice and buttons.

Put baking soda in the bottom of a jar of water - colored water if you're awesome - and throw in some rice and/or wooden buttons. Next add some vinegar, and in just a minute you will see a show of "dancing" rice and buttons as bubbles lift them up and down the jar. It's pretty neat!

Obviously I couldn't get a good picture of moving rice, but I tried. My mom found this idea in a book, where it was recommended to use this as interesting centerpieces for the holidays. Hmm...interesting. What I really wish I had a picture of was Evie's face when she decided she wanted to dip her finger in and taste the water. Baha. 

There's never a dull moment at grandma and grandpa's house! Maybe that's why my kids always want to go there. And I'll just add here that our girls are extremely blessed to have two sets of grandparents who are always up for fun. Eric's parents have an entire playroom dedicated to their grandkids, and there is always an abundance of snacks, play dough and good times there, too. :) Oh, to be a grandparent someday. To have children come running at the sound of my voice. Sigh.... Eric and I have some pretty awesome examples to look to!

I can't finish up this post without sharing this picture, because John and Evelyn were so gosh darned proud of it.

They were Power Rangers. In their PJ's. With helmets and light sabers. :) And they were tickled pink when I showed them this picture on my phone. 

Alright you crazy kids, I'm out of here. Our big doctor's appointment is later today, and I hope to have some news to share tomorrow! If I'm not holding a baby in my arms this weekend then I should have a date telling me when that glorious day will be. Oh, and tomorrow also happens to be a very special day for a soon-to-be two year old. It's Grace's real birthday. Without knowing if Eric will be off of work or not, I'm trying to think of some fun things to do for her to celebrate. I'm open to ideas! I just can't imagine treating it as an ordinary day, even if we have already had her party. :)

Okay for real this time. Bye!


Ashley N. said...

GAH! I love the footie pajamas on all three of them! Good luck at the doctor's today....come back with a date! I will have to think about ideas for a two-year-olds's been awhile since my brothers have been that age!

Heather said...

Awwww...grandmas are the best!! Can't wait to hear how your appointment goes! Fingers crossed we get to see Reagan soon!!


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