Monday, October 22, 2012

One Last Weekend

Since Friday evening the same thought has been playing in my head over and over. "This is the very last Friday night I will ever have without three children in this world to take care of." And then, "This is my last Saturday EVER without three kids...." And next of course, "This is my last trip to church without three children in tow...." You get the idea.

So happy Monday! This is the very LAST Monday I will ever blog without three kids on the outside. :) Ya'll know how I feel about lasts. Bittersweet, they are.

We had the absolute, slowest, most relaxing weekend ever. Even with Grace's birthday on Friday we decided to just hold off and keep it low-key until we could celebrate properly. Because Eric couldn't take off of work for the day, we didn't want to try to cram an activity into a couple of hours that evening just for the sake of trying to cram something in. So instead, he's going to take a day off early before Reagan arrives, and we'll have one last "family of four" day on Thursday. I'm already looking forward to it!

Anyway, Eric brought home a little birthday-in-a-bag for Grace on Friday night, and I have to say he did a mighty fine job. We had Dora cupcakes, sang happy birthday, and Gracie even got a little gift. Nothing big...just some of her favorite things in the world: a train whistle, a harmonica, and some plastic dinosaurs and zoo animals. :) I WISH I had video taped her taking all of the gifts out of her bag, because her face lit up with pure delight. "Wow!" she said. And "Rawr!!" when she picked up the dinosaurs. Loved it.

Grace gets the biggest kick out of scaring her dad. And her favorite way to do that is by showing him a dinosaur and growling. Eric screams like a girl every time. :) Daddies will do anything for their daughters, right dear?

Saturday was even less eventful. Eric had some work to do for his MBA class, so we stuck around the house for most of the afternoon/evening. The girls' grandparents took them out for some dinner and bonfire fun at a friend's house, where I hear they had a really good time. Gracie came home with marshmallow on her chin, and Evelyn smelled like a roaring campfire. Pretty sure that constitutes a successful fall evening for them!

And we took advantage of a quiet house. It's not often that we're home when the kids are not. We only ventured out to grab some salad and sandwiches at a favorite local restaurant where we had our last mini-date night for a while. What a peaceful evening it was. There aren't going to be many more of those very soon. :)

I wish I could say something more exciting happened on Sunday, but...more of the same! We went to church, had lunch with Eric's parents, snapped a few photos on a gorgeous day, and then once again grandma and grandpa whisked the girls away while Eric went to a meeting. I had several hours at home all alone to rest and clean and do whatever I wanted. I can't even tell you how long it's been since I've had so much time to myself. A big huge "thank you!" goes to my in-laws for a nice break this weekend and loving our kiddos so much. 

There are a few last minute things that need to be done before Friday, but the hardest thing is going to be keeping things clean and organized once they've already been cleaned and organized. I've pretty much decided that until about Wednesday evening, it's an uphill losing battle with two kids running around the house. So I'm letting myself off the hook a little bit and going into "maintaining" mode for a couple of days. :)

It's possible that my son could shock us all and come on his own this week. Ya never know! For now, we're just :


Heather said...

OMG...Those pictures are just too cute!! Getting closer....!!!

Sarah said...

This made my heart smile :)

Cassie said...

awwww this is too cute. those pictures, i awww-ed and lol-ed.

yay for awesome relaxing weekends!!

Anonymous said...

Love the sign and details in the post. Thanks Adrien. We are waiting and excited to hear the news of Reagan coming from China. WIth lots of love, April R.

You and your family are in our prayers for a blissful transitions with this next chapter in your lives.


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