Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Quick Update

Alright, Reagan. You can officially come now.
The single most important item pending your arrival is now complete.

Because you just can't be born without a proper welcome. :)

When I glued the very last piece of paper on that board late last night, I have to admit a part of me was hoping my water would break right then and there and we would just do this thing. 

Got my sign. I'm ready to go. But alas, that did not happen. Here I am. Still full of baby.

Update: This morning I could have SWORN my water broke! I felt a "pop" inside that woke me up from my sleep, and I ran to the bathroom. But nothing. No fluid, no contractions. I am so glad I have an appointment tomorrow so I can figure out exactly what's going on and hopefully get a "for sure" date on when we'll have our baby. The waiting game is the worst!

Eric has his annual work conference this week, but he's been coming home early and taking all of my calls. I feel bad when I have to call him for something, because I know every time his phone rings he's wondering if he's getting "the call." So I try to keep it to an absolute minimum, haha. He's cute. 

At this point in the game, I'm just going to start sounding like a broken record. I'm super tired, so there isn't very much new or exciting happening around here. But I can report one thing. My butt is huge. Eric got a custom tape measure in the mail yesterday for some suits he's going to be ordering, and because we're goofy like that, he decided it would be funny to take my measurements this morning. I now share the same rear-end size as my husband. He thought that was pretty funny. :)

And now I have to go because one of my children is being extremely disobedient this morning, and I just don't have the patience to deal. Oh, Gracie. Her favorite game is to find a bottle of Windex and sit on the kitchen floor and spray, spray, spray...spray, spray, spray...until someone catches her. By which time there is a bright blue river flowing all over the floor. This morning it's Febreeze puddles on the couches, and now there are no places to sit in our living room because my furniture is soaked. And it stinks. Lord, grant me patience to get through this next week!

Since I can't sit down, I guess I should do something useful with myself. Maybe it's a good time to get those hospital bags together. :) How do you pack a bag when you need everything inside of it? 

Ugh...Gracie has a pen. This isn't going to be good. Later taters. 


sblind2 said...

I read the paragraph about Gracie spraying everything and just "sighed" for you ... hang in there girl!!

Good Luck tomorrow! Maybe they will just keep you! =)

Heather said...

Girl you make me tired! Just a few more days!

Adrien said...

Sarah, there is a part of me that hopes they do just that. I think I might have my bags in the car...just in case. :)

Ashley N. said...

NO! We have to wait until next week for Reagan to come so we can make your toes pretty with the nail shields!!

Sarah said...

L&L did the same thing with the Febreeze yesterday..Logan is going to smell like fresh rain for a week, smh.

I cannot believe you don't have your bag packed already!! Both my past labors were early & not planned. I have mine & Liam's bags by the door haha!

Hoping for good news from the dr today :)


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