Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sharing Plans

So yeah, remember when I said this?

"I don't think Eric needs to be anywhere tonight. Hey dude, don't call me and tell me you have a dinner or something you forgot about, k? Cause if you do, um...your wife thinks she's in labor and you can't make it. "

Got a text message from Eric at about 1:00pm yesterday. "Just read your blog, lol. Guess what?"

Yep. He totally ditched me. He DID have a dinner that little stink bomb. Not to be deterred, I totally went digging through the drawers for some spare cash. Found $60 in an old "car maintenance" envelope - whoop! And the girls and I went to McDonalds. I've decided that if Eric isn't home, I'm not cooking. Gotta catch a break somehow! :)

I'm still not able to take and upload new photos, so I thought I would share some plans and link up to a few old posts for anyone who might be new around these parts.

A blast from the past...waiting for Gracie to arrive!

First of all, Reagan could come any day, any time. I don't think he will. But he could. And when and if that happens Eric and I are going to try our best to keep things as documented as possible to share with friends and family and for our own memories. Kind of like we did last time with Gracie. Of course, if I randomly go into labor in the middle of the night no one is going to be checking here for updates! But if I end up having a scheduled induction once again, it's going to work pretty much the same as last time. We'll keep everyone updated throughout the day and share pictures as we go.

If you missed our birth experience with Gracie two years ago, you can catch up right here to see how we kept everyone updated throughout the day.

I've also shared both of our children's birth stories in the past. You can read Evelyn's here and Gracie's here.

Yesterday the girls and I were vegging on the couch and flipping through old pictures here on the blog together. Evelyn especially loves seeing herself and her sister when they were babies. :) When we got to Grace's birth story I asked Evie if she wanted to watch the slideshow of all of the pictures, and she of course said yes. She has seen it a few times, and I always forget that somewhere right in the middle, Evie bursts into tears every time. Like, out of nowhere, full on sobbing tears. I don't know if it's the pictures or the music or a combination of both, but something moves her deep inside when she watches that video and it's as if her little heart just doesn't know what to do with all of that emotion.

It's seriously cute. I always make sure to ask her why she's crying and to ask if she's sad. To which she squeaks out a little, "no." And then I ask her if she loves her sister very much, and she always nods her head with a quivering lip. She is an emotional little thing, just like her mama. :) Anyway, I've never seen her react that way to anything else, but that video gets her every time. I'll try to remember that for future reference so I don't torture the poor child, haha.

The night we started inducing Evie. face gets super chubby every time! Haha.

I cannot WAIT for Evie and Grace to meet their brother for the first time. And hopefully we'll get to share our experience with you, too. So just know if you ever get on Facebook or something late at night and see that we're on our way to the hospital, more than likely there will be updates here. This is a much easier place to keep everything all together and even share pictures and video. Then it becomes a nice little digital scrapbook of memories for us later. :)

So that's it! I'm really bummed about my picture situation still. I've been putting off a project for the past couple of days knowing that I wouldn't be able to upload pictures of it. I hope you'll still keep checking in with us this week even though life is hard to share at the moment!

Please keep our family in your thoughts and prayers as we begin to prepare for our newest arrival. Got a doctor's appointment tomorrow (I'll be 38 weeks!), and we'll know then if I've made any progress. Have a blessed day!


Cassie said...

prayers for you guys!!

sometimes mcdonalds just happens. lol. whoops!

sblind2 said...

awe - I love looking back at old pictures .... Saturday afternoon after I was down from my Birthday Party Planning high and Brody was still napping I asked Matt if he wanted to watch Brody's 1st year video ... he said yes, but only once (he knows me all too well). It was SO much fun to watch, then on Sunday while Matt was getting the balloons and ice ... Brody and I watched a bit - I bawled like a baby ... I think it was a different feel watching him so tiny then looking over at him so big! =(


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