Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Late Show - Take 2

It's officially official. We have a date AND a time set for Reagan's induction. We'll be up bright and early, because we have to be at the hospital at 7:30 am on Friday, and I've been instructed to eat breakfast before we come. So we'll be leaving our house before the sunrise! :)  It finally feels REAL now that we have a time set.

Get ready for a lot of pregnant lady rambling here. It was late, and I had a lot on my mind. And I've decided to use some photos today that look back at our pregnancy experience over these past few months. Okay. Readysetgo!

I've been really enjoying pretending like I've never done this baby thing before by watching videos and reading tips for new moms - what to pack in a hospital bag and stuff like that. It just makes me excited for what is to come. :) I know most of these things already, but it's still fun. And we are going to be trying out one new thing this time wearing. I have several friends who love it, and honestly...I'll be doing it out of pure necessity. There is no way I can chase after two young kids and pack a baby around all day. No way.

I chose to use a Moby Wrap, and it will probably arrive in the mail right around the time Reagan is coming into the world on Friday, haha. Anyway, it will be most convenient for trips out with the family when the girls will be in a stroller, because I really don't want to have to bring two strollers along every time we need to go to the mall or something.

Evelyn says, "When Reagan comes I'm going to walk with you, mom and dad." In other words, she doesn't want to use the stroller any more. The only problem with that is that if Evie isn't in the stroller, Grace won't want to be, either. And Gracie HAS to be in the stroller, or we'll likely come home some day with one less child. :) This is the one curse of having kids so close in age. What one does, the other thinks they can do, too. So I don't know...we'll see how it all works out.

Gear shift.

Do you want to know what fascinates me the most about babies? It's how much their existence in this world changes the moment they are born. I sit and think about how independent they are in the womb, just chilling out, all by themselves. Their feedings are taken care of, they don't need anyone cooing in their face, they float around freely...then they pass through the birth canal and BAM! They can't even hold their own head for support.

Suddenly they depend on other people to feed them, hold them, nurture them, change them. They are the most helpless little creatures on the planet. Even baby animals have to stand up and walk when they're born. But not baby peoples. :) It just fascinates me, it really does.

And did you know that humans have like, the largest babies of all? Proportionately, our babies are bigger than an elephant's babies. I learned that on a trip to the zoo when I was pregnant with Grace. The zookeeper seemed pretty eager to let me in on that little piece of information. I'm going to try my hardest not to think about it when I'm about to have my kid. :)

Two years ago, right about this time, I was up late at night writing the same kinds of random ramblings that I did last night. You can find that post right here. And it makes me giggle. I was just as nutty then as I am now. Maybe even more so! So that's encouraging. I'm moving up (or is it down?) slightly on the nutty scale. 

Eric has a final presentation for his MBA course tonight and then we are FREE!! Ah, it's going to be fabulous. We have a full day planned for tomorrow that the girls know nothing about, and then we get to have a baby and Eric gets twelve days of vacation. Woot! We just have to get through this day. Just one more day.

I have no idea if there will be a blog post here tomorrow, because we'll be on the go. So just in case...I would love to have your thoughts and prayers sent our way on Friday as we prepare to bring our son into the world. There are so many variables and no way to predict how things will go...even with the healthiest and most uneventful of pregnancies. We really just want a happy, healthy, baby boy and an equally healthy mama on the other side.

I hope that you'll share our special day with us. It's going to be a long day on Friday, I'm sure, but I can't wait!


Heather said...

Oh Goodness...this is so exciting!!!! I will absolutely be thinking about you Friday and sending good baby vibes your way! Good luck if we don't hear from you before then, and give that baby TONS of kisses from the Blogger world when he gets here!

Sarah said...

I have been thinking about you a lot lately, and today, tomorrow, and Friday I will be stalking you haha. Wishing you nothing but the best! Loved sharing this journey with you :)

Enjoy your family day tomorrow! Can't wait to meet you Reagan :):):)

Meagan said...

Ahhh! LOVE this!! I seriously can't believe it is time for Reagan to make his appearance! I am going to be glued to my computer Friday waiting to hear the good news! Good luck with a fast & easy delivery!!

Enjoy your last family day as a family of 4 tomorrow!!

Christine Pettijohn said...

Yay cannot wait until Friday!!! Good luck and I will be around my computer for the updates. Praying that everything goes smoothly.

Cassie said...

yay it's really happening!! fingers crossed it ALL goes as planned. YAY YAY YAY!!

sblind2 said...

The end to your fabulous journey is finally here!! Good Luck! Can't wait to read all about it .... every step of the way (blc your a good blogger like that).

Anonymous said...

I think you'll like the moby wrap! I used mine quite a bit this last year but as Annie's grown it's not quite as comfortable as it used to be and she wanted to squirm more than the moby allowed. For infant stage it's amazing!

Now I've been using the Boba carrier. The most comfortable carrier I've found yet for Annie since she's been about 10 months old. And she loves it too- puts her to sleep every time!

Great thing about the boba is bigger kids for in it. Just to test it out I tried Adeline (34 lbs) and 3.5 yrs old. Yep she fit lol but don't think I'll be doing that ever again ;). It made for some good entertainment on a boring afternoon!

Good luck with everything!

Litney said...

good luck! can't wait to see pics!

Anonymous said...

You all are in our prayers! We are so excited to see Reagan!
April R.

Lara said...

Your last day pregnant. Tomorrow night you will be able to roll over and sleep on your stomach! That always made me happy:) best of luck to you all and enjoy these last few steps on this journey!

Adrien said...

Thanks everyone!!! Our internet went out this morning and I haven't been able to reply to anyone. We had a great family day today, and we're excited for tomorrow!!!


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