Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Totally Random Tuesday

I did it again. I went and ran our computer plum out of storage space. I guess uploading 2500 huge picture files in a week and a half will do that. Whoopsy daisy! So Eric has ordered more storage for us. We will soon have DOUBLE the space we had before. Until then, I don't know how visually stimulating this blog will be for the rest of the week, haha. My computer is sending me threatening messages to "delete delete delete!" But how do you delete pictures of your children? You don't. You just don't.

I have Grace's 2nd birthday party, fall family photos, and my sister's senior pictures to get done all in the next week or two. Not to mention a new baby and Halloween festivities by the end of the month. That extra space can't get here soon enough!

In other news, my daughter has discovered a new form of entertainment:

Stacking herself up in as many tutus and pettiskirts as humanly possibly.
Only problem is, she can get the things on, but she can't get them off again. Haha. It's pretty hilarious watching her try. :) You can't see them all in the picture, but I pulled off seven skirts at once after this. 

Do you remember those dolls that could transform from a cupcake into a person with a ruffly dress? That's exactly what Evelyn looks like when she's toddling around the house in this get up. Let me see if I can track down a picture. Ah, yes. 

Quite the resemblance, no? :D 

In other, other news...did you SEE that RAINBOW yesterday evening? Well, if you're not from around here you probably didn't...but holy mackerel! It was a legit rainbow. Not a little streak of color in the sky. But a full-fledged legitimate arc that was so huge I couldn't get the whole thing in one picture. 

The girls were mesmerized. It's not every day that you get to see something that awesome. Praise God for kept promises is all I have to say about THAT.

I have one more very cute thing to show you, but it's dark. I can't take a picture. And even if I could, I don't think I could upload it without pressing "delete, delete, delete!" So we'll see what I'm able to do tomorrow. It's now 11:30pm my time, and I'm just now getting to a few projects for Grace's birthday party. Sleep. Who needs it?

(Me! I do! Fat chance of getting it any time soon!)

I don't think Eric needs to be anywhere tonight. Hey dude, don't call me and tell me you have a dinner or something you forgot about, k? Cause if you do, um...your wife thinks she's in labor and you can't make it. 

Well, I pretty much do feel like I'm in constant labor, so it's not a fib! :)


Heather said...

Bahaha!!! That picture is awesome! I'll bet she starts a new fashion trend!

Ashley N. said...

Bahahaha! Evie does look like one of those cupcake dolls! Mom and I were on our way to Waterloo when we saw the rainbow....she kept yelling at me to keep my eyes on the road and not the rainbow. I my opinion, she shouldn't have pointed it out if I wasn't supposed to look :)


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