Friday, November 30, 2012

Confession Friday 11-30!

Happy Friday!
It's never a good idea to blog while the kids are awake. When will I learn my lesson? 
Well...let's do this thing!

I confess that I've been staying up way too late hunting down deals for Christmas presents. I know it's not all about gifts - it's just fun! :) Too bad I pay for it in the morning.

I confess that I have been so so so sorely tempted to just shop for myself when hunting down all of those deals. But I haven't. I've been good. But oh so tempted....

I confess that my children now have ME addicted to chocolate know, the super thick stuff you buy from the store? We cut theirs in half with regular milk, but this mama likes hers straight up from the carton. I know - wild woman!

I confess that we call our son "pretty," and we just can't help it. He just is. He's the prettiest little baby I ever did see. :)

This is what two overwhelmed parents of three look like:

Or maybe we just weren't ready for the camera.
Either way, this picture cracks us up. Should have put it on the Christmas card. :)

I confess that my life became a lot more complicated when my kids learned how to open the refrigerator door. 

I confess that we welcome December this weekend, which means a lot of traditions begin for us...and I am totally unprepared! I have a lot to do today.... 

I confess that there is nothing funnier than listening to Eric drill my sister's new boyfriends with a million questions - including, but not limited to, what they are doing with their lives, who their friends are, and their entire family history. Teehee...Evie and Grace are going to LOVE their daddy in a few years.

I confess that blogging is a big pain in the butt right now, and if my kids don't stop arguing, someone is getting chucked out of a window. :)

I confess that I can't come up with any good gift ideas for Reagan, and it's driving me insane. Seriously, what do you get a newborn for Christmas? We have all the baby gear we could possibly need.

I confess that there are two things about Gracie that make Eric and I giggle all the time: her cute little buns, and the way she calls out for her big sister. "Sis-say! Sis-say!" She's adorable.

I confess that I am very curious to see how each of my children react to Santa this year. :) We'll see after this weekend....

I confess that I try my hardest to keep us all together, but really...we're just a mess! 

Hope you have fun ringing in December!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Snapshots of a Sunday

Last Sunday Eric and I were scheduled to work in the nursery at church, and since several people were traveling because of the holiday, our kids happened to be the only three children we had to watch that day. So I decided to take the opportunity to take some pictures and share the most recent updates of our church building with those who haven't gotten a chance to see it for themselves yet. I've tried to post pictures here occasionally of the process of the building project for curious minds, and these are definitely the most recent pictures yet!

The foyer looks great and is all spiffed up for Christmas!

The coffee nook is a very popular spot on Sunday mornings. There is always something yummy to eat and drink here...a lifesaver if you happened to run out the door in the morning and totally forgot to feed your family. That has never happened to us before. :)

And the sanctuary has come along nicely. They were just able to finish off the columns on the stage, and it definitely made a big difference.

^^ I took this picture after services, and I think someone had already unplugged one of the trees. :) I spy lots of friends here - hi Jeremy! You made the blog today, haha. 

And here are just a couple of random hallways. There are lots of those....

But we spent most of our time in the preschool department, which is looking super cute decked out in a farm theme for the little ones. 

Hi, Eric. (And Reagan!)

Now you get to see pictures of my kids hanging out all by their lonesome on Sunday morning.

My children don't quite understand that when you put on a puppet show, your head isn't supposed to be part of the show. :)

Oh, and this too cute:

The nursery Christmas tree is decorated with seed packet "ornaments" to keep with the theme. Creative people make me smile. :)

Later that day we snapped a few pictures at home, and a couple of them actually ended up on our Christmas card this year. I was able to get Grace to agree to pictures with the promise that she would get a peppermint tootsie pop afterwards. My, what that girl wont do for a peppermint tootsie pop! She actually seemed to enjoy herself, haha.

Here's the front of our card (which I'm hoping arrives sometime before mid-December!) And I'll have to leave it at that, because the darn card is totally messing up the blog, and it won't let me type anything underneath it. Hope you all have a great day! Find a reason to keep laughing this holiday season. :)

P.S. Somehow Shutterfly published this to my blog last night without my knowing it, haha. Some of you saw it early, I guess! :D

Stationery card
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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Stationery Card

All The Laughter Holiday Card
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Trimming the Tree!

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas lovely are your branches....

Sigh. I LOVE Christmas trees. Love them. They are probably one of my favorite things about the entire holiday season. While I've never participated in the whole, chop down your own and do it the old fashioned way tradition, I just adore a nice plastic plant with lights on in it my living room for a month. :) It's the soft glow that gets me, I think. Makes me feel all warm and cozy inside.

For the Robert family, our Christmas tree tradition is the same every year. The day after Thanksgiving the markets close early, so Eric comes home from work in the middle of the day and I bug him to death until he finally makes his way down to the basement to bring up our old friend. He assembles all three parts, plugs in the lights, and I do the rest. This year, Gracie was old enough to join us in decorating for the very first time....

I always have to snap at least one picture of Eric doing his part so there's proof he was actually there, haha. For some reason he just doesn't get his kicks from decorating fake trees. What gives? ;)

After I fluffed for a bit and Eric sat back on the couch pointing out all of my bare spots (stinker!) the girls got down to business. I didn't have to tell them what to do at all - not even Gracie who slept through our entire tree decorating evening last year. They worked diligently, putting almost all of our ornaments on before I even had a chance to set down the camera and help out!

 Ack...just too darn cute!

Of course, while they take their jobs very seriously, that doesn't mean they are decorating experts just yet. I let them do their thing and then move stuff around when they go to bed, haha. Check out Evie's line of ornaments here....

She was so proud. :)

Once the girls had smushed in some bows and hung every sparkly ornament, I, of course, wanted to try to get a picture of all of the kids in front of their handiwork. This is the best I got:

At least Reagan sits still for me. :)

Gracie is really the least interested in pictures these days, but catch Evie in the right mood and she'll pose all day long...or she might even bust out some dance moves while I snap away. I present to you, the Evie shuffle....

Notice how amused Reagan looks...haha. 

Wait, wait, this one is my favorite:

Poor kid is beginning to realize just what he's gotten himself into with this clan. :) I can hear his little voice saying, "My sisters are nuts, and my mom dresses me in strange head gear."

Now that our Christmas tree is up the holidays are in full swing for us! And once December 1st hits, watch out...we'll be in Christmas tradition over-drive. We're not fancy around here, we're not in our dream home, and we don't have the biggest and best of everything. But there are some things that we really enjoy doing as a family, and I like to think that my kids take comfort in the familiar traditions that we have together. Something as simple as putting up the Christmas tree can leave lasting memories, so while it may be a little chaotic at times, I take great joy in watching my kiddos make those memories matter where we are in this crazy life.

With the kick off of Thanksgiving into the Christmas season, I always find myself getting a little bit mushy brained and reflective on the many blessings that our family has this time of the year. Things do not always go perfectly for us...far from it. But we have each other. We know the true meaning of Christmas. And we have our fake friend glowing in the window. Peace on Earth, dudes.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Hi, friends. I trust that you're all thoroughly stuffed and completely done with all of your Christmas shopping now, right? :)

Wowee, did we fit a lot into a few days! I think I'll milk it and stretch out our weekend over a couple of blog posts, haha. Thanksgiving festivities deserve a post all their own anyway, dontcha think?

We had three different stops over two days to make this year. The food was flowing, the kids played to their hearts content, and I must say that Reagan had a very good first Thanksgiving. Believe it or not, even though we added one more to the family, this was probably the easiest holiday we've had in a long time. I can't even remember the last time we gathered with family when Grace wasn't cutting teeth or coming down with something and screaming the entire time. Enjoying family time is much easier without a kid throwing a constant fit...imagine that.

Our first stop this year was to Eric's Uncle Bruce's house for the Robert family Thanksgiving. The girls LOVE going to Uncle Bruce's! They have a loft-turned-toy room that could keep our girls busy for hours and hours. In fact, nearly all of the pictures I have here are of the girls playing, haha....

Evie is wishing you a "Happy Thanksgiving." :)

This is what our kids looked like for most of the day:

And this was what Eric and I looked like:

Up and down, up and down. :)

Reagan decided to keep himself on the main level and get as many cuddles as possible....

Not a bad strategy for the little man! I can't get over how HUGE my child is already. When I picture that little body in my belly now, it's insane. How did he fit?? (By the way, happy ONE MONTH to Reagan today!)

And for the record, I can't believe how much I'm letting my post-pregnancy chub face be documented forever. Haha.

More playing and a little snoozing....

It's tough to be a baby!

I swear we did actually eat at some point during this day, but I don't think I was worried about getting pictures when there was so much yummy food to be devoured. :)

After a lovely afternoon with the Robert family, we packed up and went to spend the evening with Eric's mom's family. Eric's parents hosted Thanksgiving for them this year, so of course the kids enjoyed getting to go to grandma and grandpa's! I didn't take any pictures there, because Reagan was spent, and it was a lot more chaotic with lots of kids running around.

Evelyn was on cloud nine getting to spend so much time with her "uncles." <-- Which actually means "cousins" but she kept getting her words confused. It was so funny every time Evie would walk into the living room where all of Eric's actual uncles were sitting to say, "Where are all of my uncles? Have you seen my uncles?" :)

On Saturday we celebrated Thanksgiving with my family at my mom and dad's. I tried to get a decent picture of the girls in front of our tree before we left, but that's pretty much an impossibility. I have a feeling you're going to be seeing a lot of these this season, haha....

Anyway, that's what they looked like. And here's Reagan:

Another impossibility: getting all three children in a picture at once. Perhaps I'll master that before the holidays are over.

My mama whipped up a yummy feast, as usual! We had a great time hanging out with the crew, though Evelyn was once again a little confused. My parents already have presents under their tree, and Evie kept asking, "Is it Jesus' birthday today?" over and over. My poor child couldn't figure out if we were still celebrating Thanksgiving or if it was Christmas, haha.

It was a wonderful weekend for family and food! Reagan did exceptionally well at all of our stops, and the girls love any reason to get out of the house to play and see their favorite people. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Tomorrow we're hauling out the holly around here. :) It's the most wonderful time of the year!


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