Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bringing Home Baby

The weekend that Reagan came into the world was a cold and blustery one. At least that's what I think, because I didn't leave the confines of my hospital room for nearly three days. But I know that after being inside for so long it was quite a shock to be wheeled out into the fresh air and feel how very chilly the real world could be. If I had to compare it to anything, why, it might just be the feeling that a newborn has when he leaves the comforts of his mama's belly. :)

We are always more than ready to pack up and get the heck out of Dodge when it's time to check out of the hospital. I'm ready to be back in my own home without someone constantly checking in, asking a million questions, poking my child, and walking through the door without knocking. For real, one of my nurses waltzed right in on me while I was taking a shower. I ask you, where is the decency, people? But most of all, we're always ready to be a whole family again.

We dressed Reagan in his very first "real" outfit - you can see how very pleased he was about that. You can't really blame a newborn for being a bit traumatized when it comes to getting their outfits changed. After all, in their first 48 hours or so, taking their clothes off usually means pain is coming soon. Reagan is still a little skittish when his sleepers get unzipped, haha.

We snapped a few last minute photos before buckling up our son...

...and then we were off!

Reagan is a champ when it comes to riding in cars, so making the trip home was a cinch. And when we pulled into our driveway to drop off a few things, we were greeted by this:

A big thanks to my mom and sister for making sure that Reagan had a special welcome home. :) I thought it was very cute.

We didn't stick around for long, though, because I wanted to get my two other babies! So off to Eric's parent's house we went to reunite with the girls.

Evie was thrilled to see us, and Gracie...well...

...snoozing as usual. :)

We hung out there for a while, where Reagan got to meet his great Grandma and Grandpa Robert for the very first time. Evelyn insisted on being in the pictures at first, too. What a ham!

Oh my, I could just eat that little boy up. He's so darn cute! 

After a very long day of traveling and visiting, we were so ready to go HOME and settle in for good. These next pictures illustrate perfectly the life Reagan has been living since we've all been together as a family....

Cant keep their hands off of him!

The first few days with Reagan at home were rough. His sleep schedule was so thrown off that I wasn't getting much rest myself, which made it extremely difficult to take care of all three kids throughout the day. If Eric hadn't been home to tag-team responsibilities I don't know how we would have survived. But it didn't take long for Reagan to get himself straightened out, and now things are great! The biggest challenge now is keeping his big sisters from loving him a little too much. :) 

Eric took Reagan to his first check up, where he learned Reagan is super healthy. In just a few days at home he gained all of the weight back that newborns typically lose while in the hospital - he's a great eater! Now we are playing the fun game of trial and error to see which foods Reagan can tolerate me eating. We already know that eggs and onions are OUT. Which means the next year of my life is going to be extremely hard for me to find something to eat. Evelyn was also sensitive to onions, and boy you don't realize how much stuff has onion in it until you cant eat it. I've already sat out on two meals that I've prepared for the family - no more sloppy joes or stew for me. Even seasoning packets for soups, stews, tacos, and more are laced with onion. I get to eat a nice, bland diet for a while. Anything for my babies!

Fast forward to today - it's election day! We made it! It's a fun day for our family, but yes, I will be glad when it's all over! We're praying for our nation today, and I hope that all informed citizens will get out and exercise the right that so many have given their lives for. 

Yes, it has been quite the experience coming home to a new life and a new family dynamic. Yesterday was the first full day that I was home alone with all three kids while Eric went back to work, and we survived! (Thanks to nap time.) I even managed to get a little cooking and cleaning done. So while it seems like life is spinning in wild circles at times, at the end of the day I can honestly say that we're doing this thing. We're living life, getting by, and adjusting to a new normal. It's good to be home!


Heather said...

Man I just want to squeeze that baby! Looks like the girls are in awe of their little brother!!

Cassie said...


Christine Pettijohn said...

Yay!! He is so cute! When do I get to swing by and get my baby fix?

Adrien said...

Christine - any time just let me know! :)


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