Friday, November 30, 2012

Confession Friday 11-30!

Happy Friday!
It's never a good idea to blog while the kids are awake. When will I learn my lesson? 
Well...let's do this thing!

I confess that I've been staying up way too late hunting down deals for Christmas presents. I know it's not all about gifts - it's just fun! :) Too bad I pay for it in the morning.

I confess that I have been so so so sorely tempted to just shop for myself when hunting down all of those deals. But I haven't. I've been good. But oh so tempted....

I confess that my children now have ME addicted to chocolate know, the super thick stuff you buy from the store? We cut theirs in half with regular milk, but this mama likes hers straight up from the carton. I know - wild woman!

I confess that we call our son "pretty," and we just can't help it. He just is. He's the prettiest little baby I ever did see. :)

This is what two overwhelmed parents of three look like:

Or maybe we just weren't ready for the camera.
Either way, this picture cracks us up. Should have put it on the Christmas card. :)

I confess that my life became a lot more complicated when my kids learned how to open the refrigerator door. 

I confess that we welcome December this weekend, which means a lot of traditions begin for us...and I am totally unprepared! I have a lot to do today.... 

I confess that there is nothing funnier than listening to Eric drill my sister's new boyfriends with a million questions - including, but not limited to, what they are doing with their lives, who their friends are, and their entire family history. Teehee...Evie and Grace are going to LOVE their daddy in a few years.

I confess that blogging is a big pain in the butt right now, and if my kids don't stop arguing, someone is getting chucked out of a window. :)

I confess that I can't come up with any good gift ideas for Reagan, and it's driving me insane. Seriously, what do you get a newborn for Christmas? We have all the baby gear we could possibly need.

I confess that there are two things about Gracie that make Eric and I giggle all the time: her cute little buns, and the way she calls out for her big sister. "Sis-say! Sis-say!" She's adorable.

I confess that I am very curious to see how each of my children react to Santa this year. :) We'll see after this weekend....

I confess that I try my hardest to keep us all together, but really...we're just a mess! 

Hope you have fun ringing in December!


Kim Luke said...

omgosh Eric's face CRACKS ME UP in that picture!!! LOL

I confess Landon is 3 1/2 and has never tried chocolate milk. whoops!

Heather said...

I love it when you show us your blooper pictures!!!

Kimberly Nagel said...

Your photo is funny! Kayden loves the Prairie Farms chololate milk too. And, I have wandered towards the jug a few times myself. Youre a stronger woman than I! I have bought SO MUCH stuff for me while looking for xmas presents! And Kayden was only 2.5 months old his first Christmas and I just got him onsies and cute clothes and roattles and diapers. I was going to need all of it anyways and it's not like he could open them haha


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