Friday, November 9, 2012

Confession Friday 11-9!

I confess that I forgot to blog yesterday. Just plumb forgot. I'm not sure which is worse - pregnancy brain or mom of three little kids brain....

I confess that I have to take Reagan to the doctor today, and I have no idea what for. They just saw him ten days ago. (Our old doctor definitely didn't require this extra check up.) Can't I just call in and say, "Erm...yeah...we're alive over here. No worries!"

I confess that we have been absolutely SPOILED by friends and family these past two weeks. From meals and visits, to taking the girls out for a few hours to give this mama a break. S-P-O-I-L-E-D, I tell you. (And a big thank you to you all, because we don't mind. Haha.)

I confess that I cannot wait until ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas starts. This new movie looks so cheesy, and you better believe I will be sitting on my rear with a bowl of popcorn and hot chocolate lapping up every ridiculous minute of it.

I confess that I'm nearly finished shopping for everyone else's children for Christmas, and I haven't even started on my own.

I confess that I'm scared to try on any jeans that don't have an elastic waste. I just don't want to pull my largest pants from the closet and be sorely disappointed when I can't shimmy them over my ginormous legs. Yeah. Maybe I'll wait one more week....haha.

I confess that some IGNORAMUS stole our yard signs on election night, and I think it's hilarious. Seriously. I would like to know how they thought it would help their cause. 1.) Voting was over. Duh. And 2.) They should realize that by breaking the law and STEALING someone's private property that they're only making their own party look bad. Double duh. Way to represent!

I confess that I never had issues remembering my kids' names, but add one more to the mix and now Evie is Reagan, Reagan is Grace, and Grace is Evie. What gives?

I confess that, despite my totally awesome and lightning fast diaper changing skills, I still get sprayed by Reagan nearly every day. I think he's trying to communicate his future ambitions of becoming a fireman.

While we were in the hospital, Evie, Grace, and John made welcome home signs for Reagan. My mom took dictation from them and wrote exactly what they told her to write. 

Here's Grace's sign:

And Evie's:

And here's John's:

Baha. John could not get over that Reagan didn't have any clothes on when he saw him the hospital. :)

So this blogging thing takes way too long with three kids demanding my attention! Reagan is being extra needy today and has filled his diaper THREE times since I started. Mommy's little poop machine! So it's time for me to say "peace out!" Happy Friday!


Ashley Mitchell said... John's sign. Too cute!

sblind2 said...

they make little "tents" to block that firehose during diaper changes =) I don't rememeber Brody ever peeing on me during a diaper change ....

Ashley N. said...

John's sign is too funny! I am totally with you on the 25 Days of Christmas movies.....I just hope my aunt decides to DVR them all or I will be very disappointed! I can't wait for Christmas :)

Kim Luke said...

John's sign is HILARIOUS!!!!
25 days of Christmas is my FAVORITE!!!
Ahh, If the weather was warmer, I'd everything about this time of the year! :)

Adrien said...

Tents, huh? I couldn't imagine one more thing to juggle during diaper time, haha. I'll have to google that one, though. ;)

I thought John's sign was pretty funny, too. :D

Katie said...

I'm a total 25 days of Christmas junkie. The first Christmas that Jake and I were married we had DVR and I took up like 50% of it with all the Christmas movies I recorded :x


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