Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Don't Judge Me :)

The holidays are creeping up on us, and it doesn't matter what state my life happens to be in, it is the same for me every year: I NEED to get my life organized before the madness ensues. I get this nervous tick that tells me closets should be cleaned out and messes that we've been ignoring all year must suddenly be tidied up.

Yesterday, it was the refrigerator. It was a scary place in there, let me tell ya. I won't even share some of the dates I saw on things, haha. But Reagan and Grace happened to fall asleep at the same time yesterday, and I decided it was going to be then or never. One very full trashcan and lots of scrubbing later and now I don't have to worry about opening the refrigerator door when we have company. Yes, it was that bad. I vow to never do the "push it to the back and forget it" thing ever again. I swear.

Today, I am really hoping to tackle our coat closet...another door in our home that remains closed at all times. But I'm outing myself, because it's too hilarious not to. You know on TV shows when someone opens a closet door and the inside is so crammed with stuff that even though it's stacked five feet high nothing falls out? Yep. We have one of those.

Argh! There's supposed to be a picture of my closet here.
Our disk space is now full again, and iphoto wont even open.

This will be me very soon. Bubble butt and all.

There is so much crap even I have no clue what treasures await me. :) My plan is to turn this closet from a junk heap to a place to store Christmas gifts that need to be wrapped. The kids never bother this door, and if I can avoid a million trips up and down the basement steps this year I'm going to.

Speaking of Christmas gifts...HALLELUJAH! I finally found a good deal on some dang Dream Lites. I've been looking around for-ev-er for a price that I can live with for a stuffed thing that lights up. They retail for $40.00. $40.00??! But most places sell them for $30.00, and if you're really lucky $25.00. I've found them as low as $20.00 on some obscure websites, but then you have to pay their crazy shipping prices, and well...I'm cheap.

We got the dog and unicorn.
Be jealous.

So thank you to Toys 'R Us for putting out a $10 off coupon code. With free shoprunner shipping I got two glorified night lights for $20 a pop shipped. And you know what? If I see them cheaper somewhere between now and Christmas, I won't even care...because I'll be glad that I could finally stop searching the country for Evelyn's number one requested toy. Grace gets one too so I can save myself some arguing and hair pulling. ;)

Anyway, if it's not totally obvious I'm just rambling today, because well...I spent yesterday feeding a baby and tossing out expired cottage cheese. That's my life - wahoo!

Maybe I'll have an "after" picture to show you of the closet tomorrow. (And a before picture! Sheesh!) No promises. I have children. :)


Heather said...

My refrigerator is the same way. And I'm single. Just my food. But I HATE opening up containers to see what's in there, so they usually just all get thrown away!

Kim Luke said...

Cassie came over one day and emptied my fridge. thanks bff. haha
i have salad dressings that expired like 2 years ago. Seriously, I never think to check the expiration dates on those!!!!
And I'm with Heather, I normally just throw the entire container away! HAHA!

We seen those glow toys at Target the other day. Landon said "I think Layla really wants one of those" hehe
good find on the coupon!

Sarah said...

Am I alone on this one? I'm a FAAREAK about expiration dates. I pitch crap all.the.time. maybe that's why there isn't anything in our fridge. Good diet plan lol

Adrien said...

Haha, I assumed most people were like you, Sarah...but I take comfort in knowing there are many shameful refrigerator owners out there. :)

Sara Simpson said...

Our fridge can get pretty nasty too sometimes! You are def not alone!!! Lol


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