Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Snapshots of a Sunday

Last Sunday Eric and I were scheduled to work in the nursery at church, and since several people were traveling because of the holiday, our kids happened to be the only three children we had to watch that day. So I decided to take the opportunity to take some pictures and share the most recent updates of our church building with those who haven't gotten a chance to see it for themselves yet. I've tried to post pictures here occasionally of the process of the building project for curious minds, and these are definitely the most recent pictures yet!

The foyer looks great and is all spiffed up for Christmas!

The coffee nook is a very popular spot on Sunday mornings. There is always something yummy to eat and drink here...a lifesaver if you happened to run out the door in the morning and totally forgot to feed your family. That has never happened to us before. :)

And the sanctuary has come along nicely. They were just able to finish off the columns on the stage, and it definitely made a big difference.

^^ I took this picture after services, and I think someone had already unplugged one of the trees. :) I spy lots of friends here - hi Jeremy! You made the blog today, haha. 

And here are just a couple of random hallways. There are lots of those....

But we spent most of our time in the preschool department, which is looking super cute decked out in a farm theme for the little ones. 

Hi, Eric. (And Reagan!)

Now you get to see pictures of my kids hanging out all by their lonesome on Sunday morning.

My children don't quite understand that when you put on a puppet show, your head isn't supposed to be part of the show. :)

Oh, and this too cute:

The nursery Christmas tree is decorated with seed packet "ornaments" to keep with the theme. Creative people make me smile. :)

Later that day we snapped a few pictures at home, and a couple of them actually ended up on our Christmas card this year. I was able to get Grace to agree to pictures with the promise that she would get a peppermint tootsie pop afterwards. My, what that girl wont do for a peppermint tootsie pop! She actually seemed to enjoy herself, haha.

Here's the front of our card (which I'm hoping arrives sometime before mid-December!) And I'll have to leave it at that, because the darn card is totally messing up the blog, and it won't let me type anything underneath it. Hope you all have a great day! Find a reason to keep laughing this holiday season. :)

P.S. Somehow Shutterfly published this to my blog last night without my knowing it, haha. Some of you saw it early, I guess! :D

Stationery card
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Heather said...

I love the card...totally explains your family to a T!

Christine Pettijohn said...

That card is the cutest. Love it! The church looks so pretty. So warm and inviting.

Litney said...

your church and christmas card both look awesome!


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