Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Trimming the Tree!

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree...how lovely are your branches....

Sigh. I LOVE Christmas trees. Love them. They are probably one of my favorite things about the entire holiday season. While I've never participated in the whole, chop down your own and do it the old fashioned way tradition, I just adore a nice plastic plant with lights on in it my living room for a month. :) It's the soft glow that gets me, I think. Makes me feel all warm and cozy inside.

For the Robert family, our Christmas tree tradition is the same every year. The day after Thanksgiving the markets close early, so Eric comes home from work in the middle of the day and I bug him to death until he finally makes his way down to the basement to bring up our old friend. He assembles all three parts, plugs in the lights, and I do the rest. This year, Gracie was old enough to join us in decorating for the very first time....

I always have to snap at least one picture of Eric doing his part so there's proof he was actually there, haha. For some reason he just doesn't get his kicks from decorating fake trees. What gives? ;)

After I fluffed for a bit and Eric sat back on the couch pointing out all of my bare spots (stinker!) the girls got down to business. I didn't have to tell them what to do at all - not even Gracie who slept through our entire tree decorating evening last year. They worked diligently, putting almost all of our ornaments on before I even had a chance to set down the camera and help out!

 Ack...just too darn cute!

Of course, while they take their jobs very seriously, that doesn't mean they are decorating experts just yet. I let them do their thing and then move stuff around when they go to bed, haha. Check out Evie's line of ornaments here....

She was so proud. :)

Once the girls had smushed in some bows and hung every sparkly ornament, I, of course, wanted to try to get a picture of all of the kids in front of their handiwork. This is the best I got:

At least Reagan sits still for me. :)

Gracie is really the least interested in pictures these days, but catch Evie in the right mood and she'll pose all day long...or she might even bust out some dance moves while I snap away. I present to you, the Evie shuffle....

Notice how amused Reagan looks...haha. 

Wait, wait, this one is my favorite:

Poor kid is beginning to realize just what he's gotten himself into with this clan. :) I can hear his little voice saying, "My sisters are nuts, and my mom dresses me in strange head gear. Help...me...."

Now that our Christmas tree is up the holidays are in full swing for us! And once December 1st hits, watch out...we'll be in Christmas tradition over-drive. We're not fancy around here, we're not in our dream home, and we don't have the biggest and best of everything. But there are some things that we really enjoy doing as a family, and I like to think that my kids take comfort in the familiar traditions that we have together. Something as simple as putting up the Christmas tree can leave lasting memories, so while it may be a little chaotic at times, I take great joy in watching my kiddos make those memories together...no matter where we are in this crazy life.

With the kick off of Thanksgiving into the Christmas season, I always find myself getting a little bit mushy brained and reflective on the many blessings that our family has this time of the year. Things do not always go perfectly for us...far from it. But we have each other. We know the true meaning of Christmas. And we have our fake friend glowing in the window. Peace on Earth, dudes.


Heather said...

OMG..I am dying over that last picture. I just love that girl!

Cassie said...

i needed this laugh today. oh my goodness. thank you! hilarious. your kids are too much.

there's never a dull moment. too cute!!

Katie said...

I'm secretly a little jealous of people with fake trees...I grew up with a fake tree but Jake's family always cut one down so we've adopted that tradition now.

I love all these pictures with THREE kids now :) So adorable.

Adrien said...

As much as I LOVE Christmas trees...I just don't know that I have the patience for a real one. I'm a plant killer...I can't even imagine trying to remember to water my Christmas tree, haha. Poor thing wouldn't make it to Christmas. :D

Ashley N. said...

Can I come look at your tree? PLEASE?!??! We can't put ours up this year :(


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