Monday, November 12, 2012

We're Back!

And by "back" I mean back on track! There were several times this weekend that I looked around and thought to myself, "This isn't so hard, after all." After the initial shock, I'm really getting the hang of this mom of three thing. It means having to be cool with letting a newborn scream it out for a few minutes while I take care of another child's diaper or help in the bathroom. It means not letting myself feel guilty for holding Reagan while the girls entertain themselves for a while. It means being comfortable with putting the baby down to look around while I cuddle with one of my other babies.

It took a couple of weeks to find the right balance, but I think we've found it, and we had a pretty good weekend! Unfortunately, when I sat down to type this I realized half of my pictures for today are gone. Grace, destroyer of many things, decided to dunk my phone into a cup of water yesterday morning. It is now *hopefully* drying out in a bed of bead thingys. But there were videos on there too that I'm just now realizing could be gone forever. :( Really hope we can salvage it! So yeah, if you've tried to get a hold of me at all in the last 24 hours, my phone has been out of commission...and probably will be for a couple more days.

What I can't show you pictures of are from our day on Saturday. We rolled up our sleeves and started baking cookies for the season! It wasn't our real cookie baking day but a dress rehearsal for things soon to come. We whipped up some chocolate chip cookies at my parent's house in anticipation for our town's Christmas Walk this weekend. And here's where I invite you to join us. :)

You're Invited!

This Sunday, First Baptist Church is part of the Christmas Walk, and we'd love to bump into you there! There will be tours of the new building, so anyone from the community can come and see it for themselves. There will be yummy things to eat...of course! (Come and get some of those cookies!) And even a drawing for a prize. Our church is actually one of the trolley stops for the day, so from 1-3 pm you can hop on for a ride and come to see us or some of our friends. I'm super excited for all of the Christmas festivities in our community this weekend! :)

On Saturday night, in an attempt to keep Reagan up for a little while, we tried out the play gym to entertain him. Our efforts were fruitless....

My child sleeps A LOT. Haha. We've been trying to keep him awake as much as possible in the evenings in hopes that it will help him sleep in the night. But little sleepy head peeks his eyes out once in a while and goes right back to sleep most of the time.

Reagan is definitely the most laid back baby I've had so far. I remember with the girls always thinking, "Aren't newborns supposed to sleep a lot?"  They were up for most of the day and required a lot of stimulation while they were awake. Reagan on other hand sleeps the day away and is pretty content when he's awake. Ah, love a low-matienance boy! As for nighttime, he usually only wakes up once, but he wants to hang out for a while once he's awake. Like...for an hour and a three in the morning. So yes, we're working on keeping him awake more. :) Verdict is still out on the play gym. Not sure he even saw it, haha.

As for the rest of the weekend, well...we watched a lot of chick flicks. I didn't really mean to put my husband through that torture, but I'm pretty sure we watched three girly movies in two days. He clearly loves me. They were a good excuse for hot chocolate and bowls of popcorn and family snuggles! We even got out to run some errands...which look a little different these days. With three little kids it is inevitable that at least one, if not more, WILL fall asleep getting from one place to another. And since peace and quiet is a rarity these days, we don't dare wake them up. So going out now sounds like, "Uh...You want to go in this time?" But that's okay. One day we'll all get out of the car at once again. :)

I hope your weekend was swell! Now back to diaper changing duty for me. (And cuddles and fun, too.) Love this job!


Heather said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! Still want to mush that babys face.

Ashley N. said...

Yay for finding balance! Not gonna lie, I was very impressed with how good the girlies are with Reagan when I came by...not that there was any doubt, but they are young too!....and I think Reagan has grown since I saw him last week :)

Christine Pettijohn said...

He is so cute! I am going to try and stop by in the next couple of weeks. With my 2 jobs I am swamped this year. I will send you a message.

Sarah said...

Phew, now this post is making me feel better about life lol. Love when you find a sense of balance :)

Liam & Reagan have already begun the "we have the exact same wardrobe" thing goin on. Gosh darn it! Whhhhhyyy don't they make more of a variety of boy clothes. Story of my life!

Cassie said...

i just love that little boy. i come here hoping to see cute little baby pictures.

Denny said...

I cordially invite you to mail us some Christmas cookies : )


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