Monday, December 3, 2012

A Crazy Night with Mr. Claus

Oh my. 
The weekend.
Not sure I want to talk about it. :)

Let's just say it must've been a full moon or something, because our kids were WILD. I mean, bouncing off of the walls, unruly, CrAzY wild. Many things were supposed to take place this things...traditional things. They didn't happen. Not because they couldn't happen, but because they didn't deserve to happen. The new crayon mural on the girls' bedroom wall was the last straw. Eric and I took one look at each other and said, "These kids so don't deserve presents or special treats right now." And so while it killed me just a little inside to do it, I pulled the plug. No December 1st fun for us. We're going to see how today goes and hopefully tonight special deliveries will be made and traditions continued. Hopefully!

For a brief time last night the weekend was redeemed. (That is, until the girls started running around like crazy people again, haha.) We kept at least one tradition alive by taking the family to the Knights of Columbus Christmas party. Eric's grandparents invite us to come each year, and the kids always have way too much fun. 

After a yummy potluck dinner, all of the children took their positions to begin the entertainment for the evening. With the promise of a dollar and free reign of a microphone, why, you can expect some first class performances from the little crowd. :) Evelyn, Grace, and their cousin Austin huddled together to give the holiday classic "Jingle Bells" a try. And they were way too cute singing it. 

Dollars earned!

While singing is certainly fun and all, the real crown jewel of the evening is a visit from Santa Claus. Last year Gracie wasn't so sure about her experience with the jolly man, so I was very curious about how all THREE of my babies would react this year. (I didn't even know at this time last year that Reagan would be a part of our family now. Isn't it nuts how time flies?)

All of the children wait in anticipation until their names are called....

And wouldn't you know, Evie and Grace were the first ones up.

Clearly my children were impressed. 
THE Santa Claus? No way. :)

Gracie definitely didn't cry this time, but like with all things, even Old St. Nick couldn't hold her attention for long.

I snapped a few pictures, and the girls grabbed their presents and ran, haha.

As luck would have it, Reagan was called very next. And, oh my. He was just adorable.

This first picture is my favorite...can you see why?

Little man has a fistful of Santa's beard. 


I've been discovering for myself over the past few days that my son might be a hair pulling baby. Pretty sure this confirms it. :)

And heck, here are some more pictures, just because I can't get enough of my kid.

Love him to bits!

Austin took his turn, too....

And then we let the kids open some of their presents. (After just this one party, our living room already looked like a toy factory exploded inside of it when we got home, haha. Which further confirmed our "5 gift limit" idea as a good one for us this year!) The girls LOVED all of their presents, by the way. Thank you to both grandma and grandpa Robert and great grandma and grandpa Robert! Ahem, I mean...Santa Claus. ;)

It gives me warm fuzzy feelings inside to see my children having so much fun. And then someone tries sneaking off under the food tables, and the warm glowing feelings are quickly snuffed.

It was at this point in the evening that things turned into complete pandemonium. Kids running in every direction, darting the arms of their parents...I get the impression that having three children wouldn't be so nuts if they weren't all three and under, haha. I keep being told to really slow down and enjoy this stage of parenthood, because it goes so fast. I have no problems heeding that advice, but someone better tell that to my kids. If there is one word I would use to describe life with Evie, Grace, and Reagan, "slow" would NOT be it. There's nothing slow about a stealthy toddler. :)

I don't think we even really got to say goodbye to anyone before we left. It took four adults to get us and all of our stuff out to the car, haha. Ah, the memories. I'm sure one day we really will miss the craziness. In fact, thinking back to last night already cracks me up. We must have looked like a hot mess. :D Aaand....Grace just walked into the room, undid her diaper, and with a "Tada!" released a handful of change from inside. She is currently running around the house with a jingling behind. Back into the fray for me! 


Ashley N. said...

Great pics!! Don't worry....Santa's used to having his beard pulled! I just love our Santa....but I am a tad bit biased :)

Adrien said...

He's the best! :)

April Robert said...

Love the honest bit at the end. Adrien did you record them sining the "Jingle Bells" song? April R


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