Friday, December 14, 2012

Confession Friday 12-13!

The other night while we were in the car, Evelyn decided she wanted to wish on a star for a unicorn to come to her house, citing that "dreams can come true in (our town)." It was the funniest thing, and we just assumed it was another one of those passing hilarious Evie-isms. Except that she hasn't really dropped the whole wishing on a star thing since then. (We can thank "The Princess and the Frog" for that one.)

Last night she was, once again, wishing on a star for a unicorn. Evelyn turned to me and said, "Does it really come true when you wish on a star?" To which I replied, "You know what, Evie? We don't really wish on stars when we truly need something. We can pray to God and ask him to give us the things that we need."

"Oh. Yeah! Right," she said.

Moments later I heard her on the couch...."Dear God, can you please send a unicorn to my house? Thank you. Amen."

Ah...teaching a three year old. :) It's kind of like running on a hamster wheel at times, haha.


So yesterday I was without the internet ALL DAY LONG. It's my only window to the adult world sometimes, and it's a long day without it. I even had a blog post all typed up and ready to go, but nope. No connection. Eric comes home, restarts my computer, and bam - there it is. I confess that I would be hopelessly lost without someone holding my hand when it comes to technology. I'm such a spaz sometimes.

What a mess!

I confess that I'll probably get a new Winter header up there ^^ around July. I'm so bad about that...I just never think about it!

I confess that I have never been in anyone's wedding. Ever. Some people are "always the bridesmaid." Well, I'm NEVER the bridesmaid. And I've only been married ONCE. I've been cheated. :)

I confess that nothing keeps my kids entertained longer than a fresh box of brand new crayons. So I cracked open a box this week, and I've got two more waiting in the wings when they get sick of those. Sometimes this mom needs a little break!

I confess that the girls have started scratching when they get aggravated at each other. Grace is especially bad about this one. UGH. I didn't expect cat fighting until much, much later in life. Help me!

I confess that I let Evelyn help me wrap some gifts this year, and many family members are going to be receiving wonky packages with lots of extra tape on them. :) (I confess that yes, this does give me the heebs a bit, but I let it be. Because I love my kid.)

I confess that I tried on a few pairs of jeans this week and none of them fit. But I did get $2.00 and an airhead wrapper richer! That's a win, right?

I confess that I'm seriously jealous of some of the parties Moe has been throwing at our place lately. I mean, really...where's my invite? (Currently cracking up at a little shindig going on in the bathroom right now...ahaha!)

Don't mess with a dad and his baby.
This is what the girls must see when they get in trouble. :)

I confess that Grace gives me a heart attack at least twice a day now, because she has become very interested in the door that leads to our basement stairs. Somebody - anybody- remind me to get a lock for that door this weekend!

I confess that I'm not a huge fan of ginger ale until it's the only thing to drink in the house. We need to go grocery shopping.....

I confess that Eric wanted me to order more Christmas cards, and I found a great deal somewhere now the Robert family has two completely different Christmas cards that will be circulating this holiday. :)

I confess that there are a lot of inappropriate pictures of me floating around thanks to my daughter. Evie loves to sneak up on me and take pictures with my phone when I'm nursing her brother. She thinks it's hilarious. Yesterday I looked up and heard "Gotcha!" There was Evie with a big grin and my phone pointed right at me. Stinker.

So this is the last weekend just before the CrAzY holiday weekend. I can't believe it! We still have some traditions to fulfill and some shopping to do. Better get on that. :) Stay safe, don't procrastinate, and eat something you probably shouldn't - it's Christmastime! That's my advice to you for the weekend. Have fun!


Heather said...

Psh...scratching is nothing. My sister came after me with a hot curling iron for snatching a shirt out of her closet once.

Cassie said...

ha god love kids who know how to work iphones. it's a scary scary thing!

have a good weekend!

Ashley N. said...

Don't worry, Adrien...I've only been in one wedding too....and it obviously wasn't mine. BUT, I will be in need of good bridesmaids IF I ever get married and I will come attack you first!

Adrien said...

Haha, you better call me no matter where you are, Ashley. :D


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