Friday, December 7, 2012

Confession Friday 12-7!

Happy six weeks to Reagan! It's a milestone, right? 
And happy friday to you!

I confess that I'm pretty excited about a lot of the gifts we've picked up for family this year. I can't wait for Christmas!

I confess that I am on a temporary spending freeze, because I had a lot of fun buying those gifts this week. Hehe. ;)

I confess that we had to get a new rug for our living room, because our old one smelled like an old wet dog. It was disgusting. Eric took it out to clean it, and when it came back in, it reeked of Fido. (?) But hey, new rugs are fun, right?

It's a shag, and I have to say...I'm a fan. Shag rugs make a room feel cozy!

I confess that, depending on the day, my hair is in one of three states: crunchy, crunchier, or wet AND crunchy. Having freshly washed hair is simply a challenge for baby-puke target practice.

I confess that we just switched Reagan from high end diapers to store brand. You're one month old now, buddy. Time to be like the rest of the family - no more special treatment with them fancy britches!

I confess that I think my husband gets as big a kick out of seeing what Moe our elf has been up to every day as the kids do. ;)

I confess that the flu is apparently going around big time, and I would like to trap my kids in a bubble from now until the new year. Please not for Christmas, please not for Christmas.....

I confess that Eric is on a diet, which means I've been eating the Christmas cookies all by my lonesome. However, it seems my post-baby weight meltdown has begun early. (Thank you, breastfeeding!) Losing a pound a day AND eating my weight in chocolate chips? Awesome.

I was up late blogging with Reagan one night, and Gracie snuck out of her crib to see what we were up to. After typing for a few minutes I looked up and saw this:

 This is one of those pictures that I'll hang onto forever and bust out on them when they're fighting. :)

I confess that my children rarely wear clothes to bed. They will run around in PJ's all evening, and then they want them off before they sleep. Is that normal? Haha.

I confess that if you could see my bed head right now, you'd laugh your butt off. I wouldn't even walk to the end of the driveway to check the mail looking like this. :) Probably shouldn't go to bed with wet hair.....

I confess that I totally forgot to check back and read everyone else's blogs yesterday. Off to catch up!

Hope you have a great weekend. I'm hoping and praying that Eric and I can get a night away to run some much needed errands. It's been a while since we've gone out without trying to drag all of our kids with us! :) See you Monday!


Heather said...

OMG...that picture...I am dying.

sblind2 said...

I think Matt is going to like Loki as much as Brody too. This morning Brody and I found Loki and had already put him back in his spot (in brody's stocking) and Matt got up and came in the bathroom and was like did you "forget already?" I'm like "Nooooo" LOL

Jackie said...

Love the rug! The Flu has came and is now finally gone from our house....I hope that it does not go to yours. It's a nasty one! That picture is so CUTE! I have to say normally as soon as we get home Loreli wants her clothes off and she stays that way till we have leave to go somewhere the next day! She is not a fan of clothes at all!

Adrien said...

Haha, gotta keep the husbands entertained! :D

Jackie - I saw all of your facebook updates on Loreli...glad she is feeling better!

Cassie said...

that picture is adorable! lovie!

and i love that rug!

have you ever taken your old rug to the car wash and clipped it to those rug clip things and sprayed it off? i kinda swear by it. just a thought!

ps - your hair confession was hilarious. so true.

Heather said...

OH! I have a confession! I forgot.

I confess that someone keeps following, then unfollowing my blog. Making me want to block them something fierce. I'll make it easy for you...STOP FOLLOWING!!!

April Robert said...

Your right that picture is awesome; it's one of those precious moments. P.S. Nice shaggy rug!

Christine Pettijohn said...

I love the rug and that picture of the kids!! So cute.


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