Thursday, December 20, 2012

Festive Things

I can't even believe we're winding down the last week before Christmas. Cannot believe it. I am seriously going to be depressed when it's all over. Even though I've recorded just about every Christmas movie known to man and eaten my weight in cookies, I still haven't come close to having my fill. And is it so wrong to want the Christmas tree up all year long? Is it? Heck no. I love my tree. :)

Most of the gifts are already wrapped...just waiting for a few last stragglers to be delivered today and tomorrow. And I did SO GOOD at keeping my commitment to a scaled-down Christmas this year.

You may remember weeks ago I mentioned that we were going to try something new this year. To make sure we keep the focus of our family's Christmas on the real reason for the season and not just on gifts, I began a "five gift" tradition: Something they want, something they need, what they might like, something to read, and something to wear. I did so well in fact, that Reagan didn't even max out his limit. Haha. Poor guy. Third child syndrome. I just couldn't think of many things he could possibly need that we didn't have already. And I have to admit that in the past I've picked up gifts just because I still had money in the budget and wanted my kids to have more to open on Christmas morning. Those are typically the gifts that are glanced at and not played with much at all. Putting an end to all that nonsense. :)

Usually I record a video of what the kids are getting for Christmas, but one night this week I got a wild hair to wrap the presents while everyone was sleeping, so I didn't get a chance to do that this year. The presents are small, but wanted, and they (mostly) fit in the closet that I cleaned out a few weeks ago. (All of the bedding that the kids are getting as their "need" gift had to go downstairs.)

See? Can you believe that? Most of the presents fit neatly on that bottom shelf with a few hidden behind the coats. Go me. :)

Oh, and here is proof that I actually cleaned out that closet, haha. I never did show the "after" picture. And if you don't remember the before,'s a reminder:


For the past month I've been sneaking things into that closet. Every time Evie mentions something that she wants really badly I get a kick out of knowing that what her little heart desires so much is just a few feet away from her behind a door. :) That could be a metaphor for life, but we're not going to go there today, haha.

And while we're checking out that part of our house, here's one of my favorite things about the Christmas season:

Cards! I just love Christmas cards. I don't have a fancy holder or anything. I just stick some tape on them and slap them up on a door. :) I actually do save our Christmas cards every year in big ziploc bags. Nerd alert! 

Aside from all of our gatherings with extended family that we'll have for Christmas, we had one last holiday tradition to complete this week. Each year we load the kids up in the car and visit The Way of Lights. It's where Eric proposed to me seven years ago, and we debate each time we drive through the exact spot where he stopped the car citing engine trouble (or something) to pop the question. Haha. 

I grabbed a bucket of my mom's home made chex mix and a bag of peppermint tootsie pops and we were off for the evening! Eric put on some Christmas tunes, and we had a wonderful family night without ever leaving the car. :)

Anyone who has ever gone through this knows it just isn't the same in pictures. It's so neat to drive through and see a depiction of the Christmas story in beautiful light displays!

^^ Or as Evie calls it, "Beffle-ham." 

Pretty pretty. 

And there are two of my crazy kids. Reagan was behind my seat. :)

Another family memory to cherish!

Tonight my mom dropped off our annual Christmas fruit basket - another tradition which was started by her mom (my grandma) since before I can even remember. See where I get this stuff from? Haha - it's in my blood. 

Have a great day friends!


Kimberly Nagel said...

I tagged ya in a post

Jackie said...

I love me some Christmas cards too!
I put ribbon on down my kitchen cabinets and then tape my cards to that! Alittle extra decoration!!!

Adrien said...

Just got your card, Jackie! So cute!


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