Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Moe's Mischief 2012 Part 1

First things first, yesterday I was asked the same question three times, so I thought I better answer it. Nope, we're not moving! There is a "For Rent" sign in our front lawn, because the other side of the duplex we live in is up for rent. Our landlord asked if he could put the sign on our side, because it's easier to see from the road. So no, nothing exciting happening for us at the moment. :) I told Eric this was going to confuse people!

Well, it's been over a week now since Moe came flying back into our lives. (I feel like I need to give him a longer name and call him Moe for short. Mortimer? Moeseph? Baha.) And he's been up to his old tricks. Evelyn has been SO into it this year, it's hilarious. Every morning is like Christmas morning when you have something to look forward to - and every day without fail Evie hops out of bed and runs to see what Moe has been up to. Gracie gets pretty pumped about it, too - especially when she sees how excited her big sister is. It's been fun!

Moe kicked off this season with a North Pole Breakfast: 

We shared all about it last week. If you missed it, check it out here!

It didn't take long before the niceties subsided and the little guy started pulling pranks. The first one was one that is VERY popular with elves this year...and for good reason. The girls thought it was seriously funny. 

If you have an elf, he/she MUST TP the Christmas tree. It's practically an elf's right of passage. :)

The next day the girls awoke to find that Moe created his own little winter wonderland, complete with snowmen and snow forts. He even gathered a couple of friends for a snowball fight!

Evie and Grace enjoyed eating the "snowballs," and they both thought the snowmen made great action figures, haha.

The day after this, the girls found that they were going to be put to work....

Farmer Moe's Garden - what's this all about? :)

"Plant these beans in the sugar soil, and tomorrow you will have a surprise!" 

Both of the girls got a real kick out of "planting" the magic beans with the little scooper. The beans were actually pink sprinkles, which is what I love about having a three year old and a two year old. They don't ask questions, they just go with it! Haha.

So what was the magic crop that they planted? The girls got to find out the next day....

Candy canes!

What a yummy harvest!
Imagine all of the different things you could grow... lollipops would be so cute! 

The next day, Moe decided to hang out with some fellow elf dudes. 

Grace couldn't get over that "He stuck! He stuck!" And Evelyn told everyone who would listen that day that Moe was in her crispy cereal. Haha. 

Yesterday morning we discovered that Moe tried his hand at baking for us.

Didn't he do an amazing job? :)

No, I didn't make the cookies. They're from Barnes and Noble, haha. I am simply not that awesome.

I have to say that I took a nibble of one of these, and the icing made the cookie taste like crap. But the reaction they got from the girls was worth every penny! (And I didn't spend too many pennies...we had a buy one get one free coupon.) I had to include these next pictures, because they crack me up. The girls just could not WAIT to get their hands on those cookie elves, so while I was trying to snap a few pictures you can see them trying to swoop in and steal a cookie. :)


And finally, in what could be my favorite Moe hijinks of all time, last night Moe called up a few of his pals for a good old fashioned sack race in the living room.

Teehee, this makes me giggle every time I walk past it. Especially Woody hunkered down in his tiny sack. :)

As of right now the girls still haven't seen this one. (They will have by the time you're reading this.) But I just know they are going to get the biggest kick out of it. Especially seeing Woody and Jessie hanging out with Moe. And Minnie, too! Poor Barbie...she's just a prop - and apparently very slow. :)


Yep, we've been having quite a good time this week, and the fun is far from over. I have a few more ideas up my sleeve before I have to go find some inspiration. If there are any scenarios you would like to see Moe in that you think the girls would get a kick out of, let me know! :)

Thank you for humoring me in my nuttiness. It's the fun part of being a mom, right? Haha. Have a fabulous day!


Kim Luke said...

Seriously you come up with the cutest ideas!! Love those cookies!!!!

Cassie said...

you are SO good at this! i love all of them. the planting, the cooking, the sack races. i wana be E&G! lol.

Heather said...

Aww, you're such a fun mom!! I love it!

Adrien said...

Thank, girls! I don't know who has more fun with it, honestly...me or the kids, haha.

Christine Pettijohn said...

So creative!! Our elf is getting a late start this year due to some house work. Cannot wait to start it though.

Ashley N. said...

Oh my gosh! Sack races?!?! You are seriously the coolest mom ever! I loved how Moe was hanging out in the tree yesterday.

Sara Simpson said...

Absolutely adorable ideas!! I know when your children are older these are the little things they will remember!!!


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