Wednesday, December 12, 2012

No, YOU'RE the best!

Howdy ya'll! I have to do a check in and run today. Going in for my postpartum checkup tomorrow (which is today for all of you) and for once, I probably need to get some rest at a decent hour. :)

I do want to take a moment though just to thank all of you who check in with us every day. Thank you for the kind words and encouragement that you leave and for your friendship. My "love language" is Words of Affirmation, so it means a lot to me when I hear from you. :) Several of you leave your comments on Facebook, too, and I see them every day. And I also want to say welcome to the few new followers that have trickled in over the last couple of days. Glad you found us!

You know, I never cared a whole lot about blog statistics...and now, numbers are even less important to me. I couldn't tell you the last time I purposely looked up my stats. I have no clue how many people checked out yesterday's blog post. I noticed that when I stopped looking, I started enjoying blogging more. And I say all of this just to let you know that it makes me smile when someone new decides to join along. It's fun watching our little blogging family grow organically. :)

So yes. Love, love, love. Love to you all!

I'll leave you with a picture that I swiped from The Ellen Show. Haha. I actually think this is a super cute idea for parents who KNOW their kids wouldn't dare sit on Santa's lap. If you have an awesome Santa who would cooperate, this is a great compromise to a traditional Santa pic.

I think it's almost CUTER than a traditional Santa picture. ;)

Okay. That's the end. Hope you guys have a good Wednesday. Halfway to the weekend!


Heather said...

Love that comment about your blog growing organically. Perfect word for it.

Meg {henninglove} said...

organically, great way to describe the growth of you, love it!!


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