Wednesday, December 5, 2012

North Pole Breakfast

The children were nestled all snug in their beds, while Moe the elf flew back to the North Pole to visit with Santa and his pals for a little while. And what did he bring back with him on his return? A little slice of home....

It seems that there is a sort of tradition within a tradition that I have been missing out on for the past few years, and I only just found out about it recently when every online mom friend I have started sharing their preparation ideas for it. Apparently the first morning that the family elf is in your home, he or she prepares a little "North Pole Breakfast" for the kids. Huh. How did I miss the memo? Haha. I usually do my own thing, but this one sounded like fun. So I thought, "What the heck? North Pole Breakfast it is!"

I didn't get super fancy, but it was still lots of fun!

Moe had the table all ready for us when we awoke yesterday morning.
(AKA: Mom stayed up way too late for this one.)
The treats he brought back for us were North Pole specialities, or so I hear.

There was glacier-chilled milk....

It was tinted a pretty arctic blue, but you can't really see it in the picture. :)

And Mrs. Claus herself baked up some delicious apple-cinnamon muffins for us girls to enjoy.

I have no idea how the smell of these things baking didn't wake up my family at 10:00pm the night before!

Moe even set the table with the North Pole's finest tableware:


And he spent an hour trying to figure out how to cut out some paper snowflakes!

Oh man. I am not a paper snowflake cutting connoisseur, which I learned the hard way. I'm pretty sure I remember doing this in Kindergarten art class, so how could my twenty-something brain not figure it out? :) Here's a hint, if you're ever looking for a tutorial for all of your paper snowflake needs, do NOT depend on Martha Stewart for this one. Homegirl left me going, "duurr...." Check this made me feel a little less like an idiot.

When the girls woke up yesterday morning, I couldn't have asked for a better reaction. They were both super giddy about their little surprise. 

Boo, really wish this wasn't blurry! Evelyn was seriously over the moon. She gets the biggest kick out of this stuff...which is why I do it, of course. :)

Gracie couldn't get enough of that darn blue milk...she kept saying, "Moah, moah!"

And she thought the snowflakes were the best of all. Hooray - at least it wasn't all for naught. :) 

It looks like Moe has earned his keep around here this year. The Robert girls whole-heartedly approved of North Pole Breakfast. I can't wait until next year when Reagan will be a little older and able to join in on the fun. He was snoozing the entire time we were enjoying our yummy breakfast. 

Say what you will about the Elf on the Shelf. Yes, that little dude is kind of creepy. Yes, it's kind of insane the things some parents will do for their kids. :) But it really is a fun excuse to act like a kid again bust out the scissors and cut out some paper snowflakes...put blue food coloring in your milk...shove sticks and marshmallows into glass containers...haha, for real I think I'm five. :)

I promise I won't be blogging about Moe's shenanigans from now until Christmas. Promise. But this was an extra special morning! And hey, if you are an elf-friendly parent out there who also had no clue about this whole breakfast thing, now you know. Spread the word. North Pole Breakfast is all the rage in the elfin community. :D Haha, peace out.


Heather said...

Awww...I'm moving in with you.

sblind2 said...

I'm so nervous about the while Elf thing .... I feel that ours is going to be a boring Elf - oh look he's on the fan ... (next day) oh look now he's lamp (next day) oops he fell off the cabinet and Zoe and Reese got ahold of him ... womp womp ....

Adrien said...


Heather - if only we had a third bedroom. That would probably make for a great TV show. Let's call TLC...make this happen. :)

Sarah - my mom does it with my brother John, and I'm pretty sure their elf just moves around every day. John still gets a kick out of finding him every morning. But yeah, it might be a bit traumatizing for the dog to find him, haha. Should probably keep the little guy high up. :D

Anonymous said...

We made snowflakes this weekend for our daily 'project' and I had to google some help too! I didn't check out the Martha link in fear it would be over my head :o)

Anonymous said...

We meaning Adeline and me! Sorry I posted before I finished. We don't have elf on the shelf yet. She did get her email from Santa last night but I have to admit last uear's email from the north pole was A LOT cuter and her reactions was less excitement this year.

Adrien said...

I thought the video was cute but LONG this year. I was worried it wouldn't hold their attention!

Cassie said...

you are seriously an amazing mommy. i am crazy jealous of E&G right now!!

way to go mommy!!

Sara Simpson said...

This is so sweet!

April Robert said...

I love the Breakfast idea. Thanks for blogging about it!

Adrien said...

You all make me smile. :)

Kim Luke said...

seriously, how in the world do you manage this AND raise 3 babies.

You are supermom!!!
I hope to be like you someday!!!!!!!


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