Friday, December 28, 2012

One More Gift....

We are saying goodbye to aunt Peggy today, so I don't have time to do a full blog post. But I did want mention one thing: life is very precious. This is apparent to us on days like these more than any other. We only get one, and some of us will have a harder road than others. For reasons unknown, some live a full and healthy life with little problem, and some will be fighting for strength every day - even little babies. I mentioned our niece Tessa in yesterday's post and how she is undergoing treatment for tumors on her kidneys at just four months old. Please lift her up in prayer whenever you can. There is another little girl who could use our help and our resourses this holiday season.

Abigail Foster, daughter of Rebecca Sharer and TJ Foster suffers from the rare childhood autosomal disorder Chediak-Higashi Syndrome. This disease affecting both the immune and nervous systems is so rare that Abby is one of only four diagnosed children worldwide.  

It's time for Abby to come home from the hospital, but after being hospitalized for a very long time, she doesn't have a home to go to. Her family needs serious financial help, and here's how you can bless them AND get something amazing for yourself at the same time. Visit this site for all the details on how you can bid to win this amazing piece of artwork, valued at $2,000.

Bidding ends TODAY, and the bids are low! If you're able to participate in the auction I'm sure the family would really appreciate your support. You can also visit Abby's facebook page here. Thank you, friends!

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